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Here's what's up prior to the live blog

The Dolphins will be without three starters today -- tight end Anthony Fasano, left guard Justin Smiley and outside linebacker Joey Porter -- and will be juggling the lineup more than any other time this regular season.

As Joey Haynos now becomes the starting tight end, Charlie Anderson replaces Porter, and Nate Garner replaces Smiley, the Dolphins are also promoting Ted Ginn Jr. back into the starting lineup.

The starting receivers will be Greg Camarillo and Ginn, according to the club.

The complete list of inactives is: Kory Sheets, Erik Walden, Porter, Smiley, Fasano and Paul Soliai, who has an ankle injury.

Note that Patrick Turner will be active for the first time this season.

Anyway, the live blog will take place in the comments section below.


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Go Phins!

CBS said Porter was out because he went out friday night. Wasn't showing focus. I like this move from Sparano and the no-dominos rule, its time to do work son!

I like how Omar Kelly says that the team was not focused this week, but the lead story in the Herald is how Darlington viewed the team as ready to go along with the head coach.

BTW, why the heck is Charlie Anderson starting? Move JT over and play Roth who is a great run stopper.

hopefully for this game we'll less wildcat and more of Henne running the show undisrupted.


Think we might see Pat White play well today.

How many drops does this idiot get till they shelve him???

I'm sure Teddy is working his way off Henne go to list, so almost the same effect.

cuban menace,

they'll never put Ginn on the shelf this year. he's the only guy keeping the defense half honest... even if he's only a decoy.

pat turner time

Tommy , Maybe i should have said put him only on K.O returns, maybe turner has speed, not sure but all i know is my girl friend(who is not a football fan) keeps wondering why they keep him as wide out....

Go Patrick Turner! Please show that you are a gamer and your size is bigger asset than Dolphins other wr!!!!!!!!!

This is going to be my first home game this year where I am not at the stadium.

I agree, why is Roth and JT not starting? With Anderson and Wake the slb and wlb backups?

OK guys enjoy the game, talk to you all later..

I am glad Porter is not playing today. He is just not that good anymore. 12 tackles and 2.5 sacks from that position is embarrassing.

20 minutes til game time! I have a good feeling. I want Turner to impress all and show up our WR's

I went to surfing again today and was assured of Dolphins win once again by Neptune. Players that stand out will be

1. Vontae Davis
2. Cameron Wake
3. Ronnie Brown.

Mando. Are the Yuks wearing their Creamsicle's again?

hopefully we'll see a few more down field passes from Henne, particularly to a streaking T Ginn.

anyone got a stream to the game?

Hopefully we'll just see Chad Henne and not Pat ********* White, winds me right up!!!

game streaming here:


Where are all the usual suspects?

No Smiley hurts more than anything !

Dont expect Turner to win the game people! There's a reason he can't get on the field with four others on the team. Bess Ginn Harline and Camarillo beat him every week.

game being shown here via freedocast:


Interesting. Shawn Murphy went to the Bucs...Inactive today though. Maybe some WildCat insights?

I'm here.

the Bucs are wearing the pewter again.

I'm stunned Ginn earned his job back after dropping two passes last week. Nice job if you can get it.

Looks like Porter was scratched for Turner, huh?

Hopefully Wake gets a lot more reps this game, even though he's not starting.

I like that Camarillo is starting, he's our most reliable WR.

I also expect to see more Pat White.

Run Ricky Run


Maybe there's something about the Bucs defense that makes Ginn get the start today?


How much playing time if any do you think Pat Turner the slow learner (had to think of something besides burner) going to get? Lets hope he is a gamer!


Yeah, Tommya, they're bad. Time to build stats.

Dolphins to kick off.

Go FINS!!!

Another link is:


GO PHINS and good luck!!

Bucs out to 46 yard line. Terrible start for the Dolphins special teams.

Once again a short kickoff...easy free yards when we cannot kick the ball past the ten yard line...WTF?

who missed that tackle on the kick off?

Should have wrapped up, Mando.

That should have been a sack, but instead it's a facemask.

Mix in a tackle, please.

Anybody want Porter?

Out of his first drop you can see Freeman holds the ball too long.

who missed the tackle on the kickoff?

I so pi$$ed at watching the tackling right now.

No not yet.

I love it when the officials leave their mikes on.

Ref just told the lineman to be careful holding.

Would be nice to see Wake get more PT now that loud mouth is on the bench. I'm sure that JP will be gone before next season....

This looks to be Miami's first shutout of the season if the special teams and offense don't give up points.

WTF is up with out ST's unit???

Jax scores at ease over jetsys. LOL

Would you believe ... the Dolphins will keep the Bucs out of the end zone?

Go jags!!!

Terrible defense AGAIN...

Mando, when will you guys start calling out Pasquoloni!

thanks for the links !!!

I'm stuck in Dallas and only get skins/cowboy games......

Jesys are done for the year... Dirty sancho is playing like an average rookie QB now.



That facemask was Porter's replacement and everyone has wanted Porter to be benched all week. You all got your wish and that just costed us points...

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