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Live blog of Dolphins-Panthers starts here

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Factoid interesting perhaps only to me: For the first time this season the Dolphins and the Panthers will leave a game week with different results.

One team will win, the other will lose tonight and will be live blogging most of the way through.

But the previous nine games, both teams lost their first three games this year. Both teams won two straight. And each won lost, won, lost, won the past four games.

It is very mild here, temperatures in the 60s. There is a light haze in the air.

The biggest news tonight is that Nate Garner will start at left guard for the Dolphins but Justin Smiley is not inactive. He will be available to play.

 Patrick Turner was working and he will be active for tonight's game.  The inactives are Tyler Thigpen (3rd QB), Lydon Murtha, Paul Soliai, Erik Walden, Anthony Fasano, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson and Nate Ness are inactive.

RB Kory Sheets is active for the first time this season.

For the Panther an interesting note is that WR Steve Smith was involved in an auto accident on the way to the game tonight, but he is not injured. He is expected to play.

Meantime, this is where the live blog will start. So join me in the comments section just prior to kickoff.


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I want to see a one hit six right here that would put them on there ass

Mando- why do you think things are so easy against our defense? Scheme, young CB's, poor safety play, a new NFL? It is just bad

39 yards is good field position.

JP is alive

Good job by the D on a short field, come Offense let's anwser with a touchdown

steve smith is not garbage you fool go dolphins

Let's see what this offense comes up with without Ronnie!!

so everyone dont seem to be bashing Porter now...for everyone that was, not true fans!

I've got money on ginn in the wildcat!


They did a good job of pinning Ginn to the sidelines... I thought it was a rather nice effort considering...

Run Ricky Run!

Phins are nice

Armundo he went off the block. Outside looked open but dude beat the block.

Wow, at least he tried to move upfield!

Like the 2 rcvr set.

Holy cow a catch

Get him involved

What a catch

hopefully teddy will be a big part tonight in a good way

Nice catch Teddy

Ted caught it!!!!

Play action!

Run Ricky run baby

Ricky almost busted that one wide open!

He didn't drop the catch?

Teddy Ginn makes the catch haven't heard that announced much this season

Mando: anything annoy u bout that Ginn catch?

Run Ricky run

I must be a crazy fan, but i had Brown on my fantasy team and picked up Hilliard AND started him this week. Petersen is my other starting running back and i have no other great 2nd option (Ahmad Bradshaw,Felix Jones, Correl Buckhalter), plus im in first place and just hoping to catch a lil lightning in a bottle............hope i dont look stupid.GO FINS!!!

That took to long

What happens if the fins become a passing team for the rest of the season??? Thoughts?

Bad block by ginn

Ginn can't block.

Sh*t block by Ginn

ginn missed block...

Come on go down field !!!

I'm thinking Dan Henning is looking for a new stud to feed. At some point, the QB has to be the stud.


Here's Chad Henne!

Nice tackling

These announcers keep talking about White, I think our base offense can play the game too!!

Damn blitz was coming big time there

Play action is the key!

Nice use of a timeout on 3rd & 8 early in the game.


Ronnie would be fine if ginn could block

I thought that Camerillo play had a chance

Why does Chad Henne call so many timeouts. He plays scared all the time.

TO???? Jesus. Was that Tedd Ginn with that sorry block on the corner on the last play? Seriously....Why is he in as a receiver again?

Chad that's a blitz, what you do is throw into it by calling an audible for a receiver to run a quick route just behind it.

good to see the shotgun on 3rd and 8 but I still see TE's in the formation...how does sparano expect our slow TE's to outrun their DB's?? Where is Pat Turner?!

the last formation dolphins go into five-wide.

But three of them are Kory Sperry, Joey Haynos and Ricky Williams.


Play action Play action Play action Play action

Mando im with you, lets see alot of Henne.

At least our coach doesn't cry after a loss tortured.

Seriously, we need henne to win this, show the fins aren't so 1 dimensional. Let the pass open up the run

Ted ginn is going to come up with some big catches tonight, watch!

Tortureddolfan - you never let up, get help man!

Bad pass

Great pass protection

No thoughts on Teddy in the wildcat?

Horrible pass pattern on that one. Ted looked lost.

Bad throw by Henne, ugly.

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