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Live blog of Dolphins-Panthers starts here

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Factoid interesting perhaps only to me: For the first time this season the Dolphins and the Panthers will leave a game week with different results.

One team will win, the other will lose tonight and will be live blogging most of the way through.

But the previous nine games, both teams lost their first three games this year. Both teams won two straight. And each won lost, won, lost, won the past four games.

It is very mild here, temperatures in the 60s. There is a light haze in the air.

The biggest news tonight is that Nate Garner will start at left guard for the Dolphins but Justin Smiley is not inactive. He will be available to play.

 Patrick Turner was working and he will be active for tonight's game.  The inactives are Tyler Thigpen (3rd QB), Lydon Murtha, Paul Soliai, Erik Walden, Anthony Fasano, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson and Nate Ness are inactive.

RB Kory Sheets is active for the first time this season.

For the Panther an interesting note is that WR Steve Smith was involved in an auto accident on the way to the game tonight, but he is not injured. He is expected to play.

Meantime, this is where the live blog will start. So join me in the comments section just prior to kickoff.


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Got it Po white, thanks!! I will neva doubt u again.

man this defense sucks

We do not look good tonight. Needto stop the f'in run!

Nice work fish. This is some spectacular defense. I'm sure after that monster effort against the Yucs last week Carolina was really worried about this one.


Vonte got scrap baby!

Vontae Davis on his face

Tell em Vontae!

Steve Smith telling Vontae, "I was in a car crash before this game."


Sack baby

Yea baby


Spot em 3

Cameron Wake baby

porter and wake!!! bookends!

Wake just showed the bull rush!!!!

Porter is back!

Oh ya

Message received by J-Peezy

Porter!!!!!!!!!! 55

Way to go Porter, welcome back

good sack but what's with these corners playing 7 yards off the receivers in the red zone

Joey Porter with his first full sack since September.

Porters looking tough

wake was in there too!

Let's see what the o can do without 23. Interested to see....

pasqualoni obviously did his homework, lol. man we are lucky o get away wih 3 on this one, but man the schemes have got to improve to stop williams, he is running all over us

I want to see some Lex Hilliard!!!!

The old Lion still has some bite

Soiled :)

Panthers ran 12 plays and went 59 yards for the score.

Three is fine. I can live with that. Vontae Davis gotta shut down steve smith. He got in his face nice. I like that rookie. Now he better not get burned.

Good hold on defence will wake get a half on that sack or will they take pitty on porter and give him the hole sack

Steve Smith is garbage.

That was way too easy. Dolphins d is going to have to play tougher than that

Yeah let's see some Lex

haha armando, then vontae should told him to wear a neck brace and get ready for some more whiplashings

Joey and vontae do no play around.

Wake is in on one play and shares the sack with Porter! I just can't believe they don't play him more.

Love how Sparano motivated Porter by benching him, 2 tackles and a sack already

Porter has four tackles and one sack.

That's like an entire game for Porter.


maybe that benching is waking him up.

Common Offense! Go Ricky!

Didn't help that Carpenter took a digger prior to kicking

Nice return

I can't see the game. Working. Damn

That was good.

Nice return

Ginn gets us around the same field position

Ginn drives me CRAZY always looking for the sideline. He should have kept that inside.

Ginn needs to wait for his blocks a bit

Good return. Ted may bust one tonight.

mando, finns are not going to run ricky in the ground are they. given his age maybe he can't handle the load.

Ginny took a baby hit!!!! I'll take it!! Ginn will have a good day today..

Good return

ginn out of bounds again...C'MON MAN

Jaw Vontae!

Did Ginn just run out of bounds????? WHAT?!?!? He NEVER runs out of bounds.....LOL...do the coaches tell him to do that???

He shouldve cut back inside but notbad

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