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Live blog here with inactives information

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.  -- [Update: Kerry Rhodes and Joey Porter just engaged in a shoving match during pregame warmups.

[I guess this will be a physical game as promised.]

This is the Dolphins final game in this facility.

The next time the Dolphins play here in the regular-season, the game will happen in the new facility being built just across from this one.

The Dolphins seem to be the better team to me today. Think about it. Yes, the Dolphins are without Channing Crowder, but the Jets are without nose tackle Kris Jenkins. Reggie Torbor will start for Crowder.

Ted Ginn is active today, but Brian Hartline will start at WR in his place.

Yes, the Dolphins are starting two rookie cornerbacks and they will have their growing pains, but that's not Kurt Warner playing QB for New York today. And the Jets don't have their full set of CBs as Lito Sheppard is out. Dwight Lowery will start at right cornerback in Sheppard's place.

I would tell you the Jets clearly have a special teams advantage and we saw that in the first meeting this year. But Leon Washington is not there anymore as he's now out for the year.

I just see the Dolphins as the more physical of these two very physical teams.

The Miami inactives today are Crowder, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson, Lydon Murtha, Kory Sheets, Patrick Turner and Quentin Moses.


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Are you kidding me? An offensive PI

Fasano has been awful this season

Self destruction already?


FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wide open hartline!!!

OMG hartline got behind the defense!! but henne overthrew him.


Yeah baby. Stupid az Jets

Ginn would've got that one, haha

Fake punt?

I see a bright future for henne and hartline

Joe Roses' hero Anthony Fasano stinks. What has he done this year?

hartline showing wheels!

That is BS, his leg was in the air

Clemons is all over the field.

sp teams tackle by clemons!

clemons again

anyone have a better link ?

Henne got little excited and overthrew him.

Chris clemons is all over the place

Retards firemen, looks like he lost shoulder buddy

Clemons keep it up!!!

At least it wasn't underthrown I suppose

ok, we saw there look, clock 'em

need a link

Mando, u sneaking a hot dog or what?

CC will be an Impact guy $ awhile...I love the guy like S Smith

Guys, I had computer problems the first series.

To catch up, Clemons started ahead of Gibril Wilson in the first series and is in there again now to start the second series.

Hartline did not start because the Dolphins opened in double tight ends.

I don't know if you can hear it Armando, but there is a stupid ass with a whistle, blowing the plays dead. You saw it on the first run by Ronnie.

that sure looked like roughing the kicker to me. should have been a first down.

The www.Justin.tv/mediphin/popout is a pretty good link.

Mangold just handled Ferguson on that play up the gut.

Try SPORTZPAL.NET, it is working fine. Password is the link name

See if we get any holding calls today against their oline.

I can't hear the whistle NJ because the press box is five miles up at this stadium.

Starks with GREAT penetration!

As to the questions about Turner, nope he's just not ready and doesn't play special teams well enough.

Does that make him a bust? I think it's kind of early to say that.

We got a defensive battle going on today, folks.

looks like the tackling is strong today

nice job D!!!


Running the ball plays into our D's strength

Mando, D looks like they have adjusted well

Why is this staff so big on special teams? Can he catch the ball?! I'm not gonna marry a chick that cooks and cleans, but is decent in bed over the chick that's great in bed! PRIORITIES!

3 and out thats what i like to see!!!!

I think what you are seeing today is the passing of the torch to Chris Clemons. He has slowly but surely earned the coaching staff's trust.

I predict he will be the starter next season.

Linebacker corps already looks better without that big mouth crowder. Here is the question, if Torbor and Akin play well, should they keep playing over Crowder?

lets get some points

even under passes dont work 'cause over the top is covered by VD & SS plus Mr 37 Bell

@Marc. Lmao

D bringing pressure today on safety blitzes. Good thinking against a rookie QB.

That would make for a VERY young secondary with bell being the only vet

I hope so. Gebril Blows.

the Jets D looks like it has adjusted also to Miami's run game.

I dont think so jared because he hasnt proven anything to anybody

ginn coming in the game. Betcha the ball goes to him.

Eli Manning = 2nd most overrated QB behind Big Ben


Ball goes in Ginn's direction. You know what, he had 1-on-1 with Revis and was covered. he's got to win that.

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