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Here's what's up prior to the live blog

The Dolphins will be without three starters today -- tight end Anthony Fasano, left guard Justin Smiley and outside linebacker Joey Porter -- and will be juggling the lineup more than any other time this regular season.

As Joey Haynos now becomes the starting tight end, Charlie Anderson replaces Porter, and Nate Garner replaces Smiley, the Dolphins are also promoting Ted Ginn Jr. back into the starting lineup.

The starting receivers will be Greg Camarillo and Ginn, according to the club.

The complete list of inactives is: Kory Sheets, Erik Walden, Porter, Smiley, Fasano and Paul Soliai, who has an ankle injury.

Note that Patrick Turner will be active for the first time this season.

Anyway, the live blog will take place in the comments section below.


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I swear I will get so much crap at work If the fins don't win this.

del rio with the on side kick to the jets and jests got it

whats the passcode for thw iwlmertv link

First play: play action deep pass to Ginn

Shockingly, a tackle of Ted Ginn ends up with the phrase, 'knocked out of bounds."

Wish the Dolphins would come out in five wide and freak everyone out.

GINN=Out of bounds

Hmmm Ginn gets pushed out of bounds. Big surprise. I'd bet the opposing team just covers the sidelines. Everyone knows he wont run up the middle.

I've been craving 5 WR's in the game for 10 years now!

mando and his wr fetish

LOL....Do we HAVE five wide sets Armando?

And Ginn drops a looong pass.

Boos raining down on him.

That would help
Turner with the press Mando

Ginn sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the guy has cement hands


fuking GINN!!

Literrally just drops the ball.

I called it LOLOL!!!

what a shock!!! DROPSIEEEEEEE

Tommya, NICE CALL!

Pathetic Fish losing to the Bucs.


god Ginn Sucks..right in his hands AGAIN

yank him. im so sick of watching his bum ass

That's bs. Ginn was full speed and the throw was too far. Lay off

he dropped it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Ginn slows down and then the ball is just out of his reach. Very frustrating.

How can he not catch one of these....ONE!





where can i watch the game?

i need a link

It hit his hands!!!!


Rdiorio75 are you serious? the ball was perfectly thrown-this is not a high school reciever

Go away tortured. Loser.

some nice hittin going on.....

lots of blockers up front! looked good.

if its so important to have T Ginn in as a decoy....lets just let someone else wear his jersey. Line up anyone....

Ginn dropped a pass? Hmm, how unlike him. Punk.

Yeah ibam serious

I need a link please....

Wow. AFC contender. What a joke.

Mando, Thigpen isn't inactive? Who is the backup QB?


Go Ronnie go!!!

Chad henne trailing the play---NICE

Wooooohoooooo Ronnie!!!

Bucs miss two tackles within 3 yards of the line of scrimmage.

Or said another way, Bucs suck.

Good run by Brown.

Polite breaks skulls open with his blocks!! And Henne was blocking 20 yards down the field!

Bring your eight in the box!!

Garner looks a little slow on the sweep

Were was that Wildcat against the good teams???

I just got a boner!

Ginn almost always has his hands turned backwards. Not a receiver. Never gonna be one.

Is that Mark Duper out there (super sized LOL)..good blocking by Turner on that last play

So the Dolphins use a revers wishbone formation. Interesting.

These announcers are the worst. Kill me.

Henne looks sharp

Go 4 it

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