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Here's what's up prior to the live blog

The Dolphins will be without three starters today -- tight end Anthony Fasano, left guard Justin Smiley and outside linebacker Joey Porter -- and will be juggling the lineup more than any other time this regular season.

As Joey Haynos now becomes the starting tight end, Charlie Anderson replaces Porter, and Nate Garner replaces Smiley, the Dolphins are also promoting Ted Ginn Jr. back into the starting lineup.

The starting receivers will be Greg Camarillo and Ginn, according to the club.

The complete list of inactives is: Kory Sheets, Erik Walden, Porter, Smiley, Fasano and Paul Soliai, who has an ankle injury.

Note that Patrick Turner will be active for the first time this season.

Anyway, the live blog will take place in the comments section below.


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henne loves that roll out

Cam is the man. Not the loser coach.

I know the Miami WR take a lot of crap, but honestly, Camarillo is pretty solid.

SOMEONE has hands on this team at least!

Where is the tortured loser now???

Touchdown Aqua Men!

wow. too easy. nice playing losers

Nice special teams today....unreal.

Ginn is the only WR that flat out sucks. Hes fast....but cant catch anything

Drop Ginn

need a link

Crazy man, blocked kick. How messed up is that?

Guys, let's keep this in perspective. These ARE the Bucs.
Nice PAT attempt.

Missed convert.


I think we are going to rush for over 300 today...tampas run D is horrible. And this announcer just said that block extra point is going to come back to hunt them?????? Is he kidding???So instead of winning by 31 we win by 30....i will feinitely be haunted by that...LOL

Your pathetic tortured..get a life.

They r the bucs true but any given Sunday..,

The biggest move of the day is the activation of Turner. I'd love to see what he can do out there.

Ronnie score! We need to score in spite of ted ginn

I know everyone is talking relentlessly about Miami getting a number WR...no doubt it is needed.

However, how poorly has the defense played this year? Big plays, no response after a score.

They have been terrible.

Needed are better MLB, younger NT and Safeties.

I hate this defense

Not a great crowd here today folks.


Mando. Any Tampa fans make the trip?

So many GD commercials.

When was the last time we stripped a ballcarrier? Soliai I know, but you get the point.

Time for a pick six!

Really the aholes here are shameful. This is still our team. Get a life.

The "good teams" have seen it several times, except for the Saints

They need a #1 WR and then spend the rest of the draft and FA on the defense.

Jacksonville is ahead of the Jets 7-3

I feel a Smith INT coming this drive.


My Jets are only down by 4!


DMAN has it right. Ronnie Brown might have 180 yards today rushing.

Please die tortured. And your family.

I love reading comments from posters calling the team pathetic for something. Guys, you realize instead of playing in a football game or even going out to watch with friends we're sitting at our computers talking to strangers right? You should probably ease up on the pathetic comments.

Blocked extra point? Come on? Is wake playing? I am 10mins from a tv.

nyfinfan, what I meant was the Wildcat had done crap in the last 2.5 games against good teams. They're going to get false confidence in the Wildcat and then the Pats will shut it down again in 3 weeks.


Jeff F,

I think they need a TE in the draft. They should use FA to get a #1 WR.

Rot in he11 tortured

mando--fox announcers are as bad as the crowd... they must have the sent the "f" team for this game

Was that Gibril who almost had a int??? Wow there must be a rookie qb playing us...LOL

The sure mark of a bad team:

Third and 10 and a receiver runs a 9 yard route.

why cant we block people from this blog? is that against ACLU policy or what?

I need to see Patrick Turner now!

And the jags r driving lol

are you kidding meeee?

Isn't time Bess comes off of the special teams?

G wilson makes a play.

So much for Bess carrying a football around all week, muffs another one.

WHAT IS BESS's problem lately???? I thought he had the best hands on our team???? geez

alright, thats it, pull Bess from punt duty.... hahaha doodie...

I wonder if we see Ginn out there on the next punt return, since Dropsies Bess is still having issues..

Get him out of punt returns PLEASE!!

Should I say it?

Yes, I should.


i had diahrea , who scored

Why is ginn not returning punts??????? Best fumblied again! He recovered but man! He is not your return guy ginn is.


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