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Live blog here with inactives information

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.  -- [Update: Kerry Rhodes and Joey Porter just engaged in a shoving match during pregame warmups.

[I guess this will be a physical game as promised.]

This is the Dolphins final game in this facility.

The next time the Dolphins play here in the regular-season, the game will happen in the new facility being built just across from this one.

The Dolphins seem to be the better team to me today. Think about it. Yes, the Dolphins are without Channing Crowder, but the Jets are without nose tackle Kris Jenkins. Reggie Torbor will start for Crowder.

Ted Ginn is active today, but Brian Hartline will start at WR in his place.

Yes, the Dolphins are starting two rookie cornerbacks and they will have their growing pains, but that's not Kurt Warner playing QB for New York today. And the Jets don't have their full set of CBs as Lito Sheppard is out. Dwight Lowery will start at right cornerback in Sheppard's place.

I would tell you the Jets clearly have a special teams advantage and we saw that in the first meeting this year. But Leon Washington is not there anymore as he's now out for the year.

I just see the Dolphins as the more physical of these two very physical teams.

The Miami inactives today are Crowder, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson, Lydon Murtha, Kory Sheets, Patrick Turner and Quentin Moses.


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Taylor = SS, Porter = weak side

On the sideline with an ice pack!!! LOL!!!

hey wilson can tackle the QB. that should be his new job.

Sanches just got rocked

Armando, it seems everyone else is doing Porter's work EXCEPT Porter these days.

Poor Dirty Sanchez got hurt a little on that play...I feel sorry for him NOT!!!

It would be nice to throw on first down this next series!

roth always looks overweight. play calling for the fins has sucked this week and last week. plus they dont give henne enough recieving options. always only 2 wr's and 2 in backfield

haha welcome to the NFL sanchez.... I think thats the Gerbils first tackle this season.

Jets have had three shots with good field position, us three shots with awful field position, let's hope we get somethif going here and steal momentum

Phil Sims needs to get his nose out of dirty sanchez butt! enough of this kisssing up to jets BS!

Wow, no faith in the kicker. Punting instead of going for long points

Hey Armando how does clemons look out there?

Close to being a penalty. But glad to see Sanchez on his littl bench spot... Somebody get that man a hot dog, quick!

Playaction, throw deep.

blitz the gerbil and let the clemons swarm the field, i love it!

OL needs to get a push here--running game gets to the 25 or 30 and we will see wildcat

munch on a hot-dog now!!!! he will be scare the rest of the game... nice hit

other teams,that sacks gets an intercept or turnover. Us? Not so much. Plus still lousy field position.

I am convinced this year more than ever that this team is cursed.

Is that a reference to remember the Titans Marc

El guru is right on the money

Need I remind some of you that Roth was/is a DEFENSIVE END, not an OLB...

There you go...

even hartline can beat them deep. henne has to remember who he is throwing to.

i like the spread formation

the Dolphins are shifting personnel defensively. I still don't have a feel for when Clemons is on and when Wilson is in -- in other words what situation belongs to which.

But Clemons just moves faster IMO.

We need a TE! Funbolano is not the answer...

Why in the heck are we even trying to throw it to FAsano...WTF?

They never run the wildcat that deep in their own end, trying to get anything going.

the Jets seem to have done their Wildcat homework, but can they be physical for 60 minutes?

I can't believe it's taken thi long to use the wildcat

Henne thinks he is playing the dolphins defense. Note to Henne. Other teams actually cover the tight end

wish fasano could make one tough catch.... tough spot to run wildcat...strange again

Hey Beerndrums,

Thanks for the link. Beats listening to the game. I'm a die hard Phins fan Living in Chicago.

I got to see that Great Hit on Sanchez!

we're 3 n out again......suck!

"Strong side!" Great movie!

Ouch. Jets defense are seriously up for this.

1st down good call, 2nd and 3rd bad

Our offense is not looking good...play calling needs help for sure!!

get the offense going

Bart Scott talking crap to Ronnie Brown after the play and Ronnie pushed him.

Punter keepin us in this game.

they need to move the ball downfield

Fields is MVP at the moment.

Our D is going to get tired at this rate, another jets start from the damn 35

Thank god we have good punter

Bad play calling

the punter is keeping us in the game

Fields is unquestionably Miami's MVP so far today. It's never a good sign when your punter is the MVP.

Oura offensive line is good enough to run out of a conventional set. Enough with the Wildcat!!

Fields doing a great job so far thank goodness.

Great punt!

Need a turnover here

Horrible play calls....besides the bomb to hartline...worst playcalling this year

the oline needs a gut check to open some lanes.

What is henning doing?

Missed that...Brown typically just smiles and doesn't get involved...However, he's prob frustrated because we haven't been able to do anything!

Need to throw some screen passes

Sanchez back for more dirt. Let's go D

that was a horrible "offensive" series

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