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Live blog of Dolphins-Panthers starts here

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Factoid interesting perhaps only to me: For the first time this season the Dolphins and the Panthers will leave a game week with different results.

One team will win, the other will lose tonight and will be live blogging most of the way through.

But the previous nine games, both teams lost their first three games this year. Both teams won two straight. And each won lost, won, lost, won the past four games.

It is very mild here, temperatures in the 60s. There is a light haze in the air.

The biggest news tonight is that Nate Garner will start at left guard for the Dolphins but Justin Smiley is not inactive. He will be available to play.

 Patrick Turner was working and he will be active for tonight's game.  The inactives are Tyler Thigpen (3rd QB), Lydon Murtha, Paul Soliai, Erik Walden, Anthony Fasano, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson and Nate Ness are inactive.

RB Kory Sheets is active for the first time this season.

For the Panther an interesting note is that WR Steve Smith was involved in an auto accident on the way to the game tonight, but he is not injured. He is expected to play.

Meantime, this is where the live blog will start. So join me in the comments section just prior to kickoff.


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Everybody knows losing Ronnie was tragic.
The point I was making is that without him, Henning will be forced to come up with with a more traditional style offensive scheme. Which, in my opinion, will be a lot better.

You're trying to make it sound like someone is trying to say we're better off without Ronnie.
NOBODY has said that. Get it right man.

the panther's QB IS an interception machine ,hope he will suck tonight and make my friends fin fans very happy .

Haha, what if we tie Armando? We'd still be alike. Anyway, I have a superstition of talking to people during games (among other things) so good luck & health to both teams but the Phins just a wee bit more!

If they tie the streak continues.

Is it just me or does Jason Taylor look like Zerkses in 300?

Go Phins!

Is it just me or does Jason Taylor look like Zerkses in 300?

Go Phins!

Posted by: Martin | November 19, 2009 at 07:49 PM

Maybe. I'm hoping Delhomme is looking like a deer in the headlights to JT!

1. I love getting to see our great, entertaining 'Phins play in one week. Bonus!
2. It sucks that two of the finest human beings on the Dolphins squad get injured. Ronnie & Penne are class all the way.
3. 'phins get the win 28 - 21..

Did they just call him Ronnie White?

Plus they said Ricky needs to go back to what he was with the Saints.. but didnt Ricky have his best year with the Dolphins?

Seems if you have an old jock strap they will pay you for your expertise.

Let's do it Dolphins! Ricky for president!!!

God help anyone on hwy 101N that gets in my way. Must get home before the game starts.

Go dolphins!!!!

Why The F does Joey Porter get oiled up before the game?!?

Ok our complete game let's go Fins!!!!

That is not what I heard on the pregame show...

Big O and Sims were out of their minds tonight.

Fins are going to put the Carolina kitty in the litter box!!!

Look in Pat White's eyes.. that guy looks ready to rumble... he may be playing a ton of football tonight.

I say run him in motion on the wildcat... the threat of him passing after getting the handoff from Ricky would kill any defense.

It's time to play boys!!!!

so the OL try to avoid touching his 6 pack.

Pat White will be big star tonight

Go Phins!!!

I am ready! Go Dolphins!!!!

As many Fins jerseys here as Panthers. Lots of Marino. That guy in the throwback Csonka is me.

enough of this soap opera - where is the game!

Let's Go!! Phins FTW!!

Marshall Faulk is picking Miami

Steve Smith in a car accident on the way here. Stadium buzz is he's Ok.

Man these guys are really trashing the fin's? WTF?

The only thing that's sucks tonight about the game is we have to Liston to Matt millen all game

Marshal Faulk always got love for Miami.

Dolphins enter to a few boos and lots of cheering.

Gonna be a game!

Make or break!

Maybe a star is born!

Anybody got a link to this game? Finfan in NY, no NFL network

Marshall is the man, he pick Miami the only smart guy there

Go Fins!!!

Check out Justintv FOR A LINK.

Ricky will have a big game, don't be surprise when he score 3 td tonight

Let's go fins, let's kick some Carolina a&&

tommya i've been saying that about white for two weeks now. about pat white moving in motion instead of rickie

I'd be stunned if your "O" is innovative enought to score 3 TDS!

GO FINS!!!!!

anyone got a link to watch the game?

Show them what you have do it for Ronnie,go Ricky

Rickys gonna run

Im so excited!

JustinTv has been dead for awhile now, where have u been.

Wonder if they give patrick turner a shot

Lexus Prekick. I thought that was his name. And Matt Millen? WTF I thought he was with espn?

Check out Justintv FOR A LINK.

Posted by: Po White Trash | November 19, 2009 at 08:13 PM

Is the site up yet

Sorry Carlos been at work.

Run Ricky Run!!!!!!


cool.... I'd even put him back there with Henne and Ricky... they could even have him take the snap with Ted Ginn in motion...

When is the NFL going to realize they'll make millions if the stream games online? I know their Directtv probably prohibits it, but c'mon man, not everyone can have a sattelite dish.

sorry folks, typo. I meant to say "our" not "your" team. I'm a Fins fan for real!!!

GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets GO PHINS!!!!!!!! A's & E's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My bro and myself have been going back and forth about the dolphins offense the past 4 days. I believe they will still use the wildcat and he believes they will go with a more conventional offense and be much more productive. So we will see, hey either way we win.

NFL.com has the live feed

does any 1 have a link for the game

Pat White as to throw the ball accurately tonite if the wildcat is going to still work well. Go phins!!!

nflpass is password http://www.justin.tv/sifod111

is the site.

Go Dolphins!!!!


My Pitbull dog has on Dolphins Jersey

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