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Heat fans boo Porter -- are they right?

Just did a segment on the Jorge Sedano Show here on South Florida's radio waves and he tells me that Joey Porter was at the Heat game Thursday night, ostensibly to watch the Dwyane Wade and LeBron James matchup.

Well, all the good will Porter built during last season's 17 1/2 sack season has apparently faded already this year. That comes from judging the reaction of Heat fans when the big screen on the scoreboard showed Porter in the crowd as one of the celebrities in attendance.

The fans, Sedano said, booed Porter.

So is that a reaction that you would share?

Porter is having a terrible season. He has not had a full sack since September. Last week, in a big stage moment, Porter didn't even play a featured role against the New England Patriots, failing to make a sack or even a tackle in the game.

And he has been avoiding the South Florida media much of the week while big-timing it on NFL Network.

But does he deserve being booed?

Put another way, should Dolphins fans show Porter their displeasure on Sunday as surely as the Heat fans did?