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Heat fans boo Porter -- are they right?

Just did a segment on the Jorge Sedano Show here on South Florida's radio waves and he tells me that Joey Porter was at the Heat game Thursday night, ostensibly to watch the Dwyane Wade and LeBron James matchup.

Well, all the good will Porter built during last season's 17 1/2 sack season has apparently faded already this year. That comes from judging the reaction of Heat fans when the big screen on the scoreboard showed Porter in the crowd as one of the celebrities in attendance.

The fans, Sedano said, booed Porter.

So is that a reaction that you would share?

Porter is having a terrible season. He has not had a full sack since September. Last week, in a big stage moment, Porter didn't even play a featured role against the New England Patriots, failing to make a sack or even a tackle in the game.

And he has been avoiding the South Florida media much of the week while big-timing it on NFL Network.

But does he deserve being booed?

Put another way, should Dolphins fans show Porter their displeasure on Sunday as surely as the Heat fans did?


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He doesn't deserve to be booed.

it's just wrong..so very wrong... peezy needs some love

Classless= having no class. But what do you want from b ball fans? They think that basketball is a sport.

Classless Aholes. They should be busy booing LeBron!

Why would they boo him? He's not the entire team, if anything, he's the one emotionally leading this team and talking smack to give his team some motivation,

Smiley was back at practice riding the bike but the bad new is he'll probably be out on sunday. Soliai was back practicing along with fergie and crowder. Porter was practicing more with a sleeve on his knee and Fasano was limited in practice this morning.

Was at the game and I did not notice any booing when they showed Porter on the screen. Even if there was booing it must not have been much as I was paying attention and didn't hear any. Sedano must have heard what he wanted to hear just to have something to talk about.

LOL so true but it doesn't change the fact he would be a great receiver if he could just get focused and not drop balls. It sounds simple but its not. I try and give him credit where he deserves it n forget about expectations as a #1. but if those miss catches this year were caught we could be looking at a whole different record and player... he needs more maturing like a late bloomer hopefully... as for porter I agree w the person who says he is playing injured. there is no way he should be on the field over charlie anderson or Cameron Wake right now... its painfully obvious. Joey do us all a solid and admit your not where you were last year physically and sit down till you are.

When you are a loud mouth jerk like Porter you get what you deserve. The fans were just expressing their opinion on his play. Just like Porter shoots his mouth off.

Pretty much sums up this pathetic football team when your start defensive player shows up at a local bball game and gets booed. Pathetic on soooo many levels.

It will only get worse after the Bucs light up the Fish on Sunday. SHould be good for a few laughs.

Don't worry though Im sure coach Sparano will give everyone a good cheerleading before the game.

You don't boo your own! Period! Fans dont get it. You boo the other team. You think Joey is doging it or just getting old? He's gettin up there.What's next booing JT? Joey has always talked smack, that's just him. We knew that when we signed him, should he be restrained right now..uh ya.

Typical Miami Fairweather fans. Why dont you boo D'Wade. he is always injuried.

My most embarrassing moment as a Dolphin fan was when the entire stadium (except me) started chanting "Sammie Sucks!" after he fumbled the ball on the goal line against the Oilers. I forget the year. There is never a reason or excuse to treat a player that way, or to boo your starting LB at a Heat game.

I would not boo him. I would like him to get less time. He has had a rough year. He has had some health issues. Give him much less time in the bucs game. Let JT play a bit on the right and let roth and Wake play more. In a few games give Joey more and I think we will be better for that.

Thats not cool. Name 1 player with more heart & effort on this team. He's up in years & on the way down, but Peezy still brings it when healthy.

Tis is like AYSO soccer that my daughter plays people!

Absolutely no negativity

Everybody plays

Happy uncompettitive horse sh#!

Oh I forgot? They are getting paid!

Win some games and make some plays Phins!

Martin, whatever dude, it's your perogative to dog your team's players. It's ours not to. Ya you can criticize a player, but booing is usually directed at the other team

I think they booed him because they mocked him in NE...

I think that's a little harsh albeit he didn't show in NE!

Porter deserved what he got.It's one thing to have a bad season,BUT don't talk trash if u cannot back it up.He is supposed to me a major impact player on our D.Come on Porter.I have 2 of your jerseys in my closet that I just cannot bear to put on.What happened to our MOJO last year.Who would have thought we would have been 3-5 after nine weeks,espicially after last years great run at the end of the year.

of course he shouldnt be booed. The only reason would be the big hype the media have put on this. All the talking and then the tearing down by the media. I think they are booing the talking not necessarily his play. Players have ups and downs. There is no way that he would be booed if he didn't do all the trash talking. But still the media made that even more than it was after reporting he didn't have a tackle. There are times Jason doesn't either but that didn't mean he wasn't playing well in the game. Real dolfans still love Porter. I am sure he is playing through some pain this year and playing through injuries. Joey is the least of our problems.

It's too bad there isn't a PRESSURE the QB official statistic kept. So stat boy fans can see porter still brings it hurt & all. Stats ain't everything in football fellas.


You are right we should only buy atheletes products and support them financialy. I'm so sorry.

I have only been supporting this team since 1973. Were you even born then?

I love my team and I love my kids, heck sometimes I even like myself.

Sometimes all of the above need a reality check and a kick in the ass.

If he would back up all that talk with at least a respectful result this year I am sure all us sheep would be buying his jersey

Goi= Phins!

17 1/2 sacks and some of you say that shows how bad we were last yr WOW!!!! 17 1/2 sacks is a pro bowl season and if he had 5 sacks right now every body on this site would be kissing his arse!

Porter is hurt and because he wants to play is hurting our team, we have good backups that are more productive than porter at 60%, Wake Roth and Moses. Porter wants to play even when he is hurt, Wake needs to get the start this week and get spelled by Roth and Moses. JT needs to move to weakside where he can go one on one. Roth plays strongside on running plays, Wake plays the passing downs and we get the production we have been looking for in our pass rush.

If you dish it out you better be able to take it!

Killer you should know you illiterate SOB, bazztard

As a Bucs fan, I am delighted to see Dolphin fans boo Porter. Go ahead and kick him when he is down in a slump. That really builds team spirit, doesn't it?

The Bucs have a brand new weapon called Freeman. The Bucs coach has known him for years. His winning attitude is what the Dolphins need to fear on Sunday.

JP is all mouth and no play! he is a washed up trash talking fool! I'm sure BP will run him out of town before next season...

Yes! Talk the talk...walk the walk.

As long as Joey Porter lines up wearing Aqua and Orange, you will never hear me boo him. Might not cheer, but certainly will not boo.

I would like to see a little more class and a little less jawin though.

Tortured you jetscum. I thought you were back in jail. Good to see your life is so pathetic you have to stalk Fin blogs.

Oh and no jp should not be booed just benches until he can do a 100 power squats.

He needs to be at less Heat games and more practice so he backup his mouth but he's a Phin "for now" so don't disrespect. At least they aren't Detroit or like the 07 season.

Yes they should boo him. He's got a huge bark and a mosquito's bite.

No, he doesn't deserve it, when you such a stout group of defensive players... give me a break, he didn't have JT last year, which has a handful of sacks already!

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