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Live blog from balmy Orchard Park starts here

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Let's go with the news first: Nate Garner will continue to start at left guard for the Dolphins today ahead of Justin Smiley, who is active but still nursing a shoulder injury.

The inactives are: Patrick Turner, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Lydon Murtha, Jake Grove, Erik Walden, Lory Sheets and Tyler Thigpen as the No. 3 QB.

It is a beautiful day for football here and so that removes the final excuse anyone could possibly, realistically have for believing the Dolphins could lose today.

The Dolphins should not lose.

They face a Buffalo team with a new interim coach, a quarterback starting only his fourth game and one that is beat up.

The Bills today are without their starting left tackle, without their starting right tackle and without their starting right guard. And the last time today's tackles started was against Miami -- when the Dolphins had six sacks.

I must tell you there was a Disco convention at the local convention center in downtown Buffalo this weekend. so there were numerous bell-bottom-wearing, 1970s Donna Summer and Sylvester staying fans at the Adam's Mark Hotel where the Dolphins were staying last night.

Despite the music, there were no disturbances reported.

Today is a big day for Paul Soliai, who will be making his first start of the season at NT. Today is a big day for Joe Berger, who is making his first Dolphins start at center. Technically, the Dolphins are weaker up the middle on both sides of the ball than they've been all year. We'll see how they fare.

The live blog will start in the comments section below just before kickoff. And I will be updating with inactives in a few minutes. Come back. 


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ricky says he isnt comfortable throwing it. so maybe sparano should listen. we rammed it down their throats all the way down. just run it in. stupid play again. coordinator always gets cute. now buffalo is fire up for a stupid reason.




Amazing how well paid folks can make such stupid calls

That, by the way, was Chris Draft's first interception since 2004.

Can someone fix this thing?

WTF Henning? I think the old man needs to wake up! Is Charlie Weis available yet???

I feel like puking on Sparano!



Get that pressure on Fitzpatrick!

And not to belabor the point, but the turnover has changed the vibe here at the stadium.


Love the Dolphins!

Damn it Henning that was retarded!!!!

blog is laggaing today Mando...

henning just being a useless

fire him now

Ricky was being hit as he threw ...we will get it back

Henning is a moron. We were killing em on the ground.




Our D will stop them here!! No 98 yard td for T.O!

that's ricky first and last career throw.

Run Ricky RUN!!!!!! RUN!!

Crowder is another idiot. And Sparano should go hang himself.

Let's all welcome the troll!

we could have all the talent in the world and this head coach and OC will find ways to continue to do stupid stuff

fire them both

WTF with that call, Channing never touched his head

We need the first points and they try that crap. I am so angry. That is so stupid. I cannot get over that.

The problem is with typepad not the Herald, folks. So let's hang in there and I'm sure the geniuses over there are working feverishly to fix things.

wildcat is great but we overuse it.

Are there any other blogs that work around here?

I wonder what BP thinks about the idiotic play calling at the goal line??? GET WEIS ON THE PHONE!

i still can't get over that call---WHY would yo have ricky throw that pass when we are running it so well?? If we were up by a couple of TD's i could see it (make other teams take notice)--but start of the game when ricky has said he doesn't like to throw....I mean seriously, what the hell was henning/sporano thinking?

FB if you don't like the coach or players go find something else to do and get off this blog!

Armando , i'm noticing Quentin Moses and Charlie anderson rotating with taylor and porter .

HUGE turnaround.


14 point swing on the way folks.

parcells good
ireland good

tony/henning/DC = super bad

fire them now

Obviously the Bills are putting the game in Fitzpatrick's hands now and possibly the rest of the day.


why even give a bad chance at momentum?

Still wow what a stupid call! That's it lets make the Bills believe they have a chance...Moronic

Hehehe thats how its done!

Great camera work today.

and the no life failure of a human being has graced us with his useless presence

Sean Smith had no idea where the ball was on the completion for 32 yards.

dolphins link?????????????

Good coverage.....better catch

Flag down. That's is coming back.

A loss today would be more painful than any other in recent memory. Just pathetic.

No pressure on the QB


H8dpats, why don't you get another name to begin with? Go watch the Jets game or something until your pats play tomorrow. Goodbye!

tony and the two dumb coordinators have cost us at least 3-4 wins....

Great work by Porter to blow up that reverse.

A little trip down memory lane.

Another Fish season ending in Buffalo. Its been a while but you guys ought to remember well.

"No pressure on the QB"

-off course not, this DC is terrible

Soliai with the tackle 10 yards downfield....great hustle

Another missed arm tackle by Crowder

a would be blowout turns into a tough game...i'm still in shock at the stupidity of that throw...sickening and we're down 3

Fix the blog!!!

Pushed it wide right. Plenty long enough.

No Good !

We got lucky after that idiotic playcalling & TO.

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