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Jason Taylor wants to return to Dolphins in 2010

Talking to friend Tom Brady and then sharing a quick, polite conversation with Bill Belicheck after the Patriots beat his Dolphins on Sunday, Jason Taylor looked like a man who might have second thoughts about his decision to play for Miami over New England.

If that's the case, looks are deceiving.

Taylor picked the Miami Dolphins this offseason perhaps more than they picked him. He never intended to play for the Patriots even when they were courting him through public statements from owner Robert Kraft and phone calls from Belichick. And the Miami strongside linebacker remains happy about the decision to go to Miami rather than New England, according to sources close to him.

Fact is, Taylor is so happy with the Dolphins, he would like to play for them next year and perhaps after that, too, one source told me Tuesday evening. Taylor, 35, has even mentioned playing three more years.

Taylor was unavailable for comment Tuesday as Miami players were off. But he told Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf he'd like to return to Miami next year during a production meeting with them prior to the New England game which they broadcast for CBS.

So even as the Patriots seem to be pulling away from Miami in the standings, Taylor's is sticking with his call to play for the 3-5 home team.

And yes, it is his home team. One reason Taylor is so thrilled being in Miami is he's home and that makes everyone at home happy. It certainly is better than 2008 when Taylor was in Washington playing for the Redskins and his wife and kids remained in South Florida most of the time.

Taylor is playing 2009 under a one-year contract. There have been no conversations about extending that deal for next year or beyond. But those talks will happen after the season. No doubt about it, from Taylor's perspective.


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Does anybody really think the Phins will resign him??

Of course he wants to play here. He doesn't have to do anything.

Jason Taylor juega como una nina. Despues del partido se le vio trenzando el cabello de Brady.

I think it's time we finally gave the defense a name we can all believe in. Let them be dubbed, "Jason and the Tacklenots."

I think they should. He has had some solid games. He can go back to what was originally planned as a pass rusher and he will come cheap. He also still has gas left to play this game.

I think it's time we gave this defense a name we can all believe in. Let them be dubbed, "Jason and the Tacklenots."

Oops. Double post. Sorry.

One of our starting OLB's won't be on the team next year. One of them will. Which one would you choose?

Time for 4 new LBs... 2 Young ones and 2 FAs. Maybe Roth and Wake will be ready next year and we get 2 more in 2011.

The LBs are key to this defense, pressure and covering the TEs and we are doing neither. Good QBs eat that up all day long and in every game we've lost, that's been the case.

Mando, your thoughts???

odinseye you been played by the Cuban Mange most of the night his been with his multiple name and used mine also this guy is not right in the head!

Will the next blog be about Randy Starks or another dolphins linemen?

The Dolphin brass is stupid.

Taylor practically had to beg them to let him play with a minimum contract. Something about acorns for which the two oldest LB are the startes. Go figure. TAYLOR IS the top LB on the team, even at 35. He leads ALL LB in sacks and even has a TD.

Dolphins would be stupid not to resign him and Roth. Porter, I would trade for a late round pick or keep at a reduced salary.

Bring Wake into the game as a starter already over Porter!!!

I would love to see us find better options than both Porter, or Crowder. Neither seems to be able to be in position for pass coverage. Crowder seems to miss a lot of tackles, too (whenever he hasn't taken himself out of the play). I like the pressure Porter CAN bring, but we have JT, and Cameron Wake. Why keep three? Lets trade Crowder to his smack talking bff in NY, and send Porter ANYWHERE that will pay. We need smarter players at LB than we have. Anyone else miss Zach? Not saying bring Zach back as anything but a coach, but we need someone of his capabilities.

I can't believe that some fans actually want this year to be his last year...we are talking about a true Miami Dolphin star.After everything JT has done for us as fans and this football team...seriously where is the loyalty! JT has been one of our better defensive players all year...we all know he Plays with heart every game.We would be silly to let him go when he can still ball.I know he's getting older, but he has a year or two left of good football.JT can leave whenever he's ready...the Miami Dolphins are better team with him on the team.We don't even need to worry about JT on D...we need to worry about Wilson,Crowder, and Porter.

We gotta stick by our team and the players that play hard for us every week...guys that take pride in wearing that Dolphins uniform.We have to stand by guys through bad games and good games...we all know which players deserve that love from us fans...they have earned it.I'm not acting like a perfect fan ha I'm just saying show some love and loyalty.

have porter arrested for impersonating a linebacker!!!! get a new d coordinator!

This is slightly off topic I know but our glaring need for a gamebreaking WR is obvious and we need to trade for one or try and get one through Free Agency, Vincent Jackson???? We also need to take one in the first round or second at the very least. As for Henne, this guy must be frustrated but isn't showing it, he's throwing some beautiful passes but time after times his receivers drop the ball, then there's the wildcat. I liked the wildcat when it first came along but now Pat White is involved its becoming a problem and hindering the developement of our base offense. Henne just gets in a rythm then, guess what off you come Chad, in goes Pat White, team loses yards most of the time, Ok Chad back you go and convert us this 3rd and long. When do you see New England take Brady off the pitch, or Indiananpolis or Atlanta or most other teams, its becoming a desperation offense to make up for inabilities in our base offense to make plays. I'd like to see Chad Henne in all game, lets build some rythm with his recievers instead of getting yanked every other play, lets see the O Line bulldozing holes for our RB's, Pat White should either be converted to a Randle El kinda receiver or traded for a player we need.

Some new LB's please. Porter is making too much money for 2.5 sacks. Keep Taylor on the team for pass rushing plays. Get rid of Crowder also. Why did we resign this guy?

Jason Taylor juega como una nina. Despues del partido se le vio trenzando el cabello de Brady.

WTF? is this el crappo?

Hey Armando..... In your blog yesterday I gave you a suggestion for the coaches ( here it is again )....now I'm no expert but it seems to me the dolphins have two pressing needs on their defense, there is NO RUSH and they CAN'T STOP THE RUN.....

Sooo, why not move Jason Taylor to Porter side, start Matt Roth on the strong side, and bring in W Cameron and Porter off the bench to rush the passer on passing downs.

also, let the rookie free safety play a lot more, all these rookies need to get experience...

The problem is that there is no base offense...you don't have any receivers who can catch and the o-line cant make holes for running. If you look back at the NE game, the only way we scored was bc of WildPat.

But you are right this QB of committee can't continue forever. But when you have a rookie qb, recievers who cant separate and catch, and an oline who can't hold a pocket and make holes for running, and your only playmakers are RBs, you use WildPat or Wildcat.

I watched the game and they had PatWhite, Ronnie Brown (sometimes Rickie) and Henne run the offense. And the best one was White bc it was new and caused confusion; then Henne bc they do catch sometimes, and the Wildcat being stuffed.

I dont think we can win in our base offense. But if we want to be successful we have to start trying and get some receivers. Oh and defense that can actually stop opps from scoring in 3 plays!

While Taylor has lost a step, coaches have him playing LB not DE in a 3 or 4 point stance. Something he's not comfotable with. And he has said so in the past.

you have to keep taylor for next season he can still play as for porter see what he does the rest of the year. We have to get someone who can catch the ball scott

Pretty simple to me. Taylors leading the team in sacks and playing decent football. Joey on the other hand is not getting much done this year aside from handing out lockerroom material. I do really like Joey but it just isn't happening this year. If I have to chose, I'd keep Taylor.

I say we move Taylor to his original spot over Porter and pout wake in Taylor's spot. Would it be a bad thing to put Porter as one of the inside linebackers?

It's so obvious its painful. They'll all stay until the tidal wave of defensive draft picks that you know Parcells going to bring the next 2 years have taken root. You can't cut off the king's head til you have a new one to replace it with.

Both Porter and Taylor looked washed up! Bring in some new young talent...

That guy - good point. Look who Parcells drafted in Dallas...DeMarcus Ware. he will find another gem like that to pla in Miami. My thoughts, Porter and Taylor both play, but they need to find a better way to utilize both players to excel at the same time.

JT is not having a bad year!

el guru - how does taylor looked washed up? Compare his stats with the rest of the LB's in the league and they are not bad.

Big question is whether or not Jason fits into the Dolphins futue plans?? I don't think he is a Parcells type of guy BUT the Dolphins seem to have bigger holes that need to be filled first...Whether Jason comes back will depend on the draft and free agentcy above all and where the Fins go...Nose tackle, ILB, Wide Receivers seem to be the priority so Jason may continue to be a stopgap...I just don't think Jason and Porter will BOTH be here next year...

Armando - What are your thougths on JT and/or JP coming back next year or even after that? What are their contracts?

This is a no brainer. He's been one of our most productive defensive players. Sacks and forced fumbles. Maybe not like the old days...but definitely worthy of returning. The guy even has said he will play for Dolphins in a limited role if need be. You can't beat that attitude.

Thank you Mikegut for some actual common sense on this blog!

How much are the linebackers responsible for letting the tight ends get in to the secondary (and burning us with the big plays)?

If JT was roaming around like he did when he won the Defensive Player of the Year award, could he have contained the tight ends? Would he have to play in the 4-3 formation to do so?

JT is exactly were I thought he would be - a solid player on the Defensive side who provides leadership! I think he can play 2 to 3 more years!

The disapointing part has been Porter - yes he's been playing hurt but when you talk all that mess and have 2.5 sacks to show for it, you're not making your-self and most importantly your team look good at all.
It might be a combination of injuries and lack of coaching utilization but Porter has been a disapointment to this point!

Also, why in the World don't they play Wake more!? Wake up coaches, he contains the most upside out of any of the pass rushing LBs! I'm not a huge Roth fan but it can be a pretty nasty set up to have JT & Roth stacked on one side and Porter & Wake on the other side!

Yes these players have not produced the sacks we all invisioned but in large part it has to do with the coaches lack of knowing how to utilize them to their most upside advantage! Same thing goes with Ginn on the offensive side of the ball.

Know your players and plug them in positions to be successful.... Thats part of strategical coaching!

Has anyone heard if that player from NE {don't know his name] Was fined becouse of that Helment to Helment hit against Henne.What if that had been against BRADY.THIS IS STARTING TO BE LIKE NASCAR.THE WINNER IS ALLREADY DECIDED BY MANAGEMENT.

Jason Taylor's chances for next year are looking better than Porter's.

The trifecta said they were worried JT would be a progress stopper for the young guys, but it seems like the only person who progress stopped is ole peezy.

If it was on Brady, definately a flag and possible ejection probably....gosh I hate the Patriots

Hmmmm! Let me see, we lost with Taylor here in 2007 and we won with Taylor gone in 2008. Now we are losing with Taylor here again in 2009. Anybody notice a pattern here?

I have been victim of hijacking of my name and identity by some sick individual who don't speak spanish very good.

Fellow Dolphans,

Unless you see my name in blue making comments about football, its not me.

F&*k Exdolphinforlife and killerdolphin!!!!!


season only half over, schedule gets much easier from here... can't make decisions about the season only after 8 games.

We was watching the game again over at our blog while Mando was breaking news on our heads over here.

That's OK, we's used to it.


Dolphins went 9-1 to finish 2008.

This team can go 7-1 with easy second half schedule

The last paragraph of Mando's blog states Taylor is playing under a one year contract so of course one of the knobs on here asks what Taylor's contract status is. And these people are allowed to roam the streets. What a country!

Dolphins should bench Porter and start .... Matt Roth at SOLB.

They should move Taylor to WOLB.

That will free Jason up from coverage responsibilities, improve the run stopping on the other side, and sit that waste of space Joey Porter.


Willi Chirino you're absolutely right bur dint forget to throw Wake in the mix from the blind side. JT and Wake coming at you from the blind side...

Hey guys this might be a stupid question but here goes, I am retired from military after 24 years never have been to an actual game, just scored tickets on the 50 yard line to see our fins play the panthers. Our seats are in third row on the fins sideline. Is it possible to actually meet the players and get autographs? I am really excited to be going to my first real game and fortunate that our seats are that close. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks to all of you fellow Veterans today for serving our nation as well.

I don't understand how "fans" can be so negative about this team. 2 years ago they were 1-15 and were lucky to win that 1. 2 years later they've played the best in the NFL and have shown they can run on anyone and stop the run. They are elite teams doing that. Give it another year or so and the team will improve drastically at passing the ball and stopping the pass. Then they will be an elite team and the bandwagon wil be full.

Hey, FZB, we have the same idea about Taylor and Roth. Good stuff! Totally agree with your comment.

The fact is an OLB in the 3-4 has to rush the passer, stop the run and cover people coming out of the backfield.

The fact is Wake only does one of these (rush the passer) with any talent. He's terrible against the run and cannot cover.

So he's a limited player. He's not starting caliber material.

I agree with some other posters ... start Taylor and Roth.

Porter has disappeared. Wish his mouth would.

Hey FLPD - Sorry I missed that paragraph, but I did not just ask for Taylor's contract so piss off....

downer12 -
that was VERY inspirational! Nice job! LOL

Finman11 -
Who DO you like on this team?
Is the kicker okay with you? Get a clue!

Armando - What are your thougths on JT and/or JP coming back next year or even after that? What are their contracts?

Posted by: Indiana Dolfan | November 11, 2009 at 08:59 AM

You didn't ask about Taylor's contract? So what does "What are their contracts" mean to you, you retard?

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Taylor is playing 2009 under a one-year contract. There have been no conversations about extending that deal for next year or beyond."

I'm not sure what JTs stats are so far this season in the NFL but if JT had signed on to Dancing with the stars this would have been his competition.

Dancing with the stars 2009 lineup.
Kelly Osbourne
Aaron Carter
Chuck Liddell
Louie Vito
Micharl Irvin
Natalie Coughlin
Debi Mazar
Mark Dacascos
Joanna Krupa
Ashley Hamilton
Donny Osmond
Tom DeLay
Kathy Ireland
Macy Gray

I'm almost positive he would have way more sacks and tackles for loss's if he had signed on with Dancing with the stars as apposed to signing with the Dolphins.

My two cents

Soiled :)

Hey FLDP a.k.a jacka$$, I said the following:

Hey FLPD - Sorry I missed that paragraph, but I did not just ask for Taylor's contract so piss off....

Posted by: Indiana Dolfan | November 11, 2009 at 10:19 AM

I never said I did ask about JT's contract ONLY. I stated I wanted to know both and admitted to missing Armando's piece where he said JT is only under contract for just this year, so what is your point again. If I make a mistake I will admit it, I'm not afraid to do that. Your point to dis Fin fans for making an honest mistake is proof that you are a no good low life piece of crap!

Hi there Fins fans - can you recommend a Dolphins sports bar in the Ft. Lauderdale area. My husband and I are coming down to area and would like to cheer them on Thursday the 19th. Thanks - Sara from Maryland

Club Rolexx is best place to watch a dolphins game in Miami

If Ferguson isn't back for the next game, how hard would it be for FINS to go back to the 4-3 versus the 3-4 defense (Soliai didn't play well last game at nose tackle)?

Could the 4-3 apply more pressure on quarterbacks and tight ends (this is what's killed the FINS on defense)?

Wasn't JT playing in the 4-3 when he racked up the 18+ sacks?


I hope he stays here, maybe even put him back @ DE since he has that mastered!!! GO FINS!!!

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