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Latest on Ronnie Brown and Joey Porter

This is what we know at this hour: Barring a dramatic and unexpected recovery by Thursday, running back Ronnie Brown's right ankle and foot injury will keep him out of the game at Carolina, according to a source.

A twitter tweet from Jay Glazer of Fox Sports was the first to reveal the foot injury. A source confirms the Dolphins are concerned about Brown's foot long-term. The ankle injury is a shorter-term issue, the source said.

[UPDATE: The Dolphins have put out an injury report and Brown is indeed on there with a foot injury. The ankle is not listed. Brown did not practice on Monday.]

"The only thing I can tell you about Ronnie right now is that we're still in the middle of gathering information and we probably won't know more until a little later on this evening or first thing tomorrow," coach Tony Sparano said.

Brown was still on crutches today. He was wearing his sneakers and not a protective boot. Brown is not expected to practice Tuesday, either.

Barring a quick recovery by Brown, Lex Hilliard will get a chance to carry the football against Carolina, but the Dolphins are more likely to give Lousaka Polite some extra carries. Ricky Williams would obviously be the starter.

On other matters, Joey Porter spoke the local media today following his one-game deactivation Sunday. He declined to discuss the reasons behind the deactivation. After what was an uncomfortable give and take, several media members lingered around his locker.

"Ya'll going to wait for me to fart or something?" Porter asked.

Then he got into an exchange with a Palm Beach Post reporter who asked why Porter seemed so angry. 

"Did I say something personal to you?" Porter asked.

At that point Dolphins media relations man Harvey Greene stepped in and told the media to disperse.

And the clouds over Porter's sudden deactivation are clearing. According to a club source, one reason Porter was basically shelved Sunday was because his conduct was not what coaches expected throughout the week and including the moment when he was told he would be sharing time with Charlie Anderson.

Sparano and the Dolphins have declined to say specifically why Porter was deactivated.

But the source said coaches "were not happy with Porter's professionalism" in handling his knee injury and the news he would play less.

If Porter rebelled against sharing playing time, he'll simply have to get over it -- because it is going to continue.

"I'll be honest with you and I might have mentioned this after the game," Sparano said, "but our plan going in was to have a rotation. We'll continue to have a rotation and get as many of these guys in the game as we can get in the game. I think [Anderson and Cameron Wake] were both productive yesterday. There's no reason for them not to get in the game and play."

Despite Porter's shelving, despite production that has dropped dramatically, Sparano continues to defend a player who is clearly one of his favorites.

"I see different things Joey does, different things Joey's gotten better at," Sparano said. "Things you guys won't see unless you're watching the film with us.

"I just talked about setting the edge of the defense. I see this guy getting much better with his hands, much better in the run game versus some of these tight ends, the back side of things, retracing plays, all these things, that a year ago, while you're watching him get sacks and you think that's the measuring stick, we're sitting up there saying, 'God I wish he'd play this this way, I wish he'd do things this way.'

"We're starting to get some of those things from him. That's a credit to Joey."

One would expect Sparano to defend his player because he sees the media as being, "on a hunt," as he put it, over Porter. But the coach's defense borders on guileful because it's not the media that has forced Porter's statistics to drop dramatically.

And it's not the media that decided last year's club sack-leader was losing his fulltime gig and had to start sharing snaps with Anderson and Wake.

[ANOTHER UPDATE: TE Anthony Fasano (hip) did not practice Monday. G Justin Smiley (shoulder), NT Paul Soliai (ankle), LB Erik Walden (hamstring) were limited in practice Monday. For the Panthers, T Jordon Gross (broken ankle) is out. S Charles Godfrey (ankle), FB Brad Hoover (ankle), DE Charles Johnson (pectoral), DT Damione Lewis (shoulder) and RB Jonathan Stewart (Achilles) did not practice. TE Dante Rosario (knee) and DE Julius Peppers (hand) were limited in practice.]


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Mando doesn't know that NYScott has been internet dating Joey.

I dont mind Joey playing hurt as long as he produces on the field, but he keeps playing hurt and not doing anything and not let someone else take his spot so he can get better (health wise) then I think hes just selfish.

Want to make my point clear, love Ronnie and what he has done, more about the wildcat and it hindering Henne's development. Get well soon Ronnie, lord knows we need ya.

Now Mando, that is not totally true...You do love one player. His name is Chris Clemmons...You adopted him. You claimed him as your son, we have proof..you have to love him...lol.

jets suck,

Beg to differ, No fans no club.

No fans no paycheck.

We are Phins nation.

No one pays me to love this team year after year and decade after decade.

Watched all 16 games during the 1-15 season and came back for more.

Would do it again.

The team gets paid and we don't.

Thats gotta mean something?


Dear Mr. Salguero

Sparano - I'm going to give more playing time to Anderson
Porter - I agree coach,who ya gonna sit Taylor ?

Sparano - I also need to get Roth and Wake more playing time.
Porter - So your gonna deactivate Taylor and split time between Roth and Wake, make sense coach.

Sparano - I don't think you get what I'm saying Joey.
Porter - Ohhhhhh you want me to sit this one out. Not gonna happen coach, I've got pictures of coach Parcells with Venus and Serina makin a Human Oreo cookie.

Sparano - Well I've got pictures of you cashing your paycheck and that is a bigger crime.
Porter - Ok you got me this time.

Soiled :)

Armando made NyScott kiss the baby

I do love Chris Clemons although I'm having trouble with the adoption papers.


PORTER: DAMN, ANDERSON that mother F%$#@R had a good game.

Baby I think we should put the house up 4 sell.

WIFE: Yeah I saw the game. S%i+.

What would have made Anderson's game even better, and the team is if they could get those g0d d*Hn fumbles!


I believe the story was; sparano: Joey what happened? Joey; it's jpeezy baby. Sperano: ur gonna sit out vs Tampa. Joey: but it's me Jpeezy!. Sperano; it's good for ya, u need rest. Joey; coach, but it's me Jpeezy baby.

The NFL network dudes have already started their build-up to Thursday, and Sapp & company are trashing the Fins big-time. Faulk & Sapp picking Panthers to win.

Sapp: Dolphins can't win with a "1930s Offense"


Justin, lol. That's a good one.

Porter can easily be replaced (we saw that yesterday), while Brown cannot be replaced. So please concentrate on Brown.

My thoughts on yesterday's game:

The good:
- we keep on winning vs bad teams: that's a good trend continuing from last year
- Henne has two 4th quarter winning drives in 6 starts: that's a pretty good ratio
- both the OL and the DL responded well after two subpar games
- the secondary had a very solid game (1st mistake-free game from Wilson)
- we have a new TE with tremendous hands

The bad:
- play-calling on 3rd down (run, reverse, FG instead of taking our chances with Henne ) makes me think the coaches' level of confidence in Henne is still limited
- the call on Ricky last run was a joke: he should have been tackled at the line of scrimmage. That was a season-blowing call by Henning.
- Sparano is still unable to manage the clock correctly: FG with 14 sec left instead of bleeding the clock?
- we are still unable to cover the TEs
- Ginn (0 rec, 0 yds) and our passing game are laughable

Thursday at Carolina is a very tough one. They are the best 4-5 team in the NFL (we are n°2)

I hear Porter was out Partying instead of resting his injury and word to Saprano

Mandi must not have received her daily arros con poyito ... shame

Dear Mr. Yann

"So please concentrate on Brown"

My thoughts on Ronnie Brown.
I like Ronnie alot as with all my Dolphins.
Yes you too Joey :)

But on Ronnies best day he is still second to Ricky Williams even after a bag of weed and a six pack of ho's.

Yes Ronnie runs the Wildcat but we also now have Pat White.

I'm really not putting Ronnie Brown down I just feel Ricky Williams has always been the better Back.

Soiled :)




good blog... u r correct.
Love the Fins, but not Thursday.. Panthers are playing with a lot of confidence right now and we are on a trendline DOWN.
We are just not comfortable out there, Henne looks uncertain sometimes, Sparano and the calls he makes, show signs of a young team, which is ALL ok, we are learning how to win and learning how to lose as well.

We are on the right track.

Hey chris these's player play for large amounts of money and each other not the Fans...



A friend of mine saw JP visiting a Santero in Little Havana this past Saturday and he came out drenched in chicken blood. So don't count him out of Thursday's game. I assure you he will be playing like a man "possessed".


Miami will beat Carolina and here is why...

This is a short week so

-Carolina basically has two practices to try and get ready for the wildcat. Stopping the run isn't their strong point. Michael Turner racked up over 100 yds in only nine carries before he got hurt.
-They also have two practices to make sure they can protect Jake Delhomme's blindside. This will also affect their short yardage set since Jordan Gross' replacement is the guy who comes in as the extra O-Lineman.

- Panthers do not have a nice receiving TE to exploit us.
- Dan Henning got fired by John Fox as a scapegoat. I'm thinking he has something special set aside just for Carolina.

Dear Mr. Chris


How dare you say such a thing.
You should go wash your mouth out with soap right now.

Please don't sully the good name of Saint Dan Marino ever again.

I'm just glad you think Saint Dan Marino's career as a Dolphin is worthy of the praise you give Ronnie Browns career as a Dolphin.

Soiled :)

Give the brother White the ball more on Thursday.

Hell if I coulda run like him I wouldn't gotten that damn beating years ago. But wait...forget that, cuz if I could run like him I probably wouldn't of gotten them millions!

Interesting theory Bill...However, even if we do win, it will be tooth and nail...I agree with Soiled (Can't believe I said that), but, I do LOVE Ronnie Brown, and think he's a better back than Ricky, they Rumblin' fumbler anyday. BTW, can anyone tell me why Ricky slips so daefdned much? That was Ronnies 2nd fumble of the season though...First was a botched handoff, this time he got hurt, but, historically Ricky has fumbled much more

OUCH! My a** hurts from that spanking. So here's my rebuttle. If the media wasn't vulturing than why were they staying at Joeys locker eventhough he clearly didn't want to talk? And then after the fart comment someone says "why are you so angry"? C'mon already, that person wanted a Porter comment that he could put in a story. And what kind of comment is going to come from that question, certainly not a good one. So it SEEMS to me that the media doesn't have the players best interest at heart. NO it's not their job too so then why should any players open up if their statements can be used against them? Cooperate with the media? WHEN? All the time or just after a game to discuss the game? Does the NFL require players to tell their personal feelings (why are you angry)to the media while they're getting ready for or changing from practice? I don't think that's a part of the cooperation agreement. SPARANO even said it seems like the media is on a "haunt". Could've meant hunt or that certain members are actually acting as ghosts and haunting him as in, lets say for example, camping at his locker every day and ignoring players who are actually contributing at this moment. Sorry if I offended you and I should've said "certain members of the media" because I didn't mean you inparticular. From what I've seen in your writing you're usually very fair. But YOU don't represent all of the media and if you think that all of the media is fair to players and coaches in their writing then I believe that is also ignorant. I am not going to name names but there are some members of the media with writing styles that border on jealousy when it comes to covering our team. They show up when the times are tough to trash the team and when the going is good they dissapear into the night. That is a fact. Now him getting off the field as you suggest is fair enough. But I keep referring to his bum leg because I keep seeing him with monster bags of ice wrapped around his thigh. 1+1 DOES EQUAL 2 and in all fairness, the guy's friggin hurt. I don't care what he says, he's saying it because he's prideful and wants to get back on the field and prove to everyone he's not done yet. So in closing I don't think you should use the word "we" when referring to the media. I should not have included you in my post but when you say "we" you are implying that the rest of the media is fair like you and that is simply not true.

realist once again exposes himself as hopeful jet fan, possibly one of NJ's alter ego. Thing that make you say hmmmmmm

Posted by: carlito from golfito | November 16, 2009 at 05:38 PM

NJ watch out for carlito

NY, I didn't spank you. I was just exchanging ideas. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Actually, Joey did want to talk. He's the one that agreed to do it.

Everything else, you make sense. I understand now you didn't mean me. But I am part of the media.

At any rate, I apologize if I was strong in my response. I'm really a teddy bear.

Not today you're not!

Dear Mr. Salguero

"At any rate, I apologize if I was strong in my response. I'm really a teddy bear."

This is exactly why I like your you and your blog.
But it would be even better if you where a Gummy Bear.
But thats just the munchies talkin.

Soiled :)

Good luck Ronnie....speedy recovery brotha!

Oh yea...LET'S GO PHINS!


A three-time Mountain West Conference honoree, Sperry presents teams with an intriguing blend of size, straight-line speed and soft hands. Few tight ends across the country can match his production, as Sperry leaves the Rams with 141 career receptions for 1,763 yards and 20 touchdowns. Despite his physical tools and eye-popping production, Sperry could struggle acclimating to the NFL. More of an H-back than a traditional tight end capable of blocking out of the three-point stance, Sperry's chances of being anything more than a late-round gamble depends on the trend of NFL offensive coordinators looking for players who present athletic mismatches.

Ronnie's injury isn't a good sign. I know that Ricky can carry the load (he might even enjoy 30 carries a game), but now the Wildcat won't be effective.

It will be fun to watch Ricky get carries. He's one of those guys who gets better the more carries he gets. His yards per carry always went up after 20 or 25 carries. He said he learns how the defense is playing him and can set them up better with fakes.

Get well soon, Ronnie!

The coach has no benefit from being open about team issues. Quite frankly, he believes it gives his opponents an advantage that he does not need to give them. Belecheat follows the same principles. Seems to work for him.

The media on the otherhand needs a story so they press players to the point of it being almost harrassment. Obviously their employer has given them instructions not to talk about certain things, including injuries.

I love to read the news, but badgering an athlete to the point he is becomming irritated is somewhat unprofessional in and of itself. Let's face it, the media would love nothing more then for Porter to go off on someone.

What ever happened to inside information? You know, real investigative reporting. The newspaper industry is a major reason why teams are going down this path.

Seems the information age is filled with opinion, conjecture, and little fact when compared with sports writers from years ago. Are the teams that much smarter now? Or has the methods reporters use forced the teams to use this approach? I think it is the latter.

So we lost #1 QB and #1 RB this season. Reminds me of a couple of seasons ago. Only this time we are a little better prepared.

RB has worked hard for the Fins his entire career. I think it's a slap in his face to say anything negative about him. Players get injured - his injury two years ago was due to a stupid play called by Cam if you recall where he had to play defense. RW will take up the slack as he did @ the end of the Buc's game. Is it possible JP's production has dropped because of his production last year and teams are double teaming him? I don't know because I only notice him if he makes a play.

I really like Sparano but the only thing I dont like is when he says that Ginn is getting better or Joey is getting better or Turner is getting better... Cmon Tony just say the truth that Ginn is strugglin as wide receiver and Joey is obviously not the same player he was last year

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