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Live blog of Dolphins-Panthers starts here

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Factoid interesting perhaps only to me: For the first time this season the Dolphins and the Panthers will leave a game week with different results.

One team will win, the other will lose tonight and will be live blogging most of the way through.

But the previous nine games, both teams lost their first three games this year. Both teams won two straight. And each won lost, won, lost, won the past four games.

It is very mild here, temperatures in the 60s. There is a light haze in the air.

The biggest news tonight is that Nate Garner will start at left guard for the Dolphins but Justin Smiley is not inactive. He will be available to play.

 Patrick Turner was working and he will be active for tonight's game.  The inactives are Tyler Thigpen (3rd QB), Lydon Murtha, Paul Soliai, Erik Walden, Anthony Fasano, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson and Nate Ness are inactive.

RB Kory Sheets is active for the first time this season.

For the Panther an interesting note is that WR Steve Smith was involved in an auto accident on the way to the game tonight, but he is not injured. He is expected to play.

Meantime, this is where the live blog will start. So join me in the comments section just prior to kickoff.


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The DBs gotta man up some time Mando

I will take that on 3rd and 1 though, Mando.

I question if Steve Smith has it anymore.

Because that's the type of player he is. He likes to get into bar brawls! It's well documented.



Because Roth is a MEAT HEAD!

NFL network is killin me with commercials

Is it me or does bess look like he wants nothing to do with catching the ball on punts now days

sean smith seemed like a human blanket in preseason/early (pre Vontae)...now, looking burnt on many plays..Mando, any thoughts on this?

I thought Delhomme had a bum shoulder. He threw a pretty good bomb there.

Tortured Dolphan has been voted out. Get out of here.

Tortured, shouldn't you be at a Rex Ryan buffet or playing hide the sausage with ur boyfriend???

Can't wait til we lay out smith all that trash talk just one big smack

Training under fire,wait till next year!

thats a weird play call for the panthers...third and one and they go deep?...i'll take it tho!!

If we don't get it going on offense we're done. Sooner or later they'll start connecting on offense.

good stop now throw the damn thing down field

I am going to poopnext commercial break

Yup, the offense has to flow through Henne now.

Bess baby

Why does Matt Roth look like he's trying to pick a fight with whoever he tackles.

Posted by: Primetime | November 19, 2009 at 08:46 PM

Two words.... Roid Rage


Great playaction!! I love it!!

Bess is back!

Good route running by Bessy!

HOLY CRAP--deep downt the middle...havent seen that in 3 years!


Nice catch by Bess.


It lists a bunch of shows with three different miami games, which one is working case im not having any luck

Polite splits skulls!!!!!!!

Did u see that block by polite??

Play action is the future!

Dolphins are slipping and sliding all over the place.

Great check down

i got it, thanks

meant intermediate middle route (not deep-sorry)

Run the ball


WTF was that? Are you kidding me???


where the hell was the facemask???????

Now that was just crap!!!

Run run come on

Why throw!!!

awful 3rd down playcall

Bad play call.

should have been 1st down on penalty

What the he'll play call come on

Great pass Henne. What a call.



Damn we got to get going on offence

WHAT WAS THAT??????? Why not give it to Polite there....horrible play calling again. I hate the coaching staff!

What was that?

What the hell. Run the ball 3rd and short.

where the hell is Henne throwing? even sporano told him what the f...!

What a difference between Henne and Brady!!!!!! Brady woulda cried to refs, Belicheat and callled Gissele from the sideline!!

Bad call...that's why we got Ricky and Polite back there!!!

What the hell was that pass about

Anybody else that play-call -- a deep sideline route to a rookie on third and four -- was strangely out of place?

The play calling continues to be crappy!!!!!!! This was supposed to be a first down! FFFFFFkkkkk!!!

I have a slip and slide in my pants

Here the Fins go with a dearth of turnovers on defense.

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