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Live blog here with inactives information

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.  -- [Update: Kerry Rhodes and Joey Porter just engaged in a shoving match during pregame warmups.

[I guess this will be a physical game as promised.]

This is the Dolphins final game in this facility.

The next time the Dolphins play here in the regular-season, the game will happen in the new facility being built just across from this one.

The Dolphins seem to be the better team to me today. Think about it. Yes, the Dolphins are without Channing Crowder, but the Jets are without nose tackle Kris Jenkins. Reggie Torbor will start for Crowder.

Ted Ginn is active today, but Brian Hartline will start at WR in his place.

Yes, the Dolphins are starting two rookie cornerbacks and they will have their growing pains, but that's not Kurt Warner playing QB for New York today. And the Jets don't have their full set of CBs as Lito Sheppard is out. Dwight Lowery will start at right cornerback in Sheppard's place.

I would tell you the Jets clearly have a special teams advantage and we saw that in the first meeting this year. But Leon Washington is not there anymore as he's now out for the year.

I just see the Dolphins as the more physical of these two very physical teams.

The Miami inactives today are Crowder, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson, Lydon Murtha, Kory Sheets, Patrick Turner and Quentin Moses.


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9 mph winds in the meadowlands means swirling winds, Jests will not let Sanchez throw it, this is an old fashion 70's Shulaesque smash mouth game.

btw, crotchetty was the instigator with taylor running him out of the dolphin zone.


carlito, my friend,

i dont do fantasy, but can't go against Hart of Fire-line. U saw his run last week... Not the fastest but all Heart 4 damn sure

Mando...R U locked loaded and Ready? Odin & Menace are

thankx for the list Carlito big Fin Fan

I am so pumped I could play special teams today, lol

almost game time and no Mando?

game time....we R on.....

going to need a link to a live feed for this one def ! if anyone could it would be great

I am here Harricane.

The wind is blowing hard to the north at the top of the stadium but barely blowing south at the goal post.

I am frustrated with GInn, but he has to play a lot because he is the only guy to stretch the field.

This offense will not be able to move the ball with Ginn getting snaps.

You think you are frustrated now with Ginn's play, wait until the Fins passing game is in a stinking 5 yard box.

Look at the bottom of page 1 for the live feed.

That was a pretty weak pushing match...

What bs, Phil Simms already kissing Jet cheeks.

lets go dolphins!!!!!!!!!! again no respect from any network. Wonder how different that would have been with a win last week. With a win this week we are right back in the hunt with a 3-0 division record. Time to step it up.

anyone else having problems with CBS HD

Let's GO PHINS!!!

lets jump out to a big lead again. then sack sanchez all over the meadowlands.

OK Mando....

beats conditions like Patsies played in....I think we can spot them 17....did U see the look on Mr Henne's face....wow

Why would any 2-4 team get any respect. It's earned, not given, and frankly, we haven't earned it!

Let's go Dolphins, porter put that energy on the field today,

Talks over...yes, Hartline has a big game and interested to see how Ginn reacts...does he pout, and have a bad game or come off the bench and realize his career is now in serious jeopardy??? I really believe Ted needs to get it today and shows he belongs or he can pack it in!!!! Sean Smith and Davis should be solid and Torbor can show some his stuff today too...big day for some players..


I was a lil offended as well....best team crap

Thanks for the link Marc, F DirectTV!

Anyone else got the pre-game jitters? First fins drive, want it to be 8 minutes of eat it!!! football!

Let's hit the crappy jets in the mouth!

I am frustrated with living in Toronto and only getting the Bills games, so I had an impulse buy and got the NFL Sunday ticket. I did NOT want to miss this game.

maybe because we R 2-0 in AFC East where it COUNTS

At game ... These fans are such dirtbags!!! Let's go!!!!!!!

Need sacks early.

What is the over-under for how many times we get hosed by the refs today?

Mando is ON...Fins R ready........Start Fast....my Boyz

Game Time boys and girls Game Time!

what ya expect Frankie

mark, what link ?

Dolphins won the toss and elected to defer.

what is going on with patrick turner? What started the Rhodes-Porter match?

i wanna see some wake-up calls! :)

trainer looking for a hot dog

Rhodes walked over and said something, Porter barely pushed him...It wasn't much

I'm in Orlando and can't believe the game isn't on tv. CBS is playing infomercials? You gotta be kidding me!

Here we go

In Orlando too, it sucks

anyone has a link to the game???

Clemons is playing!

Clemons is starting???

3rd and out!

3 and outtttttttttttt!!!!

Fake punt...Cam Wake misses Weatherford

Watch the fake punt!

Sanchez always looks like he is about to cry

why not put ginn on punt returns?

Bess still returning punts? WTF?!

clemons starting?

Clemmons in Nickle....very smart....Finally

If Ginn ain't starting, he should be returning punts and kickoffs.

Let's go Henne! Let's go Phins!

i saw clemons

Thx Marc!

Damn F'n Zebras

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