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Miami Dolphins cut Roth for lack of production

Life is tough on the Dolphins roster when you're not producing. Matt Roth was not producing since returning to active duty four games ago. So he's no longer on the roster.

The Dolphins released the outside linebacker today.

Despite the curious timing of the move, sources are telling The Herald not to look into fanciful reasons for the move other than Roth wasn't getting it done. Roth has only four tackles in four games and has not had a game in which he had more than one tackle.

Some members of the personnel department and coaching staff shared the opinion that Roth was no longer the same player he showed himself to be at times last season when he started 14 games and was fifth on the team with 53 tackles.

Asked if Roth's groin injury was the reason for his decline, a source said, "That's as good a guess as any."

The source also said Roth was a serviceable but not outstanding player even when healthy so his decline plus an early season episode in which he lied to coach Tony Sparano sealed his fate. The team obviously had no intention of re-signing Roth for next year. Roth is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent next season.

Roth missed the first six games of the season while on the non-football injury list. He failed his conditioning test the first day of training camp and told Sparano he was sick. This after he had signed a waiver saying he was neither sick nor injured. After failing his test, Sparano met with Roth again and the player stuck with the story about being sick.

The club sent Roth for blood work which came back negative. It wasn't until agent Drew Rosenhaus revealed Roth had injured his groin again that Roth confessed to the injury.

The Dolphins filled Roth's roster spot with former Detroit defensive end Ikaika Alama-Francis, a 24-year-old product out of Hawaii that is in his third season. Francis has typical 3-4 defensive end size at 6-5 and 290 pounds.

The team also waived defensive back Nate Ness today and signed defensive back Evan Oglesby, a former Cowboys and Ravens player.


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"The source also said Roth was a serviceable but not outstanding player even when healthy"

Okay, that's a load of crap, because 70% of the Fins roster are "serviceable but not outstanding" players. So what? They're going to cut 7 out of ten players?

And if this was about the lie at the beginning of the training camp, why not cut him back then?

Crap! This has everything to do with his agent and an attempt to get a new contract. Since he didn't get a new contract he and his agent decided that he should play according to the money he was making.. not the money he could make.

And the reason for this is simple: the Fins signed Jason Taylor to be a pass rush specialist. In other words: Roth was slotted to play on run downs and Jason Taylor was to come in on passing downs. Essentially eliminating Roth's ability for a big pay day... because OLB's get PAID for SACKS.

OLB's that don't get sacks don't get paid. Roth and his agent knew this and wanted off of this team. That's why he lied. That's why he played like crap. That's why he's cut.

Plain and simple.

Shane, I noticed that he played with few colleges but man, what a talent. And there has to be a reason why someone that talented ends up playing for $80,000 a year. And maybe one winter in Winnipeg is enough to make a guy smarten up.

He wouldn't cost that much. Someone will give him a shot, would be nice if it was us.

Tommya, I think you're right. It's not like he was a liability out there. He was serviceable but too much baggage.

Carlito, I get what ur saying but Moses is not expected to be a starter and wasn't the 9th pick of a draft. Ur point is well taken - doesn't change the fact that it seems Roth was deceiving and then he did not make the most of the opportunity he had.

Armando, do you think that Ikaika can produce in Miami's 3-4 scheme, I remember this kid had some promise coming out of Hawaii.


Yeah I think Roth being cut is obvious hangover from "Rothgate" this summer. He is free agent at the end of the season and there is distrust between him and trifecta. When he is not producing, they will not want to bother resign him... so he got cut.

Roth will probably be picked up off waivers, but its really no big deal...

The Dolphins still have Porter, Taylor, Anderson, and Wake at OLB and if somebody gets hurt maybe NJ's boy Moses will get thrown a bone.

the UFL awaits...

I just get back from dropping the Cosby kids off at the pool and read this. Not many draft picks remain from the Saban error. Only Ronnie and Channing remain from that draft.
Well gotta run because the Family Matters crew might be checking into the pool in my bathroom any second.

Glad to see actual phin talk tonight because I didn't wanna have to eat pudding off anyone's stomach tonight. Although don't temp me if whip cream is on top of the pudding.

Tim Stim,

Jason Allen is still here from Nick Saban pick

This will prove to be a huge mistake for us; Roth was going to break out sooner or later. He was out for 6 weeks. They should've given more time. Now watch him go to the Patriots or Jets & kick our ass!

Hey Mando, can you tell us what you think of the move?

OH NO roth might go to the patriots like welker god forbid (sarcasm) Who cares im sick of people cryin about guys signing with the patriots screw welker and anybody else not wearin the fins uniform see ya later roth lets go fins

oh no roth might go to the patriots with welker god forbid...who cares im so sick of hearing people cry that guys we release may go to the pats or jets so what screw wes overrated welker and see ya roth go fins


carlito said it best at 6:22

PriceMaster, how do you blow it? Drew Rosenhaus. This arrogant prikk thinks he's smarter than everybody. Well Parcells showed him.

FB - you may have a point about Roth going to the patsies or jerks and that could be trouble, maybe. But he lied to his coach and to the team. Besides don't you think we are relatively stocked at the OLB position? I did kinda like Roth last year but that was long ago. He was out of shape and he alienated himself from the team. We still do not know the truth. If McDaniel or Starks switches to NT we will need more depth at DE and we are depleted at CB. We need to change it up on 4th quarter defense. Maybe a lil new blood is a good thing.

The difference between ginn the 3rd year player and moses the 3rd year player , is ginn is still playing wr the position he played in college. Moses is being converted to olb in the 3-4 from DE in college. It very difficult to do and take a couple of years to learn.

I'm giving up Thanksgiving now, my week is ruined, the stud, All Pro, sack artist, big play specialist, Matt Roth was waived.

Sorry I ment the draft class when Ronnie went #2 overall. The Jason Allen draft class might have been worse than cam's one and only draft class.

Has anyone wiped so much that they bleed all over the toliet paper?

come on mando please give us something else i mean matt roth? really? the fins are fighting for their playoff lives and were talking about a so so player that outside of finland no one knows i mean come on

The Three Stooges have totally lost the team with this move. This ill-timed and ill-considered move will haunt this franchise for years to come.

reality, Finland is a hockey country, they have no clue who matt roth is.

i tell you team to sign me and they no listen now who cry

You are right, I ment the draft class of when Ronnie went #2 overall. The Jason Allen draft might be worse than Cam's only draft chance. Teddy is all alone in that one.

Has anyone poop so much that they wiped blood on the toliet paper?

mark in toronto, by finland i meant dolphinland easy mistake haha and go rangers

If it werent for the experimental olb transition, Roth would have been cut the summer of 08.

Last season the trifecta saved Roth's career and he rewards them over the offseason with the Rothgate stunt and whatever else recently leading to the surprise early release.

Just like my pop used to say, "Son, I brought you into this world, and I can also be the one who takes you out."

The trifecta revived Roth's career and fittingly they're the one's ending it. At least in Miami that is. Roth maybe able to hang on 2-3 yrs longer before the party's over and the lights are finally turned out on his relatively short and lackluster career.

I have always liked Roth since he joined the team but I think his agent got in his head. The guy worked his butt off in the past and then this year he comes in loafing. You can bet the Pattsies are going to sign him and he will be a thorn in our side for years to come but if a player is not making plays a team can not afford the luxury of keeping him on the roster. Hope he gets signed by the Browns.

Is this starting time definite!!???????????? 1pm Eastern on the 6 th!????????

Wow...I thougt he would be here for a while,too bad for him.last year he showed so much potential.

why wouldnt we fill the roster spot w/ a defensive tackle to back up soliai?

Rosenfraud outfoxed Parcells & co on this one>>>>total release equals total free agency>>>> Matt will get his big pay day, as will Drew, while the Three Stooges are holding their d***s in their hands.

Next dumbest move this year: putting Martin on IR when he could have come back & played after rehab.

NJ's defense of Parcells & love-poem to Moses in 3, 2, ......

Zach - they still have a roster spot: Ferguson's. Francis takes Roth's roster spot, Oglesby takes Ness' roster spot, so Ferguson's spot is still open.

I like the idea of Adarius Bowman (6-3, 225). He looks a lot like Oronde Gadsden (6-2, 215) - big-assed hands, but faster and taller:


What are the rules about getting this guy now?

I can see the Fins going after a fast WR (even an aging veteran because that could be the difference in making a run at the playoffs) to fill this roster spot if there is one available. Frankly, as pointed out elsewhere, the loss of a star defensive player can also be made up for by extra points on offense. A legit long ball threat at WR could/would do this.

who is this player you speak of, Matt Roth? :)

Vox Verdad becareful or NJ will clean your clock

I know Porter and Taylor are not lonterm solutions for us. I know some body mentioned the strongside OLB from TCU, he appears to be pretty good one to draft. Well I guess Roth was kinda lucky he lasted this long. I am not worried if he goes to the Pats, so be it. What is he going to start tackling for them like crazy? Not.

"You can bet the Pattsies are going to sign him and he will be a thorn in our side for years to come"

posted by Joe

You really have me LMFAO with this one!

I see some people talking sh*t about Roth but the dude played very well last year and only played a couple of games coming out of an injury

Vox verdad , no need to defend anyone. You post says it all. Your stupidity says it all. :)

Typo : Your


You are right. Roth did have a good year last year. This year kinda went downhill for him with the injury and lying deal. He was doing a Manny Ramirez(Red Sox) thing, when he isnt a Manny type of player.

I can't win on this blog. If i say something negative about miami , i get accused of not being a real dolphin fan. if i say something good about miami , i get accused of defending parcells and company. UN-F'N- BELIEVABLE. It's Funny though . :)

Ace the guy was injured and hid it not that big of a deal not enough to cut the guy and if you felt that way about the dude they should have traded or cut him in preseason and picked up someone else and integrated them in to the team early on

Chill dude! I was making a point that Bellecheat seems to target Phin players. I agree and move on. Do not say Welker sucks that is ridiculous.

Go Phins!


How are ya?

Wait a minute dont say you are doing fine or lousy because you cannot win with some folks.

You can't walk around the locker room bitching every day how you are getting screwed by management, you go up against Parcell's you lose!!


Idea for a blog????

Based on the Monday Night game what is everyones opinions on Phins beating Titans and Texans?

Go Phins!

And lastly please stop your paranoid with calling me Cuban Menace. I have told you several time I am not this guy and Armando has even confirmed it. You are wrong, face it, get over it.


Posted by: carlito from golfito | November 24, 2009 at 07:47 PM

Say you sorry...to carlito
Plumbers rule


Whats up ACE? how are you?


I am doing fine. How about you?
Our Fins gotta keep on going. Those stinking Pats have to lose. Got my fingers crossed.

I'm great ACE. found out last wensday me an my girl are having our first kid! i'm excited! Dolphin Nation we will have a new member in late August or early September! Ace miami is coming back . Henne has been impressive and ricky has much more burst and speed than ronnie. it sucks losing ronnie but i think giving henne the ball will get us more points and accelerate his progression.

Sammo congrats on the news of a new one to your family. Lot of work and late nights, but they are worth it.

Henne seems to be getting more poised with every game. Ricky is doing very good. We just got to keep on winning.

Thanx Ace. yeah henne is poised but what excites me is he played at michigan and is used to cold weather games. makes him a perfect fit for miami in the afc east for away games. Parcells had that in mind when drafting henne. i think miami beats NE in miami . the only game that worries me is houston. johnson is a monster wideout and slaton is the type of back that can get open and do major damage to our lb's on pass plays.

sammo new blog up,
afterthis I am out
catch ya later

good point shaggy Crowder is a BUM what were they thinking when they gave him a new contract.

Matt Roth got caught with he’s hands in the cookie jar. He was riding last season's success on he’s shoulders and the coaches saw he’s arrogance. No room for pre-Madonna’s in a Soprano football squad. You either come with it or leave with it. The WR's specially Gin are lucky not to be cut the reason is we are so week at the position, cutting them would only hurt us more, imagine that's how fucct we are at WR. When the season started I was wondering about Henne but looking at Henne’s body language this Young QB is a rock solid worrier and I now crown him Dolphins QB of the now and the next 10 years. He almost looks like chucky when he’s on the field. Have you seen he’s eyes when he’s down in the game he has a fight in him he’s a Pit Bull. Go Phins Nice draft for the Tuna when it comes to DB’s we landed two stud DBs in one draft awesome. Hartline looks like a solid starter but we need to see Turner let the kid show he’s promise in the game, give him a shoot we need him. Going on the precedence of this draft I will venture to say once Turner is given the opportunity he will catch everything thrown he’s way he most have problems with play recognition they should pre select plays with him so he knows a couple of plays by heart. Thank God Ricky is such a naturalist we would be in deep shenanigan if it was not for him holding down the fort specially now when we need a running game to keep the pressure off Henne. The defense will determine how we finish the rest of the season. They will either grow together specially since they have had a couple of games playing within the same unit. The Defense will determine our season we will average 24 point a game for the remaining 6 games if the defense needs to average less and right now that’s where we need the most improvement on.

Dolphins’ 31 chicken wings 17

Remember there is always two sides to every coin. People are thinking, why cut Roth now and take the chance that the pats will pick him up(or maybe even the bills)and he will divulge the DOLPHINS signals, calls, game plan or even the TUNA'S waist size. The other side of the coin is the DOLPHINS may be hopeing this happens. Roth may provide all the information needed to out smart or in the pats case, cheat themselves. The Trojan Horse may be Matt Roth. This orginazation is not stupid, also this is not the first time a team has used this tactic. Or maybe the DOLPHINS really dont care who knows what, and they just out right cut him to put pressure on the rest of the team during the stretch run.

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