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Live blog of Dolphins versus Patriots on today

BOSTON -- It is a beautiful day here today. Sunny. Temps in the high 50s. Great football weather.

The Dolphins are clear 10 1/2-point underdogs to the Patriots and that status was multiplied exponentially Saturday when the Dolphins announced neither Jason Ferguson (elbow) nor Channing Crowder (shoulder) will play against New England.

Crowder is missing his second consecutive game. Ferguson is out for the first time this season. Left tackle Matt Light, who last year infamously fought with Crowder, also is out today.

The fact of the matter is the Dolphins haven't been as fortunate with injuries as they were last year. Last year, you may recall, the team lost Donald Thomas early and later lost Justin Smiley. But Miami was otherwise able to manage inconsequential bumps and bruises.

This year?

Starting quarterback Chad Pennington, starting tight end David Martin, starting cornerback Will Allen, and Patrick Cobbs are already on injured reserve. And they still have nine games to play. Guess the law of averages are starting to catch up to Miami.

While you're waiting for kickoff today, I suggest you check out my column in today's Miami Herald. It discusses Ted Ginn and what we have seen from him in the past after games when he's played really well. Last week, by the way, Ginn lit up the Jets.

Some consistency in following that performance up with a nice one today would be welcome.

I'll have the inactives and any pregame news as we get closer to game time.

And, of course, you know the LIVE BLOG, discussing plays as they happen, starts here 1-4 p.m. during the game today.

[UPDATE: The inactives are Kory Sheets, Channing Crowder, Andrew Gardner, Lydon Murtha, Patrick Turner, Jason Ferguson, Tyler Thigpen (3rd QB) and Quentin Moses.]


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Come on, Teddy! It's time for your first round status to shine through for more than one game!!!

second damit

today is the firsy day of the rest of our season 31-17 phins baby

Go dolphins! Pound the ball down their throat! Sick JT on Brady!

Every team has injuries. The Dolphins are fortunate that Pennington got injured (I love that guy, but Henne is simply better at this point). Will Allen is an older player who has always been banged up, so his injury didnt surprise me at all. The Pats are missing a ton of players today also, including their left tackle, so I think the injuries are just about even.

This is the biggest game of the year for the Dolphins, I hope they come with the attitude to play like it!

good morning Dolphans going to be a great day

Morning boys and girls!

This is huge! I can't wait til kick off! Time to put up or shut up against the Patsies.

Let's kick their a@@!!!!!!

Good luck to our Fins today...I will unfortunately be sleeping in preparation for another night shift tonight, and looking forward to waking up to some good news! Go Fins!

This game is the main national game for CBS. So with that, I don't wanna see any posts from people all game long looking for links to watch the game.

Very, very tough game today. The safeties have to show up and we need to get a pass rush without blitzing.

Injuries happen to all teams...We are fortunate to have players that have been able to step up and fill the gap, eg: Henne and Davis etc...So let's go Phins!!!

Prepare for Glory!!! 62-3 Fins Win BIG.................... It could happen!

Soli and Starks are key today. If they bring steady pressure up the middle towards Brady. He can't have all day to pick us apart. Brady is a pocket passer and can step up in the pocket. We gotta get it going up the middle and make him roll out and run for his life so are LB can chase him down

This will be the best pass defense we will have played this year, today.

Solai the Sumo has been playing like a well fed warrior

JT is getting himself some Brady today. Put effin Wake in damitt Mann! Porter please show up. Starks, you too. Teddy return the opening kick! GET R DID!!!

Carlito, I will give you credit for all your nicknames for are studs! But eartquake Wake was mine, given to him during the Buffalo game. But I did give permission for all to use , I am happy you are using it and hope it sticks. :)

Let's kick the crap out of these fools! If we are unable to win,I don't want to hear everyone say the season is over.The schedule gets easier for us and more difficult for the cheaters,so even though it would suck to leave with a loss, we still have a chance.Go Dolphins!!!!!

That is Good. Maybe if they letem start fulltime it'll makes it's way to espn. Nice nickname. Keepem coming. I've been calling the stadium the Fish Tank and than one day I heard Chris berman say it.

Yes, standley, earthquake wake is your name you make up (good one), and I hope he is in the game to terrorize brady.


Whatca got for Mr. Randolph Starks.?

Remind Brady about who his daddy is. And intoduce him to The WAKE!!!

I think Wake gas been put on ice just for this game. Like the WC last year un veil are new wepons to the Patsy

i just hope its an evenly called game for a change. its getting sickening watching the patriots get all the calls every week no matter who they play. just because commisioner godells best buddy owns the patriots and espn and the nfl network have a love affair with them doesnt mean they should get all the calls!

I don't get it. Why why why. We r not coaches but we can all see wake is a natural and Teddy is too. Just let them do what they do best. I heard sperano saying wake still has areas to improve on, ok but let him just have alittle more playing time to get the experience.

I can't explain how pissed I am about the Dolphins being a 10 1/2 point underdog. I am just completely in awe of the prediction, and I can only imagine what the players think about it. Pretty much just compared the Dolphins to the at or slightly above level of the Lions, Chiefs, Rams, Raiders etc. 10 1/2 point in the NFL says nothing but you have ZERO chance of winning, no different then being a 30 point underdog in college football. Unlike most Pats fan, Dolphin fans know this will be a tough game. Where as most Pats fan think they are winning 35-10,42-7 etc. Talk about disrespect, man I hope Karma plays a roll today.

HENNE needs to open up and take some shots down field.

I think it's important to put are young players in these games at some point. Let them get a taste of these rivalry games and how big they are. It will only help them down the road.

If we are unable to win,I don't want to hear everyone say the season is over.


The season won't be over, it's the POST- season that will be finished.
This IS a MUST win game. All in baby.
This is a big part of the rebuilding process. We either take the next step or we don't!




I am not going to have a TV today. Someone please post a link to watch the game on line.


31-28 FINS!

I'm taking Miami ML +450. We r winning today!!!

We might as well Blitz Brady all day.
The Patsies will spread the field and force usinto nickle and dime coverages. Zone coverage aint gonna cut it today.
Brady will be trolling for the mismatches this might create.
It's time for the KIDS to MAN UP!

Kill Brady! Kill Brady! Kill Brady! Kill Brady!

As usual you are right on the money.

odinseye is 100% correct this game today is the determining factor on whether we have a chance for the post season or not and even though we may have a ways to go to be an upper echelon team i believe we will find a way to win today and go on and win the division. go fins!

No crowder or fergy in New England.... Welker, Moss, Brady.
Dolphins have to grow up this week and believe in themselves!!!!

Go Fins

Fin Fan

Go to google and type " miami vs Patriots live feed" and you will get the link.

Every passing down we need to play a straight up Dime package with Moss doubled.
Soli and Starks at the tackles. Wake and Porter on the ends and of course Brady's worst nightmare Freelancing!

This just in offerdahl and duhe signed for pats game.

We need S.Smith to get TWO picks today!!! I hope he's on Randy ALL day with V.Davis on Wes Welker. They need to hit them HARD and early!!!

Standley23, am sure there are those that either do not have a TV or live outside of Canada/Continental USA, so the game being nationally televised does nothing for them.

I love the fact that there are so many fans scattered around the world (check the blog Armando wrote a few weeks back asking how many of us would show up if the Dolphins were in the Super Bowl).

Anyway, just wanted to point out that Dolphin Nation is international - and we should stand united!

Go Phins! Good game today boys.

I'm pretty sure we will be in nickel and dime packages all game and try and let the pats non exsistint running game beat us.


I don't have one for starks yet, I have to watch game for inspiration for what to call him.

If we play nickel and dime all day and dont blitz Brady will pick the d apart, you gotta get in this guys face and make him sad that his daddy JT is back in the AFC east

Would not be surprised to see Ginn return at least one punt today regardless of what coach said early in the week - Feed the Stud!

And usually when Ronnie the Rabid Beast lays and egg like last week, he comes back with a monster performance.

Ya I get that lips, but if you follow the blogs during the games. That question comes up every other post and then gets answered every other post. I have been in that position many times. But I think people should have it planned out somewhat in advanced.


Not to sure we want them to get that running game started. I watched them against the Falcons and their running game is better than they get credit for. Plus we dont have Channing or Jason.F

No chance today. Brady throws for 4 TD's and Pats put up 40 today. Rest of season is to develop young players and to work on a 4th place schedule for next year (that will be tough with Bills in division)

realist = hopeful jet fan

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for pressure on Brady.

LMAO.........I agree carlito

Stutterin Hank Goldberg just picked the pats to win big on sportscenter (surprise!) Thats it, its official now, dolphins will win.

I just heard Smith's, Davis's and Clemons name on ESPN. Hey you three, their all saying you're to young, inexperienced, and that you will lose today.

I would just like to take this moment to post a quote from the late great President John F. Kennedy:

Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation

Nice quote Odinseye!

I can't stand to see how EASY it is for the Pats. Every team has to work for their accomplishments and these guys have guys running free, calls from officials, simple turnovers.

I just wish sh*t would roll down hill on them sometime.

We will be using more of a 4-3 Defense today, hitting Welker on the line of scrimage messing with the Patriots timing. Mess up their timing we WIN!. Henne will be throwing deep today.

Phins 31 Pats 17 YOU READ IT HERE FIRST!

Go Dolphins

Mando, who are the refs for this game? Hopefully not the clowns that called the frist Jets- Phins game in Miami. They gave the jests 14 points.

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