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Live blog from balmy Orchard Park starts here

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Let's go with the news first: Nate Garner will continue to start at left guard for the Dolphins today ahead of Justin Smiley, who is active but still nursing a shoulder injury.

The inactives are: Patrick Turner, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Lydon Murtha, Jake Grove, Erik Walden, Lory Sheets and Tyler Thigpen as the No. 3 QB.

It is a beautiful day for football here and so that removes the final excuse anyone could possibly, realistically have for believing the Dolphins could lose today.

The Dolphins should not lose.

They face a Buffalo team with a new interim coach, a quarterback starting only his fourth game and one that is beat up.

The Bills today are without their starting left tackle, without their starting right tackle and without their starting right guard. And the last time today's tackles started was against Miami -- when the Dolphins had six sacks.

I must tell you there was a Disco convention at the local convention center in downtown Buffalo this weekend. so there were numerous bell-bottom-wearing, 1970s Donna Summer and Sylvester staying fans at the Adam's Mark Hotel where the Dolphins were staying last night.

Despite the music, there were no disturbances reported.

Today is a big day for Paul Soliai, who will be making his first start of the season at NT. Today is a big day for Joe Berger, who is making his first Dolphins start at center. Technically, the Dolphins are weaker up the middle on both sides of the ball than they've been all year. We'll see how they fare.

The live blog will start in the comments section below just before kickoff. And I will be updating with inactives in a few minutes. Come back. 


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Go phins & saints

Ricky is going to beast all over the buffs...straight bukakke style

Today should be a good day!!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

I find myself worried that this might be a trap game for the Phins so I did a little prevent defense pre game shopping and preperations.

1 - Duct tape
2 - Crazy glue
3 - Caution tape
4 - Hard liquor
5 - Pre owned Televisions from the local pawn shop
6 - Dr. Yo Gee's medical herbs
7 - Roll your own cigerette papers
8 - Assorted Moon pies and Corn dogs
9 - Condoms and Lubricants
10- Alerted close neighbors of possible gun fire between the hrs 1pm - 4pm est.

Duct tape is great for patching stray bullet holes and Crazy glue is good for sealing cuts, scrapes and small puncture wounds.

Also by purchasing pre owned Televisions and getting my medical herbs from a local dealer/supplier I am in my own way helping to stimulate the economy.

True fans always go the extra mile

Soiled :)

IF we lose today i quit

I gotta feeling...that today's gonna be a good day, that today's gonna be a good day...

Where else can I watch the game besides Justin t.v my cable company don't have a football package it's so dumb! Please help I live in NY let's go phins. And no they do nit play the bills games here where I live.

How can anybody think the Fins WILL WIN? Every game is close and I think Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch go off.

This guy Fewell can coach too. just watch.

Solai the Sumo, you have been called upon, the time is now!

How do you only have 2 RB's active today? Unbelievable.

Soiled Bottom,

Do you lives in California? I ask because of Dr. Yogi and such.


Its gonna be tough going with out "Lory" Sheets today. She is a beast

Make no mistake about it, this game will be tough. I don't care what Armando says. He can't even spell! This is a game where the defense needs to set the tone early. They should also allow R.Williams to do what he does best, run between the tackles.
Buffalo has a decent secondary, but their front-seven is weak in my opinion. They will load the box, which should give us a few opportunities to get some "chunk yardage". Run Ricky, run!!!!

Dear Mr. Carlito from Golfito

"Do you lives in California? I ask because of Dr. Yogi and such"

I reside in Charlotte NC.

Doctor Yo Gee can be found peddleing his medical herbs in every town in this great nation of ours.

Soiled :)

Anything beats todays music if you can call it music, even disco. Dolphins..Staying Alive..Staying Alive.

I think Phin4life is a good Dolphins fan.

I also think his favorite musician maybe Roy Orbison.

Dear Mr. Carlito from Golfito

Any true Dolphin fan has to listen to

1 - Jimmy Buffett
2 - Jennifer Lopez
3 - Mark Anthony

And I should also include the Williams sisters just in case they decide to lay down some tracks.

Soiled :)

Once again Chad Henne will hoist his team on his shoulders and carry them up and down the field, THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR, into the endzone over and over again.

Henne is going to march the phins up and down the field like Hitler through Poland.


I love the Miami Dolphins, but not enough to listen to horrible music of

1. Jimmy Buffet
2. Jennifer Lopez
3. Mark Anthony

Disc music convention; wow I have heard everything now. Perhaps it is a good omen: 70s were real good to us Finfans. Gloria Gaynor's I will survive comes to mind when we were 0-3. Just an Illusion applies to CryBaby Ryan and the Jets. Somehow I can see Sparano and Parcells doing the hustle together.

Good luck Ricky !!!! Run it hard, run it true. JT and Porter should combine for 3 sacks. Ginny better catch a few.

anyone got a stream?

Dear Mr. Carlito from Golfito

"I love the Miami Dolphins, but not enough to listen to horrible music of

1. Jimmy Buffet
2. Jennifer Lopez
3. Mark Anthony"

How can you not love the beautiful, lucious, Phat, round lyrics of Jaylo.

Jimmy Buffett should be a national treasure with all the great hits he had 30 years ago.

Mark Anthony enough said.

Soiled :)

if they dont beat the living daylights outta buffalo today, they suck, and dont deserve to make playoffs, bottom line, no excuses! Buffalo is terrible.

The P. Turner thing is really starting to piss me off! Whay did they draft him so high? I know there are other needs but COME ON MAN!


What's up people. Teams just went up the tunnel after warmups. they'll be playing football soon.

Carlito, Jimmy Buffet sings great party music...cmon bro, JLo and Anthony I could care less but Buffet???

I see that NJ has yet to tear himself away from Church, where he is no doubt fervently praying for a Bill's victory, so he can gloat about how the absence of Fasano & Moses caused the loss.

I stoner,

Fasano is starting today genius

anyone has a link for watching online? justintv been screwing up lately

Obviously, Fasano is back in the lineup for the first time in two games.

Moss ain't putting up the numbers he did last week

People have been scapegoating Fasano since those two drops...Fasano was put in a tough position since Martin went down...he will be fine

Lex Hilliard should be getting some more carries, no? I hope he gets at least 8 carries today. Why do they insist on overusing Ricky? No reason Ricky should carry the ball 20 times when you have a Lex Hilliard.

No More Injuries!

Pat White experiment today or never!

More Lex less Ricky today (save carries)

3 deep balls minimum to Ginntastic!

Wake 2 sacks Peezy 1 JT 2!

Ginnvisible breaks a KR!

34-13 Phins!!!!

Little known stat about the Dolphins to think about: Miami is one of only seven teams whose receivers have dropped at least 10 percent of their passes.

I was scapegoating the fuch after two game-costing fumbles

Stream link here:


I had this stream for the Panthers game and it was excellent!!

Lets start the playoff march.Go Phins


I went to this link for the game last thursday, and it worked great.

Henne 300 today!
Henne 300 today!
Henne 300 today!

Go Phins!

Yea Dishrag, no other player has a bad game and u are perfect..I bet u were calling for Ronnie's Brown head a couple years ago too.GENIUS

True that Fasano's "active," but as we've all seen since his fumble in Atlanta, his playing has been shyte, and his poor year has contributed mightily to the hole we're still trying to dig ourselves out of.

No turnovers and run Ricky run!

Scapegoating is illegal and immoral!

No scapegoating sickos!

Scapegoaters and Adam Lambert fans have no place on our boards!

Mother of Pearl people its Sunday...Sacpegoating! Sick!

Go Phins!


Fasano is also basically playing a new position...Martin's position has totally different schemes and things to learn...Yes, he should catch the ball and not fumble but it happens no matter how good u are..Parcells like the guy and I have a feeling Fasano is going to be here for a long time

Go Fins!!! Time to watch the game..Enjoy

that link isn't working Indiana

game is on here: http://www.wilmertv.tk/

Lets go Phins...big win today is coming!!

Get the brroms out for the Bills, because they are going down!!

go dolphins!

Run Ricky Run!
Henne the Hero!
Solai the Sumo!
Earthquake Wake!
Vontae the Vulture!

Dolphins win the toss and elect to kick.


football time. Hello all,

expecting a comfortable win today if we are truly a team that has a chance at playoffs!

dont jinx us mando. any given sunday.

Miami 24 Buffalo 13

Mando looks like a lot of empty seats on find side, wish I had gone now.

Anybody got a link to watch the game online?

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