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Jason Taylor wants to return to Dolphins in 2010

Talking to friend Tom Brady and then sharing a quick, polite conversation with Bill Belicheck after the Patriots beat his Dolphins on Sunday, Jason Taylor looked like a man who might have second thoughts about his decision to play for Miami over New England.

If that's the case, looks are deceiving.

Taylor picked the Miami Dolphins this offseason perhaps more than they picked him. He never intended to play for the Patriots even when they were courting him through public statements from owner Robert Kraft and phone calls from Belichick. And the Miami strongside linebacker remains happy about the decision to go to Miami rather than New England, according to sources close to him.

Fact is, Taylor is so happy with the Dolphins, he would like to play for them next year and perhaps after that, too, one source told me Tuesday evening. Taylor, 35, has even mentioned playing three more years.

Taylor was unavailable for comment Tuesday as Miami players were off. But he told Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf he'd like to return to Miami next year during a production meeting with them prior to the New England game which they broadcast for CBS.

So even as the Patriots seem to be pulling away from Miami in the standings, Taylor's is sticking with his call to play for the 3-5 home team.

And yes, it is his home team. One reason Taylor is so thrilled being in Miami is he's home and that makes everyone at home happy. It certainly is better than 2008 when Taylor was in Washington playing for the Redskins and his wife and kids remained in South Florida most of the time.

Taylor is playing 2009 under a one-year contract. There have been no conversations about extending that deal for next year or beyond. But those talks will happen after the season. No doubt about it, from Taylor's perspective.


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Sorry Mac my bad.

I went a little to far with that last sentence. Damn.....honesty sucks sometimes!

Si no veo mi nombre en azul de su yo no, yo sólo deberá acceder como Carlito de Golfito.

See how easy I just did that carlito.

So no-one is comparing our recievers with top-tier receivers? I think comparing Henne with top teir talent such as Brady is a great way to evaluate his shortcomings. Lack of pocket presence is a huge liability. Yes Henne is a 5th game starter, but does that excuse him from any blame? Believe me, I hope the guy turns out to be an all-pro, rather than the next David Carr. BTW, I agree that taking him off the field ao much poses a problem.

I vote for him to stay. Still gas in his tank. Another Dolphin Hall of Famer.

In Mac's defense, everyone keeps saying that neither Brady, Manning nor Brees could do any better with this receiving core.

I would say they probably could do better because of the fact they are pro-bowl type players and elevate those around them.

That being said, I think Henne could develop into that type of QB. he is cool under pressure, has a heck of an arm and a lot of upside, but he is young and will make mistakes.

That goes for Smith, Davis and Clemmons as well. They are young but exhibit a lot of talent and enormous potential. They make me very happy. But they still do give up some plays. They have had a few slips - but they are not part of the LONG term problem.

LONG TERM issues are: generally non-existant pass rush, mediocre LB play and a sub-par receiver squad and vet safeties.

Fix those problems and give the young guys another year or two to gain the experience they need and this team is going to finally win the big one again.

Jason continues to be a big-play guy and is still a threat as a pass-rusher. He's a great leader and accepts the role he's given. Why wouldn't you want someone like that on your team?

Jason still has game why not keep him? He is a good team leader and mentor for the young ones.

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