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Here's what's up prior to the live blog

The Dolphins will be without three starters today -- tight end Anthony Fasano, left guard Justin Smiley and outside linebacker Joey Porter -- and will be juggling the lineup more than any other time this regular season.

As Joey Haynos now becomes the starting tight end, Charlie Anderson replaces Porter, and Nate Garner replaces Smiley, the Dolphins are also promoting Ted Ginn Jr. back into the starting lineup.

The starting receivers will be Greg Camarillo and Ginn, according to the club.

The complete list of inactives is: Kory Sheets, Erik Walden, Porter, Smiley, Fasano and Paul Soliai, who has an ankle injury.

Note that Patrick Turner will be active for the first time this season.

Anyway, the live blog will take place in the comments section below.


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Bess muff. They should just let Ginn take the punts. All Bess does is fair catch anyway.

Ginn should be taking punts too

Ted Ginnitis is contagious and BESS has got a case of it! Eye on the BALL

Mando, how many fumbles is it going to take for us to relieve Bess of his duties? This is ridiculous. He's a waste of possession.

WHY IS Bess still playing when he has dropped balls week after week, either on punts or as WR--- this guy needs a wakeup call...let Ginn return punts PLEASE- he has yet to drop any kicks.

Bess has butter fingers real bad.He needs to get that stick-um like Randy Moss uses.

Yeah?? How many.

Trust me, acwalsh, the aclu has no juice on this blog.

He should be cut, seriously. He sucks!!!!!!

Bess might need Lasik

OK, what's the over-under on Dolphins rushing yardage today?

Why are you giving Tortured the time of day?

The guy spends his time coming to this blog for no other reason than to get you riled up. Doing so only gives weight to his actions.

He is a douche fan of a douche team.

Two excellent questions thus far. Why is Bess still returning punts when all he does is drop them and fair catch and what the heck has Ginn done to promote himself back to a starter at WR?

Porter benched, Missed convert. Bess fumbles. Ginn drops. Penalties.

This team just gets better every doesn't it?

Give em a good cheerleading coach Sparano.

Bess needs to be ripped by the coach on the sideline.

So let me get this straight: Dolphins can run at will on the Bucs, but they pass on two out of three downs.

And another drop. Great job guys!

Best again!!!!!!! Can anyone catch the ball????

bess catches that in stride he is off to races--cmon henne

That was a tough catch!!

and muff the punt.

I don't have replay capabilties today. If Bess catches that is he home free?

horrible special teams today so far

WTF??? Fields has been money all year. What the hell was that???

Now the special teams stink.

See I disagree with our announcers. I think the Bess pass was more catchable thN Ginns

Just run the ball 100%

Great coverage!!!

Henne passes ain't so either.

you guys are being ridiculous now---there is no way bess can catch that ball--it was awful throw...call em as they are

where is the focus? Special teams has been anything but special so far, hope they don't cost us much today .


Fumble!!!! We got it!!!

Miami ball !

Fumble recovery dolphins have it!!!!

Oh my, some Bucs player just threw a punch!

at least we've got the lead


Kellen Winslow Jr just punched at Matt Roth.

I just punched the midget! My Jets only down by 4!


Stop throwing the ball to ginn!

Why don't they run the ball?

Missed the block on the right side.

rdiorio--you are way off on your football perception..the throw to ginn was a pretty easy catch if he doesnt slow down

Why not let Henne work on passing the ball while we are playing a crappy team? We know we can run it, lets give henne an oppurtunity to pass.

Bonamego has got to go after this season. Our special teams are horrendous.


Look at the massive crowd at Crap Shark Stadium. Looks like most of the fans in SOFLA has figured out what frauds the trifecta are.


Great work keep throwing the ball guys!!!

Ginn wouldve dropped it anyway

Key word "down by 4"

We can't block, we can't catch, what else do you want?

Mando, in this game the receivers are getting open but Henne touch on the deep ball needs improvement!


I was thinking the same thing.

Ginn wouldve dropped it anyway

Posted by: Jeff F, Long Island, NY | November 15, 2009 at 01:34 PM

The Ginn pass sucked because while it was on his finger tips, he slowed down right before the ball arrived.

The Bess pass had some heat, but they should make some of those.. we make none of them.

Wrong gin was covered. He was slowed down.

why arent we just smashing these guys on the ground--whats with all this passing/ trickery running??

Can anyone say playing down to your competition?

Run the damn ball.

Hahaha, Jeff sad but true he wouldn't have caught it.

Tortured dolphan do you realize how big of a loser you look like right now?

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