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Brown's on IR, injuries mounting [updated]

We knew Ronnie Brown, nursing a potentially serious foot injury, wasn't going to play Thursday against the Carolina Panthers. Now we know he won't be playing against anyone else, either.

The Dolphins have placed Brown on injured reserve, meaning he is out for the remainder of the season, according to a soure. This decision was reached within the last 35 minutes as Brown is currently in Charlotte with the team.

The Dolphins landed in Charlotte at approximately 6 p.m. [Update: The Dolphins have now confirmed the move.]

The move is a crushing blow for the Dolphins hopes to repeat as AFC East champions. Brown is their leading rusher (648 yards), their leading scorer (8 TDs), and the triggerman to their Wildcat package.

Ricky Williams now must pick up the slack for the considerable loss. This marks the second time in three seasons that Brown is placed on IR midway through the season. In 2007, Brown was averaging 5 yards per carry when he suffered a season-ending knee injury.

Brown recovered well enough in 2008 to lead the team in rushing and earn his first Pro Bowl berth.

The Dolphins have signed safety Nate Ness from the team's practice squad to fill Brown's roster spot.

We also know nose tackle Paul Soliai (ankle), tight end Anthony Fasano (hip) and linebacker Erik Walden (hamstring) also will not play against Carolina.

The Dolphins announced as much on their injury report today. It is the final report prior to the game. None of the players that are out will travel today to Charlotte.

The Dolphins are listing two players as questionable: Guard Justin Smiley (shoulder) and safety Tyrone Culver (ankle). Smiley will play a source tells me. He practiced full today. Culver suffered a tweaked ankle in practice and was limited in his participation. Although listed the same as Smiley, his status is less certain.

Safety Gibril Wilson, nursing a hamstring, is listed as probable. He will play.

The Panthers are also quite beat up as game day looms.

We already knew cornerstone left tackle Jordan Gross was out for the remainder of the season with a broken ankle.

Safety Charles Godfrey (ankle), FB Brad Hoover (ankle) and DE Charles Johnson (pectoral muscle) are listed as doubtful. None of the three practiced Wednesday.

DT Damione Lewis (shoulder), RB Jonathan Stewart (Achilles), and RB DeAngelo Williams (knee) are listed as questionable. Lewis and Stewart practiced on Wednesday. Williams did not practice. All three are expected to play.


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MAN! The Tuna Offseason Training and Workout Program didn't work as well on the team as it did last year...because we had almost no injuries at all last year!

The Strength and Conditioning Coaches need to sit down and figure out what's going on with this teams Poor Conditioning Level (especially when it comes to mid-way through the 3rd and all of the 4th).

I thought about this earlier too...I think the fear of being cut out of the blue is gone...Now they're hurt all the sudden, lol

That was supposed to be Mid-way thru the 3rd Qtr and all of the 4th qtr when they seem to be gettin beat like redheaded stepchildren and look like theyve run out of gas.

Don't get me wrong I love the Dolphins, and want nothing but success...but need to find the reason for the loss of stamina and conditioning in the 2nd Half. And I say these things because I have a Bacholars of Science Degree in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine.

With that said, aside from Brown, who would look at that and go "Oh no, we're doomed" We have a team that's 85% 2nd stringers, plenty left to fill the no-name holes

Oh my God, the same people who couldn't play Sunday, can't play 4 days later, what a shock ! Fire everyone ! Panic !

Oh no, Gibril is injured??? He wont be able to tackle like he normally does(Thank god)

Jordan Gross being out for Panthers is big thing.

He is very good LT and when Delhomme is pressure he throw int better than anyone in the league. Maybe this hurt they run game too...

I just hope Ronnie can heal fast, we need him, if we have any hope for the playoffs. I'm not worried about Ricky- maybe Sheets will get some time on the field in the Wild Cat. The guy can run and play. It's all or nothing vs Carolina, our offense needs to get ahead fast. Henne has to have a good game for us to win.

Can we change our name to the Miami "Wildcats"?

Yeah with Gross out for the remainder of the Season...Delhomme is going to be in for a long 7 games. Taylor, Roth, Wake, Porter, and Anderson should do well against the backup LT for Carolina.

Porter got shut down versus backup LT on Pats... sad but true

jets suck!!

Playoffs , you are joking , right?

Tennessee, Green Bay, and the patties will kill that ill conceived notion, I dare say.

I'm just realizing that I'm going to have to root for the Jets to win this weekend. New England needs to lose a couple if we're going to catch up to them. yuck.

There is NO PLACE in pro football for Wrecks Cryin Ryan!!

The League should order Stewart held-out of game, in the interests of competitive balance & the fairness of the game.

Let it be so!

Solai will be missed. If Wilson even winces, start Clemons. Anderson and Wake should get extensive time also. I'm a firm believer in playing the people that make plays. When they cease making plays, why wait for a miracle? I do wonder about Fergusson though. He was hobbling last week. With Solai out, that could become a problem.

Brown out for season? PFT


Sorry, no GB , but Houston and/or Pitts should put the finishing touches on this season.

Good news on Smiley... about the only good news in terms of injuries, unfortunately.

bobby clobber stick to mopping floors and leave the football to the experts

The reason the players are running out of gas in the second half is because they are being worked too hard in practice. Last year, they had a good system; if they win, the players get two days off, which is what they need anyway after every hard fought battle; win or loose. The physical part of practice should decrease as the season winds down. In this way, the players will have enough energy to finish all games as they did last year; with almost no injuries too. Then we will have a good chance of running the table with healthy players!

carlito , you mean to people lately ,you better wise up and don't be like shaggy the drunk .

i thought these players are studs .

While we're talking about football experts, I would like to point out to you that NE's backup LT (Sebastian Vollmer) also shut out Dwight Freeney on Sunday night - and Freeney had registered sacks in every game this year prior to NE. Just sayin'


you right, the patsies backup LT from Germany has been playing pretty good. That is still no excuse for Porter after all that talk.

I was just watching some Tyler Thigpen highlights and I'm starting to like Mando's idea of getting him involved in a pistol-style formation rather than White. He's more experienced and can scoot.

Since you misspelled Bachelor maybe you should have gone with B.S.CharlestonSCPhinsFan.Is it possible that other teams are making adjustments at halftime that are working too well?I believe luck played a hand in our going nearly injury free last year,look around the league lots other teams are hurting too.We only need one other team to beat the Pats for us now tjh not two.Then we will control our own destiny.

The only two that concern me, besides Brown, obviously, are Smiley and Soliai. Hopefully Fergs can stay healthy during the game. Who is the backup, backup NT?

fin fan, i agree. i would like to see a little more of this thigpen, he seems to play real confident also appears to be a solid runner. we've seen pat lets see what we have in tyler.

Breaking news: DeAngelo Williams might be out too

Dolphins have a qb and his name is Henne.

Dolphins have a benchwarmer and his name is Thigpen.

Sometime thing are very simple and as they should be.

we should try to ply the future qp Thigpen .he must be much better than henne .

DeAngelo Williams listed as questionable. Stewart was limited in practice. Starting LT out; Their 2-headed beast, even if they play would likely be less effective

The Charlotte Observer predicts DeAngelo will play, although he was rested today in practice. He's listed as questionable. Since this is a must win for the Cats, too, I am sure he'll be in there. This will be the biggest test of our run D all season. Jets and Atlanta weren't able to run well against us. Should be interesting.

I didn't say Thigpen was better than Henne. I think he might be a more effective passing threat than White right now out of the pistol. What does White average on the season, 1 yd per play? Thigpen has completed actual forward passes in the NFL and can run.

donkey & carlito, im talking about the pistol bulls... if they must keep trying this crap i say lets give thigpen a shot at it. im not talking about replacing henne. what are you stupid? i thought you might know the differnce. guess not ha!

Pat White is much faster and bigger running threat than Thigpen who is a good 3rd stringer and career backup, that is all


I don't like it when Pat White is in the game really I think Henne should stay in or run wildcat. But with Ronnie Brown out expect Pat White to be wildcat trigger man now. It just common sense man.

Jaksin, you said in many ways that you like Thigpen much better than Henne and even carlito agrees w/me .

"Henne stay in or Ronnie run wildcat"


You must be real loser to be such big fan of a career backup Thigpen Mr. Third String fo' life!

finfan'70nc, thank you. also i guess they did not see the chiefs lite us up last year with tyler at the helm. trust me this dude's much better then white right now, much better.

Slow day at work today...

You can tell me what did Thigpen ever do besides win one game on bad team last year? Did he even win a game? I'll give him one....

Pat White is a winner for his whole life and leading rushing qb in NCAA history who football genius Parcells and Bellicheat both were drooling over to have on team.

Signalling to the D that you intend to run, whether out of the pistol or Wildcat, doesn't work anymore. It hasn't since the second half against N.O. Teams just stack 8,9 guys in the box and blitz a corner or two into the backfield. There needs to be a legitimate passing threat if we're going to pull that crap.

donkey clean you specs in what part of my post did you see chad henne's name? thank you!

Jaksin,you r jet fan or what ? how can you say that this dude is much better than henne the hero .

Isn't Thigpen's nickname "pigpen"?


I don't think jaskin is very bright. He don't understand that if he want his Thigpen to be qb, Henne can not also play.

agree carlito,jaskin talks like a shaggy and think like a donkey .

thigpen is a better passer than white is at this point. whenever white goes in defenses know white is running and they in turn cheat up stopping white most of the time. thigpen may not be electric running the ball but he can move the chains and extend plays.

carlito, all im saying is its not working with white, maybe you not watch same play. lets try all options to open it up, and donkey retard


Peace dude. I agree to that. I was really only mess with you. But many people say we are going to see more of Pat White tomorrow because Ronnie out, so don't get surprise when it happen. As for your boy Thigpen, if the injuries keep up to this pace, he just might get chance.


talk to me about the White pass--apparently intended for Ginn--that sailed through the uprights against Atlanta. He was clearly scared to death. I'm not saying White doesn't have a lot of potential. I just think for tomorrow with Ronnie out we ought to think of ways to add some dimension to our offense.

White playing high school option football against Peppers will result in a fumble, an interception, or some other disaster.

And don't you dare suggest I'm a jet fan.

And Pat White was the only offense that was working in Patriots game. This guy is a rookie, you have to be patient and give him chances and he will break out, he is very talented.


Anybody watching the games can tell Pat White has come a long way since that Atlanta game. Yes he was horrible then. But this guy is just a rookie and has had bright spots along the way. He hasn't been great but in the first Jets game and Pats game Pat White has come through. Even though I was very nervous every time he is in game, it is easy to tell he is improving.

guys if it starts coming together and working for white im all for it honestly, its just such a dead giveaway when he steps on the field. if we do see more of it tomarrow so be it, hope it comes together

also, did not see the pats game carlito so you are right if he did good in that one.talent? whites got it, all kinds, once he's comfortable its gonna be on. but right now were very desperate for wins building confidence is second.

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