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Live blog here with inactives information

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.  -- [Update: Kerry Rhodes and Joey Porter just engaged in a shoving match during pregame warmups.

[I guess this will be a physical game as promised.]

This is the Dolphins final game in this facility.

The next time the Dolphins play here in the regular-season, the game will happen in the new facility being built just across from this one.

The Dolphins seem to be the better team to me today. Think about it. Yes, the Dolphins are without Channing Crowder, but the Jets are without nose tackle Kris Jenkins. Reggie Torbor will start for Crowder.

Ted Ginn is active today, but Brian Hartline will start at WR in his place.

Yes, the Dolphins are starting two rookie cornerbacks and they will have their growing pains, but that's not Kurt Warner playing QB for New York today. And the Jets don't have their full set of CBs as Lito Sheppard is out. Dwight Lowery will start at right cornerback in Sheppard's place.

I would tell you the Jets clearly have a special teams advantage and we saw that in the first meeting this year. But Leon Washington is not there anymore as he's now out for the year.

I just see the Dolphins as the more physical of these two very physical teams.

The Miami inactives today are Crowder, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson, Lydon Murtha, Kory Sheets, Patrick Turner and Quentin Moses.


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clemons again!

We are certainly losing the field position game

field position game!!

Phil simms almost had it correct there...

"on 3rd and 8....i dont know if Id look that way (he meant left...he should have implied towards GINN)"

The majority of WR's in the league aren't going to beat Revis.

all I know is I don't like Crowder and we need a stud ILB. Probably just wishful thinking.

Lex is active as well it looks like....cool

Our run is lookin sorry today.

Who is that not an illegal block from behind?

Once again, we get no calls.

Looked like a lazy route to me...

Losing field position

thank you fields for helping the field position. nice punt.

Jets suck! Go find

Marc, better young and inexperienced than experienced and unable to tackle.

Experience eventually comes. Inability to tackle rarely does.

Open up the play book!

curiious--henne telegraphed that from the snap...ginn didn't even try to sell that out route (with their best CB nonetheless)....c'mon man...simms says henne had single coverage if he looks right

time to spread it out then run. just dont abandon the run keep pounding it. they will get tired.

Come on D

I agree with Marc, the Ginn route looked slow.

r u kidding????? where is the pressureeeeeee!!!

the flea flicker

that was a test mando....jinny is out IMO

We need a turnover....Sanchez sucks

nice job

Mandy, you spoke to me! *Flattered* I wasn't complaining. Just stating fact. Might not hurt to have a vet safety

so much for gimmicks...

Has Kendall Langford made a play this year yet?
He's been invisible.

i saw that hit in the back on the return as well.not called,,,,,damn

Nine mph wind = swirling winds?!?!? Puh-leeze

I think I'm starting to develop carpal tunnel...dang!

roth covering a TE equals a completion

TE's always kill us! WTF!

Roth lookin cocky!

Looks like we are covering down field

Roth is a beast

I think the long ball to Ginn is going to be there today.

wrap up 53!

what happen to the pressure?

te coverage again?

Is it me or does Roth look a little overweight???

Fish look stout against the run.

You better believe JT is pissed off he's giving up snaps to Matt Roth. I will definitely ask him about that after the game.

It kinda baffles me that Jp and JT can be on the field at the same time and we still can't get pressure

nice recognition on the reverse

our defensive coordinator always stops doing stuff when it works....ass



Dirty Sanchez HURT????

Just got popped!!!!

roth looks like hes ate a bit extra lately yes...

also...clemons has more tackles already than wilson has all year!!!

Uh oh ,this is going to get dirty now.

Buckled the hot dog

Safety blitzes ALWAYS work for us

CBS is all over the jets with the highlights, is gettin old quick

gooodddddd pressure, look like he hit'em hard!

seems strange..taylor playing much better than porter and taylor loses snaps??

Great stop. Sanchez may not be able to have his weiner after the game.

Gibril wilson doing Joey Porter's work on Matt Sanchez.

Good hit from Gerbil. Ouch, that was niiice. Lucky no flag.

nice hit

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