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Live blog from balmy Orchard Park starts here

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Let's go with the news first: Nate Garner will continue to start at left guard for the Dolphins today ahead of Justin Smiley, who is active but still nursing a shoulder injury.

The inactives are: Patrick Turner, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Lydon Murtha, Jake Grove, Erik Walden, Lory Sheets and Tyler Thigpen as the No. 3 QB.

It is a beautiful day for football here and so that removes the final excuse anyone could possibly, realistically have for believing the Dolphins could lose today.

The Dolphins should not lose.

They face a Buffalo team with a new interim coach, a quarterback starting only his fourth game and one that is beat up.

The Bills today are without their starting left tackle, without their starting right tackle and without their starting right guard. And the last time today's tackles started was against Miami -- when the Dolphins had six sacks.

I must tell you there was a Disco convention at the local convention center in downtown Buffalo this weekend. so there were numerous bell-bottom-wearing, 1970s Donna Summer and Sylvester staying fans at the Adam's Mark Hotel where the Dolphins were staying last night.

Despite the music, there were no disturbances reported.

Today is a big day for Paul Soliai, who will be making his first start of the season at NT. Today is a big day for Joe Berger, who is making his first Dolphins start at center. Technically, the Dolphins are weaker up the middle on both sides of the ball than they've been all year. We'll see how they fare.

The live blog will start in the comments section below just before kickoff. And I will be updating with inactives in a few minutes. Come back. 


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anyone have a ggod link for the game?

Fred Jackson is six yards deep and elects to run it out anyway. Stupid.

one thing i like about sporano-he always takes the ball in the 2nd half--very smart... hate those aqua pants

Yeah great stop!

Let's go baby

The pressuring of ryan Fitzpatrick has begun... Over under on sacks today -- four.

have we received the ball to start the hame in any game this year?

Oh yeah no O line today

Nate Jones lately becoming Miami's most dependable coverage guy.

go pats
go fins

Good first stand. Let's see.

Run Ricky Run

Nice pass rush... Should be an easy win for the phins...

The link I gave earlier is working for me...

big i... watch it. ive got my aqua pants on.

Jones good coverage

Ginn was streaking down the sideline. the Dolphins have started the game with a deep shot in 8 games this year.

Great defense so far!!! Let's go team!!

Nice catch!

Simply the BESS !

Pennington does not complete that throw to Bess. That thing was a rocket.

wow bess! we got ourselves a receiver. i would prefer for chad not to watch him and throw to him all the time or disaster will strike

boy buffalo stinks!

Man ricky the bulldozer!

anyone know why this pages never refreshes week after week

I have a refresh button

Wildcat for the first time today.

P2p not clear anybody got another link?

Notice Wildcat no longer has the end around option?

I hope we get up by 35 and let P White get some PT.

no streaming link that works

Ricky better protect the football better, they almost stripped it from him

to watch any game college or pro

we have to refresh the page ourselves? it won't do it by itself
i love ricky except when he passes

Ricky Williams is not Ronnie Brown as a passer.

any live links

Ricky is gonna have a 200 plus yard run day!

it just doesnt make sense...i get it, but we're pounding them...WHY???

What a stupid moron! Are you kidding me Sparano?????

Run the frigging ball

So they're driving the ball down the Bills throats and Dan Henning decides to get cute?

Why fool around with this team. I don't f'n get it. Pount the shyt out of the ball

Let's not get cute

Rather Ricky run than throw...

Is it just me or is the comments section here messed up again this week?


This is unbelievable. Henning and Sparano are friggin idiots. That's all.

That ball was a turkey, 7 easy points lost, we will get it back!

Stupid stupid. Kill the wildcat. Let Henne be Henne

It's a good try, no big deal

Why did they have to try to look cute???!! They were pounding them, terrible call


Ricky was a baseball player and he was drafted. I'm sure he can be better than Ronnie

What is that playcall? Jesus I know Ricky threw it but cmon it's 1st and goal!?!?!? Henning is retarded



Those gimmick calls are necessary against superior teams. The Dolphins are clearly better than Buffal and should be able to beat them helmet on helmet.

typical henning........reminds me when he was with the jets

Already, a stupid call!!!

Stupid, stupid, stupid

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