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Latest on Ronnie Brown and Joey Porter

This is what we know at this hour: Barring a dramatic and unexpected recovery by Thursday, running back Ronnie Brown's right ankle and foot injury will keep him out of the game at Carolina, according to a source.

A twitter tweet from Jay Glazer of Fox Sports was the first to reveal the foot injury. A source confirms the Dolphins are concerned about Brown's foot long-term. The ankle injury is a shorter-term issue, the source said.

[UPDATE: The Dolphins have put out an injury report and Brown is indeed on there with a foot injury. The ankle is not listed. Brown did not practice on Monday.]

"The only thing I can tell you about Ronnie right now is that we're still in the middle of gathering information and we probably won't know more until a little later on this evening or first thing tomorrow," coach Tony Sparano said.

Brown was still on crutches today. He was wearing his sneakers and not a protective boot. Brown is not expected to practice Tuesday, either.

Barring a quick recovery by Brown, Lex Hilliard will get a chance to carry the football against Carolina, but the Dolphins are more likely to give Lousaka Polite some extra carries. Ricky Williams would obviously be the starter.

On other matters, Joey Porter spoke the local media today following his one-game deactivation Sunday. He declined to discuss the reasons behind the deactivation. After what was an uncomfortable give and take, several media members lingered around his locker.

"Ya'll going to wait for me to fart or something?" Porter asked.

Then he got into an exchange with a Palm Beach Post reporter who asked why Porter seemed so angry. 

"Did I say something personal to you?" Porter asked.

At that point Dolphins media relations man Harvey Greene stepped in and told the media to disperse.

And the clouds over Porter's sudden deactivation are clearing. According to a club source, one reason Porter was basically shelved Sunday was because his conduct was not what coaches expected throughout the week and including the moment when he was told he would be sharing time with Charlie Anderson.

Sparano and the Dolphins have declined to say specifically why Porter was deactivated.

But the source said coaches "were not happy with Porter's professionalism" in handling his knee injury and the news he would play less.

If Porter rebelled against sharing playing time, he'll simply have to get over it -- because it is going to continue.

"I'll be honest with you and I might have mentioned this after the game," Sparano said, "but our plan going in was to have a rotation. We'll continue to have a rotation and get as many of these guys in the game as we can get in the game. I think [Anderson and Cameron Wake] were both productive yesterday. There's no reason for them not to get in the game and play."

Despite Porter's shelving, despite production that has dropped dramatically, Sparano continues to defend a player who is clearly one of his favorites.

"I see different things Joey does, different things Joey's gotten better at," Sparano said. "Things you guys won't see unless you're watching the film with us.

"I just talked about setting the edge of the defense. I see this guy getting much better with his hands, much better in the run game versus some of these tight ends, the back side of things, retracing plays, all these things, that a year ago, while you're watching him get sacks and you think that's the measuring stick, we're sitting up there saying, 'God I wish he'd play this this way, I wish he'd do things this way.'

"We're starting to get some of those things from him. That's a credit to Joey."

One would expect Sparano to defend his player because he sees the media as being, "on a hunt," as he put it, over Porter. But the coach's defense borders on guileful because it's not the media that has forced Porter's statistics to drop dramatically.

And it's not the media that decided last year's club sack-leader was losing his fulltime gig and had to start sharing snaps with Anderson and Wake.

[ANOTHER UPDATE: TE Anthony Fasano (hip) did not practice Monday. G Justin Smiley (shoulder), NT Paul Soliai (ankle), LB Erik Walden (hamstring) were limited in practice Monday. For the Panthers, T Jordon Gross (broken ankle) is out. S Charles Godfrey (ankle), FB Brad Hoover (ankle), DE Charles Johnson (pectoral), DT Damione Lewis (shoulder) and RB Jonathan Stewart (Achilles) did not practice. TE Dante Rosario (knee) and DE Julius Peppers (hand) were limited in practice.]


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People wondering why Browns contract hasn't been renewed. Now you know. One again Ronnie fails to put 2 healthy years together. Shame. Really like the guy.

Porter we dont need you, and dont want you if you cant offer at least half a sack each game, thats your NUMBER ONE JOB, i dont care what you coach says, that your bread, and butter, and when you cant spread it, get the hell out, thanks for last year, dont let the door hit ya, where my foot should kick ya! Wake, Roth, and Anderson is a LOVELY THREE HEADED MONSTER, THAT IS CHEAPER, YOUNGER, AND MORE PRODUCTIVE!!!! Either deal with less shots, and make more sacks, or get the hell out, big baby, in fact your one of the reasons why we are 4-5.

Any word of bringing in help at the RB position? Or are the Fins going with Hiliard and Sheets?

man brown's injury seems like the biggest deal to me. I hope its nothing.

Hey MIKEGUT cause he purposely hurt himself. He doesnt want to sign yet, cause next year there is no cap.

Suprano is an idiot.

Just listen to his interviews. He cannot form a structured sentence to save his life.

He needs injuries to realize what every novice and media person already knows:

ie. Wake is his best sack specialist. Ginn, his best returner, including punts, Wilson cannot cover, Porter has lost a step...

One of the things that led to this was his insistence that the pass rush on NE was as good as possible; when everbody else knows that it was lackluster and sucked. He is or was hurt and did not want to give up time to either Anderson or Wake bc he knew that they would be good and he would lose time.

Ronnie is a good rb-we'll see what happens to him.

I hope even though I like Pat White's excitement (that kid has more heart than alot of players); that we go with a base offense and let Henne and Rickie play. Hope to see Hillard and more of Sperry and Haynos. I like Fasano but he below avg this year.

I don't know what film Tony Sparano is reviewing, but Joey Porter has been pushed all over the place in run situations. perhaps you can ask the coach which games in Particular Joey looked so good in. I think it's BS.


What do you mean by "long-term"? For 2 weeks, the rest of the season, or beyond?

For this team to compete, it has to run the Wildcat. If Ronnie does not play, they absolutely must allow Pat White to run the football out of the base, dedicated run Wildcat package. In other words, Pat has to replace Ronnie in the Wildcat on running plays.

I guess Joey doesn't want to bea team player. Nice job by Sparano. This is the way it is and if you can't handle it - stay away. This is what the Pats did with A. Thomas. Show them who's boss Tony!

Brown is going to have a tough time getting that big contract if he keeps getting hurt long term. I guess he's an excellent platoon back but will never be a Michael Turner or an LT in his prime.

You've gotta admit that the offensive playbook for this year was centered around the thought that Pennington was going to be at the helm, hence the conservative passes and plenty of wildcat. Now that Henne, clearly with a stronger arm, is at QB you see some additions to the playbook which are only disrupting the passing balance.

Unfortunately for Henne, he is still going to see a lot of his much important "learning time" obstructed by the pistol, wildcat or call it as you may. I have no doubt that it could be critical for his development and most importantly his confidence to guide this team.

Now, Sparano had said before about the Wildcat: "If I take it away from them, it is as if I would take candy away from a child". Well coach, you gotta ask yourself a question. Who's candy is more important? Your RB's or your QB's? Because make no mistake, the wildcat does not satisfy a QB's sweet tooth.


Do YOUR job and find out about RONNIE BROWN

Gian, good point but it assumes that any Dolphins QB is selfish enough to disagree with the use of a formation that has been impressive for one and a half seasons.

It is really a shame to hear this news about Ronnie

every week you see coaches in the nfl making boneheaded calls and mismanaging the clock and not using the right players etc etc what the heck do these guys do for the 18 hours a day they claim to be at the office? must be just stuffin their fat faces all day i guess right tony?. im sick of sparanos coachspeak about minus plays and good footwork blah blah blah if a guy shows he can play on gameday use him it aint rocket science

"One would expect Sparano to defend his player because he sees the media as being, 'on a haunt'"

Mando -- Do you shake Joey's bed while he sleeps :)

Translation: Joey went off when he was told he was going to share time with Anderson.

big baby, in fact your one of the reasons why "we" are 4-5. "WE?" dude.... get over yourself already. You're just another fan...that's it. There is no "WE" in being a fan dope.

enufffff - only rex ryan is stuffing his face because he is one fat person hahaha


Love the idea of the pistol. Unfortunately, it doesn't work, and when it fails, it shuts down drives. I hope we cut all the gadget mess and run our base offense all game on Thurs.

People commonly indentify themselves with their favorite teams...find something valid to argue about...

agreed need clarity on the foot situation...

Can we trade Porter back to Pittsburgh for Polamalu?

Ronnie Brown being out? I guess Henne will have more of a chance to prove himself as the wildcat won't be featured as much.

The Dolphins must get this one.

Ronnie Brown being down would hurt us..Joey needs to play better if he wants more time..I like how Sprano handled the situation..

When Sparano does tell you something, it's usually meaningless. As for his defending players, it seems to be all he does. He's probably still dreaming about how last year, he was telling everyone how Wilford was improving in closed practices. The 6 million dollar man that couldn't catch anything when people were present. It's ok to defend someone who deserves it. Does Porter deserve defending? Hmmmm.
The news on Ronnie is of more concern. Oh wait, that's right, he didn't give us any news on him.
I seem to remember hearing Sparano saying something a few weeks ago about how Turner was making progress in "closed practices". I wonder how that's working out? Hmmmm.
Here's the deal, just move Hilliard into Ronnies spot. Play Anderson and Wake until they prove not worthy.
Roth isn't getting alot of playing time either. I wonder what he did or said that someone didn't like. Or was it Rosenhaus that did or said something? Hmmm. I doubt we'll ever get any real facts from this regime on anything.

Armando gave the news he knows and what the team knows. Leave him and our coach alone. Do you think Pat fans hate on their coach and writers when billacheat would not anything or very little about his players...NO

So, why does everyone on here do the same about their team, the Dolphins?

espn and nfl networks love affair with the patriots is so pathetic their all praising belicheat for having the guts to make that call last night. give me a freakin break if that was any other coach especially someone like zorn they would be crucifying them today. i know commisioner godell,espn,nfl network all want the pats to win the super bowl at any cost but it aint happening so get over it

"Can we trade Porter back to Pittsburgh for Polamalu?"
Posted by: MJL | November 16, 2009 at 04:54 PM

Oh boy, I had to look it up. We didn't even have a first round pick when Polamalu was drafted.

Everyday I get upset with what Wanny was doing with our first round picks.

1999 — — No pick — —
2000 — — No pick — —
2001 -- Jamar Fletcher
2002 — — No pick — —
2003 — — No pick — — (Pit took Troy at 16) If we kept our pick we were 17th in the draft order.

Isn't this what we all feared in the back of our minds? A hurt Ronnie? What are we without Ronnie? This could be very bad come Thursday.

Ronnie Brown being injured make me sad....

He is my favorite player and the Dolphins need him for important game to save season on thursday.

Good thing we have Ricky the Rhino

And he is on my fantasy football team... ;(

First of all, the logical thing sparano should do with ALL injured starters, is let them heal completely or they will never be 100% all year long. The backups have shown that they can handle their jobs without any loss to the advancement of the team. This could be why it appears that the backups are just as good as the starters; due to so many of them playing with HIDDEN injuries. LET THEM COMPLETELY HEAL ALREADY! Now let's run the table so that we can host the first superbowl EVER!

I like the way Sparano handled the Porter situation. If he blow up when coach tell him he going to split time with Charlie Anderson and Cameron Wake, he need to sit bench. Especialy when he not perform this year. This is like last year when we were losing and Joey Porter would not come off the field when Sparano was call him to bench. Sparano had to do something.

Ronnie was the one we couldn't afford to lose. Even Henne...I think Thigpen would be just as good as he is right now. Ronaldo Browneye will be out at least 3 weeks. Might be back for NE, but doubt it. CAR (loss), BUF (shocking loss), NE (loss). 4-8 priceless.

i'm afraid you can't believe anything sparano says as fact. he thinks the media and fans are imbeciles who shouldn't believe anything we see; only what he tells us in coaches speak!!! he keeps everyone in the dark whenever he wants to by reciting percentages and mumbo jumbo. why would you not take a shot at a TD with 10 seconds left. you can still get the precious FG. coaching sucks!

The comments on this blog make me wonder if we're the dumbest of fans

I post when I can guys and I said it before and I will say it again Ronnie Brown won't be a Dolphin next year. I like him too but his productivity is very inconsistent. A large part of it has been injuries and sometimes even play calling but it is what it is. He has never lived up to his draft position. Parcells has a history of finding good running backs in the draft like Curtis Martin and Marian Barber.

realist once again exposes himself as hopeful jet fan, possibly one of NJ's alter ego. Thing that make you say hmmmmmm

No, but it is the media who is constantly criticizing Joeys lack of production without mentioning in the same critique that the guy has been playing on one leg most of the season. I'll never defend Joeys antics and mouth but I will defend a player who is prideful and doesn't want to come off the field when he's hurt. It takes balls to play LB in the NFL especially to play with an injury and not say one word about it. I haven't heard one complaint from the man about his bum leg. I'm just saying. It's funny how the media was in love with Joey last year and then as soon as his production drops off you're all like a bunch of vultures picking at the dead meat. Porter's been giving you guys things to write about for years and has never been shy about how he feels, basically sharing more than most players would with the media. Then when he's down they stab him in the back. Real classy.

Listen, the Joey I love is the 17 1/2 sacks in a season. Now he's not producing for the team and all the BS is coming his way. But that's the way it is!!! Joey knows more than us that there is someone (Anderson) always trying to take ur job. I understand both sides to the story. It is a buisness. In Joeys case I would sit him until recovered.On Sperry, Miami should continue to play him plenty, yeah he might be showing off, so what! Ride that wave for now.

well said greg z 100% correct

Here is what I think happened....

Sparano tells Porter he is splitting time with Anderson and Wake, Porter blows up and act like peezy to coach. Then coach blows up and says he is not gonna play at all.

And this was why everyone was grumpy on thursday...

What you think?

i think coach yell at porter cause porter also wan fins to sign andre the giant and coach no want andre the giant and big fight take place

Probably be jumped on for this but Ronnie getting hurt might accelerate the Phins becoming the team we all hope they can be (I do want him back ASAP). Now with that being said, the wildcat is more than likely dead in the water until Brown returns.

I think now we will be forced to play a more conventional offense lead by Henne followed by a still dangerous running attack Lead by Ricky with a dash of Polite. My point is that now we can run some play action combined with a little boot leg peppered in. If Henne is as good as I think he is we will be happy to get a preview of what he can do When he is allowed to get into a rhythm.
Don’t know about you all but I would like to see What our QB and RBs can do in a conventional play action scheme.

I really feel bad for Joey cuz his heart and mind is still in his Prime, but his body says different. It hurts man but when the camera was looking in his eyes at the end of the pats game. It looked like he's starting to realize something is changing about himself. Sorry porter but just like Zack Thomas, we miss ya.

Media+classy = oxymoron

Dear Mr. Salguero

"At that point Dolphins media relations man Harvey Greene stepped in and told the media to disperse."

Move along now people, move along.
Nothing to see here,(While he puts up crime scene tape)Joey just wants to(Collect NFL checks as long as he can)work hard and help the Dolphins win.

Soiled :)

Po whit trsh,, i see whatcha saying. I said yesterday that with Ronnie out and henne at fulltime might be the beginning of something good. But for Ronnie please Get Well Soon!!!

Listening to Ronnie Brown now on QAM, reading between the lines......it's the foot more than the ankle that's a problem....o/wise he's typical Fin (mum on injuries) & typical (& that's a good thing) Ronnie---happy & positive

NYScott, I just read your comment and frankly I'm stunned at the ignorance showed therein.

To berate the media and call everyone a vulture is offensive and not founded on any truth.

Joey Porter is an NFL player. The NFL requires its players to cooperate with the media. That is not up for interpretation, OK. That's part of being a professional.

When a player plays well, the media generally says as much. When a player plays poorly, the media generally says as much.

We neither "love" the guy nor treat him like road kill as you suggest.

And about this bum leg you keep referring to: Porter said today he's healthy. If he's not, it's up to him to get it better or get off the field because failing to do so hurts the team.

As Jason Taylor said yesterday, and I paraphrase here, if you're hurt, stay home because we got people that can take your place and do a good job.

So get real.

Joey went J Peezy on coach Saprano, and coach sat him. Good. I remember Joey saying he was using this season to market himself, as he was looking to his future outside of the league.

I'm sure this this helps /s.


Glad I’m not totally crazy(bit of a stretch), Think there is an opportunity here.

Wanted to run it by some true fans.


Oohhh Sschnnapp!!!

Mando went" Child Please" on you!!!

Foot injuries are bad for a athletic career! This could be really bad news for Ronnie and Dolfans.

Reference Louis Oliver or Yao Ming.

Im just worried we are going to be hearing about a lisfranc injury with respects to Ronnie Brown. That would be a nightmare. Would probably end his season and cost him a lot of money next year. Please, just no lisfranc injury.

Now here it comes about how Ronnie isnt living up to his draft status. Ahhh I wondered where that stuff went. AMAZING. His ankle got rolled, that is not a durability issue...its his ankle...it happens. It happened to Orton yesterday...and Michael Turner was mentioned...Oh really...OH REALLY...didnt he leave the game injured yesterday?

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