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Brown's on IR, injuries mounting [updated]

We knew Ronnie Brown, nursing a potentially serious foot injury, wasn't going to play Thursday against the Carolina Panthers. Now we know he won't be playing against anyone else, either.

The Dolphins have placed Brown on injured reserve, meaning he is out for the remainder of the season, according to a soure. This decision was reached within the last 35 minutes as Brown is currently in Charlotte with the team.

The Dolphins landed in Charlotte at approximately 6 p.m. [Update: The Dolphins have now confirmed the move.]

The move is a crushing blow for the Dolphins hopes to repeat as AFC East champions. Brown is their leading rusher (648 yards), their leading scorer (8 TDs), and the triggerman to their Wildcat package.

Ricky Williams now must pick up the slack for the considerable loss. This marks the second time in three seasons that Brown is placed on IR midway through the season. In 2007, Brown was averaging 5 yards per carry when he suffered a season-ending knee injury.

Brown recovered well enough in 2008 to lead the team in rushing and earn his first Pro Bowl berth.

The Dolphins have signed safety Nate Ness from the team's practice squad to fill Brown's roster spot.

We also know nose tackle Paul Soliai (ankle), tight end Anthony Fasano (hip) and linebacker Erik Walden (hamstring) also will not play against Carolina.

The Dolphins announced as much on their injury report today. It is the final report prior to the game. None of the players that are out will travel today to Charlotte.

The Dolphins are listing two players as questionable: Guard Justin Smiley (shoulder) and safety Tyrone Culver (ankle). Smiley will play a source tells me. He practiced full today. Culver suffered a tweaked ankle in practice and was limited in his participation. Although listed the same as Smiley, his status is less certain.

Safety Gibril Wilson, nursing a hamstring, is listed as probable. He will play.

The Panthers are also quite beat up as game day looms.

We already knew cornerstone left tackle Jordan Gross was out for the remainder of the season with a broken ankle.

Safety Charles Godfrey (ankle), FB Brad Hoover (ankle) and DE Charles Johnson (pectoral muscle) are listed as doubtful. None of the three practiced Wednesday.

DT Damione Lewis (shoulder), RB Jonathan Stewart (Achilles), and RB DeAngelo Williams (knee) are listed as questionable. Lewis and Stewart practiced on Wednesday. Williams did not practice. All three are expected to play.


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wow our playoff chances are seriously done. Can you imagine, a season where we lose our starting qb and rb? man.. Pennington and Brown in the same season, it was destiny..

question, would we ever try Pat white as running back? Not a between the tackles guy, but as the RB in the Option & Sweeps??

pat white at rb is like putting a highschool girl out there. no thanks

Wow that is a hard blow to overcome.. no more wildcat... Just wildpat... I hope Ricky can take the load,,, Run Ricky Run

I hope lex hilliard can pick up the slack. This is terrible. Lex looked good in the preseason. Lets see if he can do it now.
Go Phins

May be last time we see brown as dolphin.

i say play ted ginn jr as ronnie's replacement and right now dammit!

Too bad about Ronnie. He can never seem to stay healthy. Last year he was fine but 2007 he was on his way to a 1000 yard season when he injured his knee.

I wouldn't give up on him though. Get well Ronnie.

Good Luck Ricky-you're the man now.

teddy will branch out thursday night. he says he sorry for being such a stump earlier this season.

thursday night i will score 5 td's if it kills all my haters!

hey carlito youre kinda cute. would you like for me to show you why I really am a #1wr baby?

Dear Mr. Nathaniel Dodsworth

"Armando, you're injury report is incomplete. Here's what you missed:

Marc - Doubtful (deficient in Vitamin K - you get it?)

Carlito from Golfito - Questionable (pulled groin - not his own)

Soiled Bottom - Probable (soiled bottom)

Posted by: Nathaniel Dodsworth | November 18, 2009 at 05:10 PM"

Coach Salguero - Can you post Thursday
Me - (Nursing a Butt rash) Ya I can post

Coach Salguero - I wanna give more posting time to some of the young guys.
Me - I agree coach...who's IP are you gonna deactivate ?

Soiled :)

dear mr soiled bottom. you really do smell like sh-t.

Dear Mr. Cow Poop

"dear mr soiled bottom. you really do smell like sh-t."

Its not polite to stick one's nose in other people's business.

Soiled :)

pat white looks like he should be sittin on a horse at the kentucky derby how old is he twelve? what a circus weve become is al davis working for the fins now

Tough loss for us Dolphin fans.I think Ricky will have a nice game against a suspect Carolina run D and an invisible Buffalo run D and the rest remains to be seen. However, without the two headed monster of Ricky and Ronnie the running game will not look the same down the stretch. I didn't feel we were going to make the playoffs after an start this kind of cements that feeling. The positive that can be gained from this is that Henne will be throwing more often and we can see what he really has. The training wheels need to come off with or without a real weapon to throw to.

Ronnie won't be a Phin next year! He has missed 25% of the games since being drafted. Parcells wants a dependable guy and a workhorse. Ricky fits the description better then Ronnie. Miami will draft another RB this year.

Dear Mr. Misfits

"what a circus weve become is al davis working for the fins now"

If Al Davis owned the Dolphins just replace Jimmy Buffett with the Rolling Stones.

Dolphins new theme song "Sympathy for the Devil"

Soiled :)

Its Ricky Williams Time! I do worry a lttle about fumbles with Ricky. Historically, not this year though, he has a tendecy to fumble. Also, I am hoping he can handle 20-25 carries, as well as being in for blocking on passing downs. We shall see. And, while I will miss Ronnie, if you look at the game stats, Ricky has been running better than Ronnie since the the 1st Jets game. If you take away one run last week for Ronnie its not even close. Based upon team comments, "thats what we were afraid of", I am beginning to wounder if Ronnie had a lingering foot problem the past few games or evne a permenant one. This would explain partly why he has not been runnung so well the last few weeks.

ronnie brown vry lucky man , he got injured enough to sit out the season and risk knee injury .now he can pick a team that pays real money like the pats .

We paid Brown 60 mil I believe that's pretty good goFags...

It's not quite 25%, but he has missed quite a bit. shame...I'm a huge fan

Mandy, I'm very dissappointed. Regardless of when Hyde reported this CBS Sports had it up well before 1800 Hrs. This is unnacceptable Mandy, unless, of course, you were having relations with the Misses, in which case we will need photographic, or videographic evidence with date and time...


PEOPLE..........IT'S FOOTBALL!!! Players get hurt. Geez. Ricky is one hell of a running back. Henne has done an admirable job since Pennington went down. The Fins were 0-2 when he went out. We're playing two rookies at corner. This is a rebuilding season. They're doing fine...all things considered. Remember.......The Dolphins beat the jets twice!!! Keep your heads up, be proud!!

Losing ronnie is too much for the dolphins to overcome i think, I like ricky but nobody pounded the ball like ronnie ,that will be missed. Too bad will have to wait until next year again that sucks


We can only hope that when his number is called on tomorrow and the rest of the season, Pat White can dazzle us with his speed and make us all believers. Also that his play picks up some of the slack form losing Brown and uplifts the rest of the team's play.

Pat White is small quarterback by today's NFL standards. There are only two that are just as tall but heavier (he can put on some muscle by next season).

Pat White - 6 Ft. - 190lb.
Drew Brees- 6 Ft. - 209lb.
M. Vick - 6 Ft. - 215lb.
Everyone else is taller and heavier but only Vick is faster than White. White has been timed 4.38 in the 40 yard dash.


"Short quarterbacks have never had an easy time of it. Thirty-six years ago, when the NFL was barely off the ground itself, height was a huge topic when it came to quarterbacks."

"At the 1962 Pro Bowl, quarterback Y.A. Tittle, a 6-foot giant among his peers, and Eddie LeBaron, a 5-foot-9 scrambler with a quick release and a laser delivery, compared arms during an impromptu get-together before the game."

"My advantage, if I had any, was I released the ball higher than he did," said LeBaron, who made four Pro Bowls in a career that spanned 11 years with the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins. "Tittle was a great quarterback, but he threw the ball sidearm. I came over the top and I got very, very few balls knocked down."

"In fact, the history of the NFL is peppered with small quarterbacks who have played big. Small soldier: The 6-foot Tarkenton capped an 18-year NFL career completing 57 percent of his passes for 47,003 yards and 342 touchdowns".

One of the biggest raps against short quarterbacks, in fact, is that they can't see over the mass of bodies on the line. The average height for a defensive tackle in the NFL is better than 6-foot-3, while offensive guards average more than 6-foot-4. On the outside, things get even tougher. Tackles generally go 6-foot-5, tight ends 6-foot-6 and defensive ends around 6-foot-4.

Still, if the blocking holds up, there should be lanes to throw through. And, if the blocking breaks down, quarterbacks of any height are in trouble.

That's where scrambling comes in handy, something almost all the shorter QBs have relied on.

"LeBaron was a gnat. He could move all over the place. And Theismann, what people don't remember about him -- he was a great athlete, all-around," Accorsi said. "Tarkenton, he was miraculous. He was like Roger Staubach (6-foot-3), only he happened to be smaller. People remember him as a scrambler. [But] he was always looking to throw the ball downfield. He was a pinpoint passer and he could throw on the run."
I realize the NFL players have gotten taller and heavier since Tarkenton's days but if the NFL starts adopting the spread offense you'll start seeing a trend to faster, lighter and possibly smaller players at the skill positions.

Why? Because the majority of the talent college football (the NFL's minor league system) is producing are playing in the spread offense.

I believe the Trifecta's goal is to adapt to the NFL's next evolution which requires a mobile quarterback. It doesn't hurt to have two quarterbacks that can alternate snaps because it can keep either one from getting too banged up or rusty.

wow...i dont even know what to say, all i know is we had better resign him...he is my favorite player and i have his jersey, i feel like i have to get a new one every other season



That is too bad. But we will be running a more conventional style offence. That should give Henne more opportunities. Ricky can run and we all know that. We still have the offensive line. We still have a young and upcoming secondary. Our linebackers played pretty good last week. Our line is still strong and Solai will be back.

Brown's injury = end of our last playoffs hopes.

On the bright side:
1) Pat White will gain valuable play experience
2) We will se if Hilliard is worth a roster spot
3) perhaps we can resign Brown with a discount (because he's injury prone)

tampafin.......that was a very interesting read. You may be onto something there.

FINS will win.

Henning owes his former CATS a little payback.

He's cooking up a batch of his "witches brew" special for them. Main ingredient: A Herd of Wildcats!

I say we give a little credit to the trifecta and their rebuilding effort to this point.
Our starting QB goes down. A major setback, NOT! Thanks to the trifecta's draft, we actually improve.
Starting CB goes down. A major setback? Wrong again. We drafted two corners and both of them are upgrades over what we had.
Two more major injuries at a key position Cobbs and then Brown.
Anybody remember what Parcell's very first persone1 move was? I'll give ya a hint. It had something to do with Ricky Williams.

Let the whiners whine and the crybabies cry. I'll be rooting for Ricky and LEX.

Looks like the Wildcat will be hitting the shelves for the time being. The WildPat, on the other hand, will almost definitely be relied upon much more now. Let's see what you got, Pat White.


Good article. Very interesting points

Odinseye and his right hand how are ya?
I guees we will find out what Lex can do. He looked pretty good in preseason. Just saying.


GOpats, remember Odinseye is a mechanic whose hand is used to holding tools. A mechanic must be able to have strong hand to work his tool. LOL

Just goes to show up all the BS talk about how the tough training camp in 2008 prevented injuries - same camp in 2009 and the Phins are struck down - the simple truth is that NFL football is dangerous and people get injured - 2008 Phins were lucky - 2009 Phins not so much - Ronnie Brown is just unlucky - any RB would be out if you had the full weight of an NFL player buckle your ankle like that - I reckon we will see a lot of Ricky - a fair dose of Wildpat and perhaps some Ginn in as wildcat QB with Ricky doing the end arounds (or maybe Pigpen) - prediction - 17-13 to the Fins

The wildcat get's people hurt. That's the bottom line. If we can't win with Henne behind center for 60 minutes then what's the point of even having a QB on the team?

Hate to say this but Ricky will probably get hurt here shortly.

this entire blog sounds like cow poop to me

when i saw ronnies ankle bend like that on sunday i knew he was done. You would think that he would be able to recover in time for the playoffs but putting him on IR ends that thought. Kyle Orton and Micheal Turner got twisted up like ronnie but some how they will only miss 1 game lucky bastards.

starting qb goes down we got henne. rb goes we got ricky,cb goes we got vontae and smith. not bad trifecta. I remember when we had alot of injuries like these in 07. we went 1-15.

I hope that wasnt Ronnie's last game as a dolphin.

I could be wrong, but I'm betting we have our best outing so far tomorrow. Not because I think Ricky's better than Ronnie. In a round about way BECAUSE Ronnie's gone.
I'm betting Henning gets nervous with Ronnie out and goes to a more traditional game plan.
Let's face it, nobody on the roster can run the wildcat like Ronnie. I think we'll see a few plays, very few, with Ricky.
The wildpat ain't ready yet. It's time to temporarily shelf it.
It'll be nice to see Henne in a pro style off. start and finnish drives without running on and off the field like a GoFer boy!

I think we will see a lot of Henne in the normal QB formation tomorrow night. We may see some of the Wild Cat with Rickie taking the snaps and Pat Whit lined up as the WR coming across for an option to pass or run. Ricky has run out of the WC already this year. It won't be anything he hasn't done already. Run Ricky Run. If you look at Ronnie's and Ricky's Yards/Rush this year, you will see Ricky is far above Ronnie.
Run Ricky Run. Dave please take note.


Where is that loud mouth NJ at???
What an egotistical baztard

They need more yoga.


Where is that guy that'as predicting a Dolphin loss tomorrow?

we'll be fine with just ricky. Dude is a friggin marine.

Henne will have to step up a bit.


"It'll be nice to see Henne in a pro style off. start and finnish drives without running on and off the field like a GoFer boy!"

Agree 1000%. the guy is capable of moving the offense just fine.

However, I do like the element of trickery somewhere in the game plan.

Does anybody know why Henne nver lines up in the shot gun? Just woundering. Even on 4th and 14 at the end of the game, he is lined up under the center.

However, I do like the element of trickery somewhere in the game plan.

Posted by: dolfanSF | November 19, 2009 at 12:49 AM

I think this is exactly why we'll have our best outing tomorrow.
The pro style power running will be our bread and butter.
With Ricky running the wildcat only as a change of pace/keep them on their heels deal.
Probably due to his advanced age, Henning sometimes can't see the forest for the tree's.

For those unsure as to why Miami seems to get worn down later in games, the answer is quite simple and twofold.

1. The Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (It seems they are using it more frequently then last year if you go by the practice reports in the paper) There is something to be said for practicing out in the heat and conditioning for the elements you play in. It just might have made that difference against the Colts and Saints.

2. We are playing stronger teams then last year. More physical teams, better teams and we simply are not playing as soundly.

Oh, and I do not have a degree in anything related to sports. So if you disagree, that is cool with me.

Does anybody know why Henne nver lines up in the shot gun? Just woundering. Even on 4th and 14 at the end of the game, he is lined up under the center.

Posted by: Bill | November 19, 2009 at 01:10 AM

Good question, I've wondered about that myself. I can see keeping him under center when play action is a viable option. I've noticed they keep him there on 3rd and long as well.
I do know that he lined up in the shotgun quite often at Michigan.

NJ any insight on this phenomena?

check out full game analysis @ http://www.lionsdenu.com/nfl-picks-week-11-thursday-night-football-mia-car/


I don't know if I agree or disagree.

The Nick Saban Memorial Bubble "THEORY" would be the best explanation so far.

For future reference, please don't ever use that name again unless it's absolutely neccessary. I'm still suffering from a post-saban traumatic stress disorder.

PS: Somebody should start a campaign to have the bubble renamed after Don Shula!!!!

Miami 20

Car. 14

add RB to the needs in the off season...

NJ NJNJ NNJNJNNJNJJNJNJNJNJN where are you? EGO EGO EGO EGO EGO EGO You got problems dude.

They illuminated yoga this year, from last year, big difference believed or not.

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