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Live blog here with inactives information

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.  -- [Update: Kerry Rhodes and Joey Porter just engaged in a shoving match during pregame warmups.

[I guess this will be a physical game as promised.]

This is the Dolphins final game in this facility.

The next time the Dolphins play here in the regular-season, the game will happen in the new facility being built just across from this one.

The Dolphins seem to be the better team to me today. Think about it. Yes, the Dolphins are without Channing Crowder, but the Jets are without nose tackle Kris Jenkins. Reggie Torbor will start for Crowder.

Ted Ginn is active today, but Brian Hartline will start at WR in his place.

Yes, the Dolphins are starting two rookie cornerbacks and they will have their growing pains, but that's not Kurt Warner playing QB for New York today. And the Jets don't have their full set of CBs as Lito Sheppard is out. Dwight Lowery will start at right cornerback in Sheppard's place.

I would tell you the Jets clearly have a special teams advantage and we saw that in the first meeting this year. But Leon Washington is not there anymore as he's now out for the year.

I just see the Dolphins as the more physical of these two very physical teams.

The Miami inactives today are Crowder, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson, Lydon Murtha, Kory Sheets, Patrick Turner and Quentin Moses.


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As Mom used to say......From your lips to
G-d's ears!

Moses!!!!!! haha just kidding NJ

Go Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You got your brooms ready boys???????????????

What jesrsey's we going with?

jersey's, I should say

Pound it up the middle all day. Ronnie the Rabid Beast and Ricky Williams I want to see Rex Ryans fat head explode from not be able to stop the run and have to admit who is more tough.

Jets are wearing they horrible throw up NY titans jersey

We in white then?

Is Roth going to play very much today?

"Roth will play" Sparano in NFL Network this morning

What does that say for Pat Turner if they pretty much held an open competition and he couldn't crack the lineup? Could this be Ernest Wilford II?

No Turner, bummer...was hoping they would change things up.

I hope Hartline have a major game


Quick, go adjust your Madden roster and put Pat Turner in. Report back immediately and tell us how good he is and what his stats will be if active. Then you can really rub it in how much smarter you are than Trifecta.

we're starting rookie corners, their starting a rookie quarterback, should be even.

OK, great post Mando....good timing....

I am all ready watching CBS talking about Pet Ryan trash talking, did not go over good with Dan the Man Marino....good of him to speak up on the National stage

Cool, is it windy in NJ?

Mando - non Fins question: what is your reaction to the reports of several women accusing Tom Cable of domestic abuse? Does the NFL take this report, along with what happened with the asst coach and drop the hammer on him?

Not to windy here guys but we will still show them who's boss



someone should drop the hammer on you, this dolphins jets week 45 minutes to game and you want to talk about raiders coach and his girlfriend?

This is the Nfl and on any given Sunday!!!! Dolphins r going to kick the Jets butts!!

9 MPH wind....a lil rain and 59 degrees....

manageable with that as Carlito says "Henne the Hero " cannon arm

I think Hartline has a big game.... it just seems like he always has big positive plays when he touches the ball. I like the kid. We need a true #1 receiver bad. If we just added a #1 this would be a decent unit.

Carlito - that Miami buries the Jests today, that's a no-brainer...just interested if the NFL looks the other way on a coach while they always nail the players in situations like this

Game is not on TV here in Orlando due to showing crappy Jags. Someone please give me a link to watch them. Thank you, thank you.

Remo...R U from golfito too?

Like Hartline alot.......great mind....good instinct....will have a big game

i dont know how but i have gotten every game so far this year....so much for buying sunday ticket

He sucks in Madden too...

Liti Sheppard out is going to be a factor today..

i hope that Dan Marino comment goes on U Tube

ditto bobby....hartline rookie to rookie?

jets in black helmets and mustard pantz....hotdog anyone?

Henne has a big day today...Ryan looks in mirror and realizes he is the one with the clown make up on...Bart Scott gets hurt trying to jump on Henne... poetic justice!

We are starting 3 rookies today...wow

porter jacking them up already....hammy....what hammy? we R ready

oh sorry pets in cheese colored pantz

Wayne ...it is what it is....fight your tendency to be negative, beleive we will WIN. they have injuries on their side, especially Jenkis...


why you ask if remo from Golfito?

I have such feeling that Brian Hartline going to have good game today, I signed him to my bench in fantasy football and want to put him in this week, but I know I should not.

maybe starting 3 rooks.... but they are solid...each...Smith my boy....Vontae will step up...Brian all heart-line

damn right we start three MEN who R ready to do this NFL thing.....

S W E E P!

S W E E P!


just would be nice to have remo from golfito....not being disrespectful

You are right...it is what it is...

I just wish that it did not feel like we were constantly rebuilding.

You understand that it could be Thanksgiving to December before the CB's are legit in coverage. That is a long time for a football fan.

wayne....have heart (line)& hope as we SWEEP the PETS

Im so excited!

Go Fish!


What you think start Brian Hartline or Felix Jones this week in Fantasy Football at RB/WR position? I am stuck because of bye weeks and both are project 6 pts. It is ppr league.

Jeff,go to www.justin tv.The picture isn't always the best but it's better than ESPN Game Cast.You can at least hear the announcers.


a big day 2day....watch the "Carlito List" for the gamers, as he is CORRECT

Kerry Rhodes and Joey Porter got into a shoving match during the pregame warm ups.

Jason Taylor grabbed Rhodes and walked him away.



the Dolphins are wearing their aqua tops.

Players to have big games today:

1. Kendal Langford
2. Jason Ferguson
3. Ronnie Brown
4. Brian Harltine
5. Cameron Wake
6. Chad Henne (the Hero)
7. Vontae Davis


lets go boys show time!

Or /bbadmarc, hope it doesn't get cut again like last week 2 minutes left in the game!

Mando, has their still been no improvement by Turner?

Dan Marino just called Cutler a "franchise quarterback", and said Denver got the better end of the deal

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