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Jason Taylor wants to return to Dolphins in 2010

Talking to friend Tom Brady and then sharing a quick, polite conversation with Bill Belicheck after the Patriots beat his Dolphins on Sunday, Jason Taylor looked like a man who might have second thoughts about his decision to play for Miami over New England.

If that's the case, looks are deceiving.

Taylor picked the Miami Dolphins this offseason perhaps more than they picked him. He never intended to play for the Patriots even when they were courting him through public statements from owner Robert Kraft and phone calls from Belichick. And the Miami strongside linebacker remains happy about the decision to go to Miami rather than New England, according to sources close to him.

Fact is, Taylor is so happy with the Dolphins, he would like to play for them next year and perhaps after that, too, one source told me Tuesday evening. Taylor, 35, has even mentioned playing three more years.

Taylor was unavailable for comment Tuesday as Miami players were off. But he told Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf he'd like to return to Miami next year during a production meeting with them prior to the New England game which they broadcast for CBS.

So even as the Patriots seem to be pulling away from Miami in the standings, Taylor's is sticking with his call to play for the 3-5 home team.

And yes, it is his home team. One reason Taylor is so thrilled being in Miami is he's home and that makes everyone at home happy. It certainly is better than 2008 when Taylor was in Washington playing for the Redskins and his wife and kids remained in South Florida most of the time.

Taylor is playing 2009 under a one-year contract. There have been no conversations about extending that deal for next year or beyond. But those talks will happen after the season. No doubt about it, from Taylor's perspective.


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Jason Taylor is coach material.. for that reason alone he should be kept. But he is also a major locker room figure and demonstrates a superb conditioning and practice regime and excellent leadership. He's a ticket seller and carries a large and visible fan base, here and on the road (except perhaps in DC).
And a well respected member of his community, publicly recognised for his charity work.. a good family man
oh and one year removed from the pro bowl.
can you say "no brainer"?


Was defensive tackle Paul Soliai hurt during the Patriots' game?

If not, we need to address his position in the 2010 draft.

I like JT...Let him retire a Dolphin. I thought they should have kept him and Zach and let them retire. A washed up ZT and JT are still better than 80% of their couterparts in the league. I also believe that this coaching staff is mis-using personel. I know, it seems unbelivable!

I agree marc. Im confused on who really is in charge. There's something wrong that you can't see with the human eye. I'm thinking there leaning more on next yr draft and next season already knowing we don't have all the pieces yet. It sad if so. I never like the thought of giving up on the season. Never give up!

Problems with Miami Dolphins:

1) Coaching: it seems the coaches are trying to build a football team in a wrong football era. Power football (running and stopping the run) is a thing of the past and it doesn't guarantee a winning season, playoff contention, or a Super Bowl victory. It is great to see a ten play, 80 yard drive for a touchdown that spans over ten minutes, but good luck duplicating that after the opponent scores in three plays over two minutes. That is what many of the high octane offenses in this league are doing while the Miami Dolphins struggle for every yard. In addition, the Dolphins run one of the most basic offenses in the NFL. A lot of formations with double tight ends to compensate for the lack of pass blocking which leaves very few options for Chad Henne. Chad Henne is a gunslinger and he is already displaying that he is going to be a good one. However, he is being limited in so many ways. In the next two years, the coaches better realize that they need to get this guy some real talent that can first get open and secondly, catch the football. It is time the Miami Dolphins develop a spread offense that they can go to just like all the other phenomenal teams in the league. They need good wide receivers and an offensive line that actually knows how to pass block. Chad Henne is the one; get him some talent and protect him. The defensive coaching must improve. I agree that the players are giving up big plays and are not making fundamental plays, but a cornerback cannot single cover the best wide receivers in the league. Another weakness in coaching this year is the inability to properly adjust at halftime. Of the five losses this year, the Dolphins were tied at halftime in two of the games, winning by 14 at halftime in one of the games, and losing by six points in another. What happened in the second half of those games? Much of the blame is that the Miami Dolphins have been outcoached all year. Coaches can have motivation, passion, and desire to win but they still have to coach and the Dolphins' coaches are not getting the job done.

2) Offense: already touched on it above, but it is time for the Miami Dolphins to adapt to the rest of the league and run an effective spread offense. They first need to learn how to pass block so they don't have to rely on double tight end sets. Then, they need to get Chad Henne some talent that can actually get open and catch the ball. The Dolphins rarely run singleback formations with three wideouts, and shutgun formations outside of two backs. A big reason for this, is the inability to pass block and the inadequacies of the wide receivers. Probably another reason they don't run a spread offense is because Chad Pennington was the starting quarterback this year. Well, now that Chad Henne is the starter, it is time to give him the team and get him talent.

There are more problems that need to be addressed, like: offensive playcalling, wildcat, etc, but as fans, we can only hope that this team will turn the corner this season and continue to get the right guys to transform this team into a contender every year like the days of old.

re-sign JT, trade jpeezy and his big mouth

players that need to be replaced with playmakers if the phins are to contend next year:
1.joey porter
2.akin ayodele
3.gibril wilson
4.davone bess
5.anthony fasano
this takes into consideration that crowder was just signed and will be back, ginn is too valuable in the return game to get rid of, and nothing against fasano but we just need to be more dynamic at that position in the passing game. camarillo, hartline, turner and ginn aren't going anywhere so bess is the odd man out.

No sure finsup. I personally like Camarillo better myself, and think he's better, but, he's got a few years on Bess and had a serious injury...

If you're gonna mention Ayodele, mention Torbor in the same breath

I don't think Peezy is done either. I think our coordinators (BOTH) are semi-retarded...

As much as I hate to say this, but, I have to give Wandstadt and his staff credit. THey had Ricky, and that was the game plan...JJ tried to MAKE a balanced team when we had Marino back there. We still have Ricky and Brown. They should RUN, RUN, RUn. Forget the gimmicks

I would make resigning Taylor a priority. Clearly JT is no longer a full time defensive player.

IMO, you bring him in on 2nd and 3rd and long passing situations. That way you keep him fresh and dominant.

Used correctly JT could still be dominant for 2-3 more years. Remember Charles Haley during 49ers super bowl years?

peezy is not even being doubled teamed this year. he cant shed a block to save his life. hopefully its because he's still banged up because he has looked washed up the last few weeks.
ayodele is a good player but he's just kind of there and never makes any plays. the bottom line is if you play a 3-4 defense you need dominant, playmaking linebackers. for this defense to work we need younger, faster, stronger more dynamic players at all 4 of those positions, honestly. the pass rush has been horrible and none of those guys can cover anybody. the secondary hasn't been as bad as people think and for the most part the d line has done its job. 3-4 defenses are built around linebackers and ours just aren't good enough.

As for Joey Porter, depending upon how he finishes the season, you definitely either have to renegotiate a smaller contract or let him go in a cap move.

Im so afraid after last season Porter's tank may be dangerously close to empty. If he's willing to reneg to a much smaller contract he too can be a situational player on a rotational basis, while at the same time grooming his young replacement.

Dont really see both Taylor and Porter here next season. Seeing how Porter still sports a big contract and Taylor will be deserving of a raise.

I look to see JT getting having more of a consistent impact as Roth's snaps increase and his decreases.

Also I do believe this offseason we absolutely raid the draft for both ILB's and OLB's. Lots of changes may happen during 2010 camp.

Regardless, barring injury I still see JT as a great situational rusher and still with the team. As long as he doesnt seek a contract more than $2.5 million for the season. I believe he still may be a Dolphin for around that price.

Some observations:

1) Jason Taylor is one of the most talented players the Dolphins have ever employed. I doubt that any of the scribes writing here have ever performed their jobs or even engaged in hobbies exhibiting CLOSE to the level of talent that Taylor regularly exhibits as a football player.

2) What is it with Chad Henne's helmet? It presses down on his eyes and make them look all mean and satanic. (Unless he's just naturally that way.)

3) My timing is not very good. I stopped being a huge Hamilton Tiger-Cat fan in 1986 - the first year they won the Grey Cup since 1972. I became a huge Miami Dolphins fan in 1974, the first of 35 consecutive years without a Super Bowl victory.

4) I don't like Joe Buck as an announcer. He follows the Pat Summerall philosophy of "less is more." Horsehockey! There is nothing wrong with showing emotion. Joe Buck can't hold a candle to Dick ("Oh my!") Enberg.

5) Exactly 9 months before my date of birth was my parents' 10th wedding anniversary. I am one of the few people who can reliably point to the date of his conception.

6) Doritos only makes one brand of chip without cheese - Spicy Chilli. Try it. It's delicious.


Enjoyed your post. Great change of pace from thuh uhshual suffrin we read heah!! Lol


Guy you were happy with JPEEZY last year. Now that he is getting double teammed. You guys gave up on him.He wil be back he is just to good.Give him time.
What he should do is start Joey & JT on one side. The other side should be Wake and Roth.

The other thing is we need to blitz more.This will help out our young Secondery out.Don't give the QB time back there to take us apart. Make them make bad throws giving us more chances for INTS.

If Alabama's Mt Cody is available I believe he will be our #1, as Solai continues to proves he's a better backup option. I also like ILB's Brandon Spikes and Rolando Mclain. It will be a very difficult decision if 2 out of 3, of those guys are available when its our turn to pick.

I would still take Mt Cody, as great NT's are much more difficult to find.

Maybe whe can deal Porter and some future mid round picks to get an extra 2nd pick. We need to come out of the 2010 draft with at least 2 very good LB's. one inside and one outside.

Because of our need of NT and LB's, I forsee going after a young stud #1wr in free agency. My greatest uneducated (lol)guess would be that Anquan Boldin will be that guy, seeing how its no CIA secret that he wants to come home and play for us.

Should that happen it also gives a a little ammunition to possibly deal a wr or two to get an extra 2nd round pick.

Dying Breed,

I like Terrance Cody too. I hope him or Rolando McLain are around when the Dolphins pick.

Nathaniel Dodsworth,

I was born i first week of September. I can also point my finger to exact date of conception on New Years Eve.

thanks for the recommendation on sports bars!


Yes, resign Taylor, he can be this decades version of Charles Haley. Haley was a very devastating situational pass rusher for both the Cowboys and 49er's during their super bowl championship years.

Taylor seems to be cut from the same mold and should have 2-3 more very effective years when used as such. Im sure Parcells remembers how effective Haley was. As Parcells was then Giants head coach.

Its very difficult to forget a very talented nemesis. Especially when he was a thorn in your own foot.

sara from maryland,

please don't go to club rolexx to watch the dolphins game. I was kidding, trust me, you don't want to go there.

I love all you "Fantasy Traders" here. Peezy has NO TRADE VALUE. Ginn has NO TRADE VALUE. deal with it.

Oh, and re-sign JT unless last week revealed a precipitous dropp-off....he's been fine this year so far until last week, will probably be better once they figure that Roth-Wake-Taylor is better than including Peezy (or at least let Peezy get healthy), and he's willing to accept cap-friendly salary.

Regarding dolphins72334 comments: Agree with philosophy of "wrong football era".

Run oriented, ball control offense works only if you (a) get a TD at the end of the drive (b) has a defense that actually do things like tackle people.

Vox Verdad,

What you say maybe true. My scenario was if you also bait the hook with another player and a mid round plus a late rd pick. Then possibly someone might nibble and give us an extra 2nd rounder, which we use to get another quality LB.

Should we sign a free agent #1wr like Boldin, I would be more than willing to package a Bess or Camarillo with Porter, a 5th and 7th rounder to get an extra 2nd rd pick and choosing another quality LB.

All it takes is for one team to bite.

As much as I would love DREDGING on about trading Porter(lol), and switching Taylor back to the right side...........

I'm thinking more about the next battle.

Anybody worried about Josh Freeman? He did look good against us in the pre-season.

It's hard to evaluate the Buc's offensively now that Freeman starts. He did throw the go ahead TD to (oh no) TE Kellen Winslow.
Defensively they're 29th in total yds, 15th against the pass, and 30th against the run.


Oh yeah Top rated Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has three interceptions in his last 35 pass attempts. He had two INT in his first 225 attempts during first seven games.

The Buc's got him for 3 Sunday, one for a pick six.

Anybody scared?


It isnt the the wrong era for ball control run oriented offense. Actually this is the perfect era to bring it back.

As you said you do need TD's at the end of those drives. You also need to play great defense when the other team gets the ball back.

Only reason our philosophy hasnt been totally successful is because the D is still incomplete. Doesnt the opposing offenses ability to come back and score within 2-3mins give you that clue.

Really dont think any 70's Fins SB fans who watched its success would make such a statement. Less how quickly they forget.

Only thing missing from the 70's SB winning formula is a great #1 wr and a very stable defense. Once these two issues are correctly addressed. Then we will be well on our way!


Bucs have been pretty much decent on D this season. Offense had been where they struggled most.

Actually Winslow scares me more than Freeman, as our TE coverage has been well documented.

I say expect a close one with us prevailing. The Bucs historically have always played us well, no matter the records.

As long as we go into the game not overlooking them I believe we prevail by 10pts or less. Anyone expecting more forget the history of these two teams.

after that we sign JT .

Dying Breed,

No disrespect or sarcasm intended, but that's the most intelligent post I've seen you make.

This the perfect era to bring it back. I didn't want to argue with people about it, so I didn't mention it. I think your right on the money.

People like to forget how Marino and the smurf WR's Clayton and Duper brought change to the way defense's were forced to play.

They want to believe guy's like Brady and Manning are trendsetters. Their just the new version of the old scene. Without the pussified rule changes and domes they couldn't hold the Jockstraps of an Elway, Kelly, Marino or Montana.

The strategies and schemes of the NFL are like an ever changing chess match.
Most NFL defense right now are being built to defend the wide open high falutin pass game. That makes them very susceptible to a smash mouth power running game.
The timings right, we just have to tighten up the D!


Any chance we get Brandon Spikes for next year? He could replace Crowder. One Gator for another...

Aloco, get rid of Long? U r loco

Yeah NJ,

This is what sobriety(ewwww!) does too me.

Check back around 11:00 tonight ;)

Thanks Odinseye,

On defense I believe we are heading in the right direction to defend prolific passing attacks.

We have Davis and Smith who both look like not to distant future all pro's.

Clemmons, wow! World class speed at free safety. When the light fully comes on with him evrytime he makes a pick he'll become a threat to take it all the way to the house.

All we now lack on D. Is a future dominant NT, at least one dominant ILB, and another future dominant OLB. Wake may or not be the answer. Right now in his limited role, he appears more is than isnt.

Once we become efficient at both stopping the run and getting after the passer, our 3 young guns in the secondary will become all pros.

Also the "wrong era" running attack even some of our on are even seeming to suggest. Will become absolutely unstoppable.

Especially when we become able to score TD's on both sides of the ball. Due to a hard hitting get after the passer D. That will produce fumbles and interception turnovers galore.

That's just what we need an eye gouger.

as far as coming up with a victory vs. the patsies, it's a shame we didn't play with a full team. Ferguson's absent forced Soliai be in the game more than what he can handle, and Starks to play tackle and not DE (which is the position he dominates), and the fact that Crowder and his big mouth wasn't there, forced the dolphins to play Ayodele instead of putting the best ILB available (Crowder and Torbor). The Dolphins are at a point where they need to start trying out other options, and just put the best defensive athletes on the field. Porter and Ayodele are not our best. As far as offense, when are they going to pull the plug on Justin Smiley; the man is not the same. And Devone Bess, sorry buddy, but you're too slow and are no Wes Welker...

Time to insert Patrick Turner in there, and try to give the rookies more playing time..

what we need is jermaine gresham tight end oklahoma, every good team has a dam good te and its been a while since weve had one around here and even though hes hurt this year i think this guy is the real deal and will be a dominant te in the pros

Does anybody know if you sit near the sideline at an away game can you get player autographs?


I like Gresham but IMO is at least the 1st 2 rounds our priority maybe the lb corps. Hopefull if still available we pick up Mt Cody. Solai isnt seemimng to be the answer as future starter.

Great NT are more difficult to find than great linebackers.

If by some unforseen miracle Gresham's still there in the 3rd rd, its almost a no brainer to grab him.

Still think maybe we try to sign Boldin should he become a free agent. Then the next priority will be D. This almost totally eliminates Gresham unless he's still available in the 3rd or 4th rd.

That's highly unlikeble. But as you know probably know, the trifecta dont tipically draw up thier offseason plans exactly according to our script.

I'm only outlining a possible scenario.


Trade: 2nd Rd pick, 5th Rd pick, Ted Ginn, Jason Allen, Matt Roth & next year's 4th Rd pick.


KC: 4th Round pick, Dwayne Bowe, Derrick Johnson, Glenn Dorsey.

KC has Johnson & Dorsey on the trading block. Offering Bowe for a 2nd rounder earlier this year.

Bowe: #1 receiver (hometown kid), D.Johnson: Probowl OLB, G.Dorsey: DT/DE, (great motor & can play NT with an extra 10 pounds).

That fixes the 3 holes on our team with 3 HUGE upgrades. We don't lose a step & instead drop TWO 1st round busts and their salaries.

Draft E.Berry, R.McClain, B.Spikes or D.Bryant in the 1st round.

Trade Fasano & G.Wilson & KC's 4th round pick


2nd round pick

Draft TE A.Hernandez in the 2nd round.
Start Clemons at FS next year (Unless you draft Berry).


Oh my god ! LMFAO !

JT is TERRIBLE. Obviously this coaching staff does not grade its players because, if it did, they would see a player who is irrelevant for 95% of the plays during a football game. He has made a living off of a several interceptions and fumble recoveries in a long careeer. His sacks always seem to come when we're either up or down by 3 TDs, and plays with the physica;ity of my four year old...daughter. He's terrible!!!

Yeah sure G shine,

That's why only NFL dummies Robert Kraft and Bill Belicheat were trying to sign him after an injury riddled season in Washington.

You betcha..............

Good thing he was relevant for that 5% during the jets game.
Without the fumble return for a TD, that could have very easily went the other way.........

Odinseye , do you know anything about this rolando mclain fella ? I never heard of him. ? LOL !

you guys should plan your vacations now since the dolphins players planing theirs .NO PLAYOFFS ,NO NOTHING .it's time for the donkeys to talk draft again as we did for last 23 years .

I can't believe all of the trust faith everyone is showing in Henne, pinning it all on the receivers. He has thrown ONE "touch" pass since he's been starting, with the rest of them heat-seeking missles. His footwork in the pocket is horrible, and he shows very little pocket presence. This was so apparent when comparing him to Brady, who would calmly shuffle left, and put a soft pass on the numbers for a crossing route. This is the skill Henne lacks.

Mac, if the lousy wr's that we have caught the balls that HENNE delivered to them ,he would a hero today .go make me some tea .

I'd like to get JT back to his normal weakside position and see whether his sack numbers increase. My sense is that he has not slowed down at all. It seems to me that you put JT at weakside, Roth at strongside, and you let Wake and Porter duke it out for being in there on the obvious passing downs. I bet JT's sacks for the second half would be around 10.

Aloco, granted-the drops were big - especially WHEN they happened. The point I was making was that Brady puts himself and receivers into positions where the passes are more catchable, instead of threading the needle (with a bullet) on a telegraphed pass. Maybe you recall the 2 near-picks that Bess broke up at the end? Henne has a 3 second clock- pass or sack- period. Sadly, pocket presence sometimes never comes around. Hopefully it will. Piss in your tea.


I hear ya.

Let's all cry about Henne, in his sixth start not looking as good as a 3 time Super Bowl winning perrenial All Pro.


Not crying- just being realistic with the problems. Noone wants to say Henne is part of the problem.

love JT, love everything he's done for the fins and miami, but dude one fumble recovered for a TD dont extend the contract. if they want to bring him back, fine do it, but as a back up. he is doing exactly what sparano said he didnt want to happen and thats taking away from younger guys development in games. besides, we went 11-5 without him so who's to say he's not hurting the team. just a thought

i think they should sigh him for another. he has played well but, porter has struggled. we need to put wake in there more


Brady's a 10yr plus top tier qb. Cant believe your comparing him to a 5th game starter.

News Flash Mac:

The Jim Jones koolaid really is toxic.


About comparing Henne to this Brady:

Quinn Brady. IMO, Quinn Brady makes Henne look like an all pro. Oops, Sorry Quinn Brady lovers.

Dying Breeed why dont you go away

Why chanco?

Your girlfriend told me she wont be over until about 8pm, so Ive gotta have something to do until then.

Wait, we both know thats a lie dont we? Because you dont have a girlfriend and you havent had p--sy since it last had you.


Your intelligence must have escaped. That is assuming you ever had any?

Henne has absolutely no deep threats period.
Henne does have stable of no 3's that can't seem to catch passes.
How about a pass catching TE....er...ah.....never mind.

Other than that, he has a coaching staff that likes to yank him out every 2 or 3 plays.

This being his 6th start he is, in all definitions of the word, in his DEVELOPMENTAL stage.

So lets summarize:
No one to develop any continuity or timing with.
No one that can be considered his go to guy(Brady has 1, uh make that 2 3....).
No chance settle into the game and develop any sense of rhythim.

Yeah Mac, Henne's the problem alright.

Mac, i suspect your mother was a heavy drinker during her pregnancy with you. No?

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