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Miami a destination team for NFL players

Looking out beyond my office's French doors, I can see that it's hazy in South Florida this morning. The sun is nowhere to be found. But it is 75 degrees out there.

And I don't remember the last time I plowed snow from my driveway.

Maybe that's one reason so many NFL players love it down here. Many live here in the offseason. And many more, according to a Sports Illustrated player poll, would like to play here during the season.

In this week's magazine (remember those?) 296 players were asked, "Which team would you like to play for?"

More players picked the Dolphins than the New England Patriots. Can you believe that?

Most respondents (11.1 percent) picked the Dallas Cowboys. The San Diego Chargers were next at 8.5 percent and the Pittsburgh Steelers were third at 7 percent.

The Dolphins were fourth at 6.6 percent. And Miami is followed by New England at 5.9 percent.

Shockingly, neither Big Apple team is in the top 5.

Interestingly, three of the five most popular choices have not even qualified for a Super Bowl this decade.

You might argue the choices are financial ones as the Dolphins play in a state with no income tax. But why aren't the Bucs or Jacksonville up there? And why would San Diego be there with all the crazy taxes California levies?

And the choice also has not much to do with weather. Pittsburgh?

So what NFL city would you most like to live in? What team would you most want to play for?

Discuss ...

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Miami without a doubt...Too bad I'm too old :(

MANDO!!!! Great blog, nice video, but 3 questions:

1-is it true that you don't like CSI Miami?

2-what is your second favorite city (outside of Dade Cty.)?

3-and could you please answer Boca for quedstions 2?

If the NFL players could see the ladies in Toronto, there would be a new champion.

Otherwise it would be Miami or reasons stated.

Surprised more people didn't say San Francisco. Definitely the most beautiful and artisitic city that I've visited in the US.

San Diego would be up there too for the same reasons as Miami.

I would like to play for the CLEVELAND BROWNS. Why, you ask? Well, I could suck and STILL be one of their best players.

I would like to live in New Orleans. As a player, I could spend my paychecks in the brothels. That would also be more than likely where the coach would hold his team meetings, for the ambiance of course :-) No wonder they are 9-0.

The obvious: THE DOLPHINS!!!

Beautiful weather too :)

Otherwise, I would want to live in the section of New York that supports the Jets. My IQ would automatically go up by 50 points :-)

I'd personally prefer to play for the Broncos. But I love the mountains.

Mark in Toronto? Argonuts fans, right?

You guys play CFL football up there. Surprising you are a Dolphin fan? Or do you just like the big fish on the helmets (actually, it is really a mammal).

Peace and love

I would say Miami, San Diego, or San Fancisco. All close to the beach. Oakland you may wonder why I leave out??...who in there right mind would want to play for the Raiders?

Miami...Dolphins. Nuff said

I don't think I could pass on either Miami or San Diego. Maybe even Dallas, after all they say everything is bigger and better in the big D

Armando, btw why can't we get a preliminary report on Ronnie? MRI is read by now. They could at least tell us that there are no fractures, breaks, ligamen/tendon tears. The suspense is killing me. I know he won't be playing Thursday but I would like to know a little more..at least trick myself into feeling better.

Mando, what a lame post.

Maybe, we should poll the fans and ask them if they prefer **corn dogs** over **burgers** at the game?

Mando, have you run out of stories with this lame material? Just make something up like you normally do. I guarantee you it would be more entertaining than this crap. Please apply yourself a little deeper and dig into that journalism school degree your parents paid good money for.... .

Definitely Miami or San Diego. San Diego would be more expensive but if you're a pro athlete cost is not a concern.



Lifestyles of the "I have nothing to say about football for the moment and I come up with this garbage to keep you busy and hanging around my posts until the next breaking story"

Mark has a point. Been to T.O. Ladies are nice, however we are talkin' Miami here!


The reason why you won't hear anything definitive on Ronnie this week is because that would then make Carolina's preperation much easier and less time-consuming. If they think there is even a small chance Ronnie might play, it forces them to prepare for him and the Wildcat, possibly taking time away from other things during such a short week. Don't expect the Dolphins to say anything regarding his status until about 8:19 Thursday night.

Mark mentioned that he wants to live in San Fransico. I don't think he cares too much about the ladies.

Miami, obviously. Someday...someday.

Richard - even though I am born and raised in Toronto, I've never been anything but a fan of the Miami Dolphins. The first game I remember watching was John Riggins running all over the Dolphins. But then came Dan and I was hooked. I know nothing or even care about the Argonauts or the CFL. I was even a Dolphins season ticket holder in 2003 and hope to be back next year if the finances can improve a bit since it's much more expensive for me than you guys down there.

Yellow Stone - I am to be married next year, so no - I have no interest in man love. I mean Miami and Toronto have a high gay population too but it doesn't stop me from loving both cities. Live and let live my friend!

Miami all the way even though i grew up in Kissimmee, and now live in Ottawa Canada! Go Fish!

CRYING RYAN? Did u guys hear that Rex Ryan was crying like the lil byotch he really is?

Mark and Weller

Do they televise the Dolphins in your towns on a regular basis? Curious to know how you have an opportunity to watch the games.

Grew up in Kissimmee Fl. Now I have the Sunday Ticket. We get a new-england feed in Canada....

The Patriots are stunned again!

I get a different feed from Weller, I get the Buffalo regional feed. When I was a kid, I only had the chance to watch the Dolphins a handful of times a year. I would also go to different sports bars that would show multiple games and watch the games that way. That didn't deter me from being a fan though. I've had the Sunday ticket for the last 13 years or so at least. Now I never miss a game.

Excluding the Dolphins (you wuold surely automatically pick the team you follow) it would be Arizona for me. Beautiful weather, wonderful dry climate, upscale dining and shopping, mountains, good airport connections. And sensational desert golf year round.

Was born and raised in Miami, and I currenly live in Chicago. I'm going back the first chance I get. Best city in the world, best football team, best fans.

That's silly though PhinFan (not saying you are silly)if they are using that logic, b/c he is on crutches and certainly won't be playing...and they still have to prepare for the wildcat cuz Ricky runs it..and Pat White. And if they told us that there isn't a fracture/tear then that actually would be + news which allows us to breathe just a tad easier, and make the opposing teams worry about his availability (even though I think its moot for carolina cuz he is not playing that day regardless of the result)

Live in NY, always a Dolphins fan since the 70's. According to the NY papers, Wrecks Ryan was crying about the last Jests loss.

The problem with Ricky running the Wildcat is that he doesn't receive the snap naturally. He catches it so awkwardly that it costs him a whole second and a half to get moving. Ronnie is more effective, and if not Ronnie, then it has to be Pat White on most of those Wilcat plays that are dedicated runs.


Wouldn't want a report on Sheets, Turner's first game, Garner?

It would be refereshing to know a little more about a lot of the players on this team that are getting more playing time, moving up from the bubble, etc.?

Do you reporters not have access to Mc Daniel, Anderson, N. Jones, P. White, our rookie corners?

So far the reporting seems to be about Ginn, Turner, Porter, Limbaugh and now some goofey survey?

I learn more about this team from the contributing bloggers?

Requesting more varied interviews and reports of anyone other than JP,JT, and RB.

Go Phins!

Totally agree Dishpan...I swear Ricky always seems like he is getting a high snap or something. Its never smooth. Maybe he'll correct that this week. The Wild Cat, featuring Ricky and Lex Hilliard...God Help us...lol. Crazy part is the NFL network is doing all these commercials with Ronnie in them out of the Wild CAt in slow motion trying to amp it up and he isn't even going to play.

I don't mind shoveling snow. It melts eventually. Only 10 year olds whine about weather. It's too hot!!! It's too cold. It's always something.
Now if I had a choice of cities to play in, it would be Green Bay. I just like the smaller cities. The fans are rabid loyal and the players love the team. Lower crime, less polution, less problems getting to work, and if you have ever been to Lake Michigan it kicks the crap out of that stinky Gulf of Mexico.
But Miami has been my team since 72 and I didn't pick them because of the size of the city. I picked them because they were perfect.
Now if you don't mind the snow plow just went by and I have a snow bank to move.

Come on Marc in Toronto. The ladies in TO aint got nothin on the ladies in Montreal. And I`m from Calgary!!!
As far as to which NFL city I`d want to play for/live in just go to the Miami Dolphins fight song and remember that the
Miami Dolphins , Number One.

No news today? No speculation even? Don't Dolphins have game in two days?


I need more than this.

I already live in Miami, my most favorite big city in this great country

Jeremy, Montreal is fine too. But no city can touch Toronto's multi-culturalism, thus leading to such exotic looking ladies. Even the 2nd generation ladies are something to behold. I mean, whatever you look for, you'll find it in T.O. We have every colour of the rainbow and every mix inbetween.

Rex Ryan cried at practice? Is this is on you tube?

To see a fat boy cry is funny. Did he wipe he tears away with cheeseburgers?


Can we please have one blog on cryin ryan?

my hometown Los Angeles of course! for the same reasons: the weather, the ambiance and most importantly the diversity in culture, people, and views. Despite California's many negatives (smog, earthquakes, taxes) I wouldn't really want to live elsewhere. Life on the beach

Are you guys kidding?

Comparing Canada lumberjack ladies to the beautiful ladies of all flavors we have in Miami that are famous across the world?

Child Please

Richard: Just so you know... there are more NFL fans than CFL fans in Canada.

Mark: The ladies in TO are nice, if you like ugly obnoxious cows.

LOL at Yellow Stone

Miami first... obviously. San Diego, New Orleans and Tampa second

No, I want to change my answer to San Diego... that way I could get prescription for my "meds"

I was born and raised in Miami, but moved north 3 hours to Melbourne(40 minutes east of Orlando.) I would play for the only team Ive ever rooted for...the Dolphins. I would choose to live here in central Florida though. The temp and humidity is slightly lower and more tollerable on a year around basis. But make no mistake, its still hotter than hell here too.

Instead of playing, I would be happy to just run their drafts and choose which free agents to persue. If I did that, we would have probably won a few superbowls in the 90s and in the 2ks. We would have Bree's at qb, throwing to Moss and Boldin, Ray Lewis at MLB and many others I would have taken that the Dolphins previous mis-management should have taken, but passed on. I wont even go into a long rant about some of new ways I invinted to cuss after watching some of the drafts.

Melbourne have the nice surfer girl ladies in good shape

Jacksonville very nice if you only like to eat at waffle house or ride a harley

So long as Vincent Jackson leaves SD for MIA , maybe Shockey can come home to roost too.

Carlito - you can take my word for it or you can listen to Ludacris. he salutes Toronto's ladies in his music.

Been to Miami many times and they have nothing on Toronto - sorry for the locals to have to hear that. Actually the only places I've been to where the women are better looking than Toronto are Rome, Florence, and Paris.

And Frank, sounds like you couldn't get laid here because I've been to Ottawa many times too and talk about Barf City!


I never said our girls were good! Well... other than my pretty of course ; ) But I agree with whoever earlier... MTL girls are THE most beautiful!

It is settled. A man likes what he likes and from Mark description he like ladies with hairy armpit.

I salute you and your Canadian lumberjack ladies. ;)

Born in cuba, but arrived in miami at 2yrs old, grew up in the greatest city(Miami) and left for college at 18 and have lived in my 2nd favorite city for almost 20 years now(Damn iam getting old) so great they named it twice,but dont get me wrong, My heart and soul belong in Dade county followed by the fla. Keys.......Peace to all the Phinatics out there, Where ever your from..

As I said earlier, Miami. So what neighborhood, district would I want to look in? No longer than 1.5 hours from the stadium.

Women are a personal taste. People like what they like.

And Carlito, the women in Italy and France shave their armpits now.

I am very well-versed in this question. In grade 4 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I wrote an essay entitled, "I Will Only Be a Tiger-Cat." In the essay, I vociferously stated that even if the Toronto Argonauts wanted me, I would only play football for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

What happened in fact was that I ended up being drafted in the 5th round of the 1990 draft by the Calgary Stampeders as a WR/PK. My stats were as follows:

1990 - 36 receptions, 540 yards, 3 TDs.
1990 - 29/34 in FGs, 48/49 in PATs

1991 - 42 receptions, 667 yards, 5 TDs
1991 - 28/38 in FGs, 37/39 in PATs

I was then unceremoniously cut and failed to hook on with another club.

You can look it up online, and I'm sure you will. But the Canadian Football League deliberately removed all references to Nathaniel Dodsworth because of my constant petitioning to lift all quotas on American players (so-called "Imports.")

But to answer your question, Armando, as much as I love the Dolphins, and I love not paying state income taxes (I didn't know that. That's pretty cool.) I don't think I could take the heat and the humidity. That's a horrible way to live.

I think I'd prefer to play with the Anchorage Alaskans.

Miami for sure. Just would love it if fans would fill up all the empty seats. And I'm talking about all the sports.

During Dolphins games you see too many opposite fans and empty seats, specially at the beginning of the game. The Heat, I mean we have D. Wade, come on! and fans rarely fill up the stands, and always late as well. The Marlins? Now that's a joke. I hope the new stadium calls for more fans. The Hurricanes? a team with such history usually fills up 1/2 of the stadium. There are exceptions on big games only. The Panthers? Ice in Florida? mmmm.

I guess my point is that some players rather play in a city where the stands are always going to be packed, even if the weather is best here.

Frank and mark, the only problem with the Ldaies up there is during Nov.through april there so bundled up that your not sure what's in the package till it's unwrapped.....lol..

I would love to play for the Dolphins but I don't think I would want to live in Miami. The Fall is awesome in NY. Besides, being a Fire fighter I don't know how those boy's fight a working fire in 100° heat 100% humidity. My hat is off to them.

PS - Did I see Patrick Turner in the game Sunday on special teams?

Dear Mr. Salguero

I currently reside in Charlotte NC. Its a nice city with a good NFL owner Jerry Richardson.

For many years I lived Tampa Fl and followed the Buc's during the Ray Perkins era.(ouch)
Gotta say I love the gulf coast.

Spent some time in Colorado doing stone work for ski resorts. Beautiful place if I must say so myself the scenary takes ones breath away.(I cry everytime I hear John Denvers Rocky mountain high)

I also had the opertunity to work and stay at the Ritz Carlton in South beach.I spent two months working there when The Delindo or Delito(cant remember) was bought by The Ritz. I did the Terrazzo floor work.This was the year the Panthers played the Patriots in the superbowl.

I have also spent some time working in New Orleans(pre Katrina)doing granite/marble repair restore work along the Riverwalk area.


Give me winter time in South beach and the summers in Colorado.

Go Phins

Soiled :)

AHHH, Mr.Dodsworth, great to see you posting sir, Hows it feel to be a U.S citizen my friend....

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