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Brown's on IR, injuries mounting [updated]

We knew Ronnie Brown, nursing a potentially serious foot injury, wasn't going to play Thursday against the Carolina Panthers. Now we know he won't be playing against anyone else, either.

The Dolphins have placed Brown on injured reserve, meaning he is out for the remainder of the season, according to a soure. This decision was reached within the last 35 minutes as Brown is currently in Charlotte with the team.

The Dolphins landed in Charlotte at approximately 6 p.m. [Update: The Dolphins have now confirmed the move.]

The move is a crushing blow for the Dolphins hopes to repeat as AFC East champions. Brown is their leading rusher (648 yards), their leading scorer (8 TDs), and the triggerman to their Wildcat package.

Ricky Williams now must pick up the slack for the considerable loss. This marks the second time in three seasons that Brown is placed on IR midway through the season. In 2007, Brown was averaging 5 yards per carry when he suffered a season-ending knee injury.

Brown recovered well enough in 2008 to lead the team in rushing and earn his first Pro Bowl berth.

The Dolphins have signed safety Nate Ness from the team's practice squad to fill Brown's roster spot.

We also know nose tackle Paul Soliai (ankle), tight end Anthony Fasano (hip) and linebacker Erik Walden (hamstring) also will not play against Carolina.

The Dolphins announced as much on their injury report today. It is the final report prior to the game. None of the players that are out will travel today to Charlotte.

The Dolphins are listing two players as questionable: Guard Justin Smiley (shoulder) and safety Tyrone Culver (ankle). Smiley will play a source tells me. He practiced full today. Culver suffered a tweaked ankle in practice and was limited in his participation. Although listed the same as Smiley, his status is less certain.

Safety Gibril Wilson, nursing a hamstring, is listed as probable. He will play.

The Panthers are also quite beat up as game day looms.

We already knew cornerstone left tackle Jordan Gross was out for the remainder of the season with a broken ankle.

Safety Charles Godfrey (ankle), FB Brad Hoover (ankle) and DE Charles Johnson (pectoral muscle) are listed as doubtful. None of the three practiced Wednesday.

DT Damione Lewis (shoulder), RB Jonathan Stewart (Achilles), and RB DeAngelo Williams (knee) are listed as questionable. Lewis and Stewart practiced on Wednesday. Williams did not practice. All three are expected to play.


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If White throws the ball around tomorrow the Panthers will end up with it, and we can't afford that. If he doesn't throw, he'll be crushed by the blitzing corner. You know both those things are true. We'll see what Henning does. . .

jaksin,thanks for calling me retard but i was messing w/you also .i agree w/you 102 percent.

carlito.....you think the dolphins will ever win a super bowl iin the next 35 years ?

sorry donkey, you push buttons at wrong time of my day, oh well almost miller time enjoy it, im out

any new news on Ronnie's season yet?

Armando, you're injury report is incomplete. Here's what you missed:

Marc - Doubtful (deficient in Vitamin K - you get it?)

Carlito from Golfito - Questionable (pulled groin - not his own)

Soiled Bottom - Probable (soiled bottom)


I think Dolphins have shot to win super bowl in next 2 years (but not this year)

I was wondering how long it would take Nathan Hot-Dogsworthless to chime in ;)

ilove the name marc without the ugly K .

Yeah, and it spells Cram backwards!

ilove the name marc without the ugly K .

Posted by: donkey | November 18, 2009 at 05:18 PM

On the subject of names, these are my favorite female names:

1) Rachel
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On the subject of actors who basically played themselves on the screen, these are my favorites:

1) James Stewart
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On the subject of questions I've never gotten good answers to, here are my favorites:

1) If John Madden is such a sweet, loving guy, why did he permit the Raiders to play such dirty football in the 1970s (e.g. Atkinson and Tatum), where the object was often to maim their opposing players. It's one thing to be tough - it's another to permit and condone evil.

BTW, Nathan, I really like your hot dogs...They spicen up Ramen wonderfully...Also good with Saurkraut and Cholula...


The conditioning was poor in that our 4qtr defense is always gassed!!!

The injuries I will chuck up to law of averages balancing out the past two seasons.

I think it would be cool if they all maimed each other...It is human(animal) nature to want to see violence. Football players, boxers, MMA fighters, are all modern-day gladiators diluted because people seem to think we've evolved into a non violent breed. In fact, it's just society, religion, and govt. that pacify us! Let the games begin!

Just a thought...if Ronnie Brown is out for the season, which hasn't been confirmed yet, is there a reason the Dolphins wouldn't consider signing Edgerrin James? Once upon a time, he had a desire to play for the Dolphins. I know he is getting up there in age, but it may be someone to take a chance on.

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Speaking of crying, that is what most smelly fish fans will be doing come Friday.

fake donkey at 5;33 pm

Of course, I usually refer to them by days of the week, does that count?

Glad you pointed that out donkey...Wouldn't wanna confuse you two...Anyway, it's almost time for my "Batterer's intervention course"...Tonight I'm half-way through...


Pat White is probably the best athlete and most explosive player on the team.
Burger King copied McDonalds and Pepsi copied Coke so why can't we copy the Saints and run every play they do for Reggie Bush but run it with Pat White.
We don't have to revive a backdoor offense that was washed up 50 years ago, the essence of competition is copying those that sre successful. In business, law, engineering etc this is true.

Bad news guys. Ronnie is on IR. His season is over. no BS

When I stepped on the elevator today someone saw cigarettes in my pocket and said, "A smoker".
I replied, "I'm a smoker but I'm not a bone smoker".

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Pound isn't lying...Why didn't we get a tweet from Mandy? Mandy, you're slipping. This broke 13 mins ago...

You can also refer them to left hand and right hand.:)

Versatile running back Ronnie Brown has been placed on injured reserve and will miss the remainder of the season, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter on Wednesday.

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Ronnie goes on IR & NJ is talking to himself instead of updating his loyal flock. Sad.

Dream on , Dream on . Singing for the Laughter , singing for the tears. Dream on ! dream On !

Vox Verdad , who the fuch are you ? . You're irrelavant !. a mere spec on the wall. Who care .

Source: Dolphins' Brown to IR


Armando can you confirm this?


So gay.... who knows if we'll ever see ronnie in a dolphins uniform again.... Dissapointing

ronnie brown out for the season being reported on PFT

I am very sad for my favorite player and am even sadder because I think he might not be a dolphins ever again.

I told you guys brown will be out for the year , earlier today. i had a feeling about it days ago.

NJ dont let marc get to you. He is a retard because he is named marc w/o the k.

NJ you the problem now you a mind reader, know all about Brown you f'kin punk!

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Palm Beach post is reporting Brown done for the season, put on IR this afternoon.

Not good!!!

Too bad LJ's already been picked up by the bengals. He would been a good fit for the rest of the year.

Me and marc are joking with each other.

I couldn't give a shyt about the cuban menace's alter ego vox verdad.

I refuse to believe that Ronnie is on IR until someone from the South Florida Media can confirm. Maybe I am just in denial.

I am my own alter ego & my own menace, nobody else's. NJ you have been caught in a lie again.

Have you no shame?

Why do you hate Ronnie Brown so??

wow really depressed about ronnie thought he had a chance to complete something special this year another day another post u erase of mine thank u herlad

Please people , do NOT ask for E. james. He 's Finished !

Hurray for those of us who want to see more of the base offence and for giving Henne more time in the pocket. Also good luck to Ricky.

Mike from San Diego

and S. Alexander was finished 2 years ago. Don't bother with him either.

Carolina 23 Miami 20 ! Later !



The reason you won't see Thigpen in the WildCat is because he will be the QB if Henne gets injured, so they keep him on the sideline he already has experience White doesn't have.

Ronnie Clown is not that great anyway. He's given us one 1,000 yd season and a bogus pro bowl invite bcuz fans we're so enamored with the Wildcat. I hope we don't re-sign him. He has Jarret Payton-like vision when he has to run outta a regular formation and his 4.38 40-yd dash was clearly a bi-product of training. That 45-yd run against the Bucs was the slowest developing long run i've ever seen. Lamar Smith has quicker jets believe it or not.

Is this a serious post? Wow! Usually I never read comments but I'm glad I did. A little laughter goes a long way after you find out RB is done for the year.

Playoffs , you are joking , right?

Tennessee, Green Bay, and the patties will kill that ill conceived notion, I dare say.

Posted by: Bobby Clobber | November 18, 2009 at 03:27 PM

I wonder if Ronnie Brown has a stress fracture in his foot. Otherwise, an ankle sprain shouldn't land a person on IR.

WHY are the Dolphins playing games with the RB position? They should be signing a vet RB that has been through the battles. What about 3rd downs and blitz pickups. Holding on to the ball at the end of games.

We have a 32 year old RB backed up by two young RB's that have never carried the rock.

Terrible management.

Why is nobody questioning this in the media?

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