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Live blog of Dolphins-Panthers starts here

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Factoid interesting perhaps only to me: For the first time this season the Dolphins and the Panthers will leave a game week with different results.

One team will win, the other will lose tonight and will be live blogging most of the way through.

But the previous nine games, both teams lost their first three games this year. Both teams won two straight. And each won lost, won, lost, won the past four games.

It is very mild here, temperatures in the 60s. There is a light haze in the air.

The biggest news tonight is that Nate Garner will start at left guard for the Dolphins but Justin Smiley is not inactive. He will be available to play.

 Patrick Turner was working and he will be active for tonight's game.  The inactives are Tyler Thigpen (3rd QB), Lydon Murtha, Paul Soliai, Erik Walden, Anthony Fasano, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson and Nate Ness are inactive.

RB Kory Sheets is active for the first time this season.

For the Panther an interesting note is that WR Steve Smith was involved in an auto accident on the way to the game tonight, but he is not injured. He is expected to play.

Meantime, this is where the live blog will start. So join me in the comments section just prior to kickoff.


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No it was a bad route

Sweet a net of 27

Ginn is the only guy up the field

Either Henne stinks or the play calling stinks. Horrible throw agaaaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnn,

dont feed the troll, i'm the worst.

soooooooo many commercials

stupid fields, it's called HANG TIME and corner

Why is there so many commercials in the beginning of games?

Sh*t!!! Not the start I envisioned in my mind!!!

Bad pass ginn was open on the slant. Pass two yards behind him!!

my junk is 5" wide

Come on delhomme, throw us 6

Yea alot of commercials at least we don't have to put up with that loser collinsworth for 2 more weeks

Bad pass not Ginn

I was just going to say that do they need that much money to put 10 commercials in a timeout come on

I don't understand why we would run a shotgun with two tight ends in...Y??

Ginn came here to play tonight, he will make a few catches. They're going to him early.

Why is Chad Henne's accuracy so bad. I rather go with Pat White who has an option of running the darn thing.

Teddy cant even run basic routes and you want him taking the snap? I have a thought, NO F@$KING WAY!!!

Time for Vontae the Vulture people!


Henne to Ginn. Right up there with Marino to Duper / Clayton.

AFC East in great shape as lo long as those two ass clowns are trying to hook up.

that's true...

We need to strip the ball to get some points

Looks like we have to warm up first

Who let the panthers fan in here?

Davis is picking one off tonight

DeAngelo Williams looks like he's going nowhere and you look up and he just gained 8 yards.

dolphins look like bowling pins on that last play

Commercials? Cuz NFL Network is losing TONS of $ and they need to make it up on Thursday night games!!

Corners need to come up faster on that

Who got blown up on that play?



Why is Roth in coverage!!! Seriously

Roth looks mad

Ohhhh. This is going to be a fun one.

The fish D looks like they might give Florida Atlantic a go, but that about it.

Charlie Anderson and Matt Roth are in at OLB this series.

stop the run this is terrible!

Porter gets 2 more sacks by the end of the game!!!

I bet we give up 2 bills on defense tonight

I love both of them. Bring it on!!!

Taking the snap and running. No need to worry about timing if he's standing still

Roth, Crowder, Wake .... what does it matter. None of them can cover. Nor can your safeties. Hence the pathetic pass defense.

WTF, where is the pressure guys? Same ol'

Good tackle


Guys I need a feed to the game.
NFL.com is just doing look ins


Who wins in a fight Jake Delhome or Matt Roth

Thank you very much.

Jaw now b i t c h!

steve smith is the king of BS....dude talks crap all of the time--needs to get rocked

Smith een talks crap when he doesn't catch it!! WTF????

Smith just burned Smith.

God your secondary is PATHETIC. Can anyone cover? Anyone?

Delhommo will have a field day.

Steve Smith vs. Sean Smith 1 on 1. Not exactly the matchup the Dolphins want too often.

Why does Matt Roth look like he's trying to pick a fight with whoever he tackles.

getting sick of the stupid steve smith antics, someone needs to punch him in the mouth and early, even if it gets a penalty

Damn D finally did something!

Anyone have a link to the game?

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