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Mortensen: Porter not playing anytime soon

Well, this one came out of left field, but because Chris Mortensen is so well-respected and highly decorated as a journalist, it demands repeating here: The ESPN information man just reported Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter is not playing against the Carolina Panthers Thursday night.

Or "anytime soon," for that matter.

"The bottom line is I wouldn't expect to see Joey Porter anytime soon, certainly not Thursday night against the Panthers, although that's a coach's decison," Mortensen said on ESPN's Monday Night Countdown show.

And there you have it, except I have a hard time buying it.

I could understand if Porter is not expected to start. I could understand if Porter is not expected to get a majority of the snaps. But not play? And not for the foreseeable future?

I call Bovine Stool on this report.

I know Mortensen is pals with Bill Parcells because the two worked together at ESPN. I assume as everyone else does that Mortensen gets information from Parcells. And I can see how Parcells, a no-nonsense type guy with little regard for trash talkers that bark loudly but don't bite on game day, might be sick of Porter's big mouth act.

But shelve Porter indefinitely?

It would make better sense for the Dolphins to simply cut Porter. And I believe that will happen before the 2010 season begins. But just put the guy on ice?

I believe Porter is expected and will play Thursday against the Panthers. I have not been told anything one way or the other. But instinct forces me to believe the Dolphins won't shelve Porter while, for example, Quentin Moses is active for the game.

Nothing against Moses, but a player like Porter does not fall from grace so fast and with such a mighty thud as to be a starter against New England one week and then you don't hear from him again "anytime soon," thereafter.

Now, if Porter were injured, I would understand the possibility of not playing him. But Mort's report did not mention injury, and in fact, made the case that Porter is out because both Charlie Anderson and Cameron Wake were outstanding against Tampa Bay.

Porter also practiced Monday, was not on the injury report, and said during his talk to reporters that he is healthy. “I’m good man. I’m ready to go," Porter said. "I’m healthy. I’m ready to play."

Porter, by the way, expects to play against Carolina. He said he was getting ready for Carolina at least twice during Monday's interview. So if he's about to get shelved, he wasn't aware of it Monday.

Another reason I have trouble with the report is what Sparano said Monday, which I reported in the previous post. Yes, there is a rotation set now for the outside linebacker corps. That rotation was set prior to the Tampa Bay game and will continue for the Panthers game.

But Porter is expected to be part of that rotation rather than be excluded from it.

“I will be honest with you and I might have mentioned this after the game, but our plan going in was to have a rotation and we will continue to have a rotation and get as many of these guys in the game that we can get into the game," Sparano said. "I think [Cameron Wake and Charlie Anderson] were both productive yesterday so there is no reason for them not to get into the game and play.”

Nowhere in that is a hint that Porter will be left out in the cold. Furthermore, Sparano's almost enthusiastic defense of Porter against what he said was a media "hunt," suggested the coach plans to continue using Porter.

Even the suggestion that Porter has lost some explosion while his sacks have gone from 17.5 last year to 2.5 so far this year, seemed to vex Sparano.

“That’s your opinion," he retorted. "I think that you’re entitled to your opinion, but I think that for what we’ve asked Joey to do right now in the games that Joey’s been out there and been healthy, I’ve seen some of those things happen.

"Sometimes they just don’t go your way. It’s like when you guys sit here, and you say to me, ‘How come the receivers aren’t catching the ball?, How come the tight ends, coach, aren’t getting this, that, and the other thing?’ We want to talk about tight ends today? I think that those things, the opportunities are what the opportunities are. There was a ballgame a couple weeks ago, Joey was playing in, and if you start counting front side runs to backside runs, Joey was on the backside of a lot of those plays, an awful lot.”

So where does this all leave us?

If Porter does not play, it obviously signals the end of the relationship between him and the Dolphins much earlier than anyone expected -- that being by the start of 2010. It would mean the Dolphins have grown tired of his big mouth and diminishing statistics.

Simply, it would be hard for Miami to shelve Porter indefinitely without some backlash from the player. Porter wouldn't take it calmly, trust me. And, frankly, Porter would have something of a right to be angry if the report is true because it would mean the club was laying out its plans for him to a media outlet before telling him. Porter might have heard of Miami's plans on ESPN rather than from a coach that he likes and admires.

That would not sit well with him. He could get ugly about the whole situation. So the Dolphins would almost be forced to cut ties to avoid any drama. In that regard, the bigger story would be Dolphins getting ready to cut Porter.

So we are at a crossroads.

You either have a report that is wrong if Porter plays Thursday. Or you have an accurate report and a head coach who, in his zeal to defend an embattled player, crossed the line from defense to outright deception about that player -- defending him to the media while dumping him otherwise.

That's not how I believe Tony Sparano operates. He might not tell the media everything. But he's not a deceptive type of guy. And he doesn't mince words with his players. If Porter weren't going to play, he would hear that from Sparano, not on ESPN.

So I choose to believe the coach at the moment. I choose to believe Porter will play.

We shall see.


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I love the rotation. With all the passing teams, if you can throw 4, 5 guys that can stay fresh and rush the passer effectively, that will bring some pain to other teams co-ordinators and Qbs. Remember what the giants did with a rotation of Tuck, Osi,and Strahan against pass happy Pats.

NJ, am I first?

YES I AM! NJ, what did I win? Play Misty!

You won the chance to say something stupid like "First"...Congrats

I'll take Mandy's side here. I think barring some craziness Joey plays...of course, if this other reporter is speculating, we should speculate as to why he's speculating. In fact, Mandy, WHY did Joey sit? Will this remain an unsolved mysetery like why Solai got suspended, or why the RG we signed last year was cut?

Marc, everyone: The reason Porter sat, among other things, is found in the previous blog post.

Thanks for reading.

Joey is not gonna Get better by do what he can to get by. He needs to sit again. Stay in the timeout corner, ur grounded porter!!!

I don't think we'll see Porter much. I don't think Mortensen is right, but c'mon it's clear as day that Porter's knees are gone.

The guy can't stop on a dime. And he can't make sharp cuts. HIS KNEES ARE POOF, GONE!

So we'll see him soon, but he'll be very limited. I'm surprised the coaches stuck with him so long when it's so obvious he can't physically play the game right now.

"At outside linebacker, Joey Porter was benched for reasons the Dolphins don't want to divulge. But in keeping those reasons and Porter under wraps, something very interesting became quite public. Porter can seemingly be easily replaced."

That's not an answer...

Marc, you obviously lack reading comprehension skills. Might have to do with your azzholery.

Mando, nice closing in the post - "thanks for reading". Take that Marc!

Marc, you're making me crazy!!!!!

This is what I wrote IN THE PREVIOUS BLOG POST, not this blog post:

And the clouds over Porter's sudden deactivation are clearing. According to a club source, one reason Porter was basically shelved Sunday was because his conduct was not what coaches expected throughout the week and including the moment when he was told he would be sharing time with Charlie Anderson.

Sparano and the Dolphins have declined to say specifically why Porter was deactivated.

But the source said coaches "were not happy with Porter's professionalism" in handling his knee injury and the news he would play less.


By the way, you might want to ask this question next time you're around the coaches:

Is Porter being hampered by a body/knees that are wearing down? Not asking if he's injured... but is age catching up and affecting what he can do out there.

Another one who will lose there job; Fasano!! Say goodbye. If Roth doesn't want to show up soon than wave goodbye to him too.

any one has a perfect turkey recipe in the honor of porter .must have chesnut .

Hahahaa, Marc, you dummy, why you taxing Mando's patience?

Get off the Madden already, it's rotting your brain.

I can't read between the lines. I read the facts. Facts are "Joey Porter was benched for reasons the Dolphins don't want to divulge". Don't get mad because I called you out for acting like a sheep. "BAAAAH, First, BAHHH" ;)

Tommya, there's no doubt Porter is on the decline. And because he hasn't been one to take extra care of his body, I believe his decline, when it begins, will be rapid.

A player like JT that normally takes extra care of his body has a much more level decline as the years pass.

Porter? I believe that will be steep and fast, if it hasn't already begun.

Oh, sh$t...forgot I read that part...My bad Mandy, apologies to all but the Canuck ;)

Stick your sorries in a sack Mister!

heard that on Seinfeld episode once. Don't know what it means or where it originated.

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Well it looks like his decline started at the end of last year, and carried over to this year. What we're seeing now is a player that mentally believes with all of his soul that he can get it done... but the body says otherwise.

I think Sparano is protecting Porter's pride right now. It's gotta be hard to come to grips with reality- his football career is a Naples sunset right now.

Maybe Porter can be a lot more productive if he is part of a rotation though? If he plays 10 plays instead of 30, and you throw Roth, Anderson, and Wake out there with JT, these OLBs might be a terror.

Sounds better...Good one.

i never seen any normal people name their son MARC ?


The question is whether or not Mortensen has the inside track to info out of the Phins locker room. Maybe a bit more info going to him that Mando. Hope that isn't true.
Is Porter hurt? I believe the fast decline more than hurt. I don't think he was ready this year. Plain and simple. Same with Fasano. Just a little lazy in the gym and these guys pay for it.

I know that Roth is a beast vs. the run, and Wake is a beast rushing the passer. However, neither of them are the full package. Anderson is quick on the edge, but how do you think he stacks up against the run?

best names on the fins team;

Jason Taylor
Ronnie Brown
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these names are for inmates .

"Normal people"? Are we really debating the origin and spelling of my name? I grew up in a suburb of Orlando, a predominately black one. I'm far from a redneck

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HAahaha, this is good banter.

Crowder's first name is Channing. That's more appropriate for the Country Club than the Big House, no?

"I call Bovine Stool on this report." LMAO!!!
Mando, i had to stop reading this article after i read this line. hilarious man. way to tango with the vocab...too funny.

now back to the blog....

Mark ,for any name to not make the inmate list both first and last names must pass the test like jason taylor.both names are up there but when you scream the name fasano it hits you as we are in a jail cell.

Bovine stool - very apropos!




i see what you mean ALoco.

Chad Pennington then should be play golf and tennis at the private club. Can't get any more classy than that.

Mando, I don't blame you for being angry with that reporter for taking verbal liberties with such a statement. I said this a week ago the media needs to back off Porter that was evident with the farting comment this morning. The guy is a proud athlete with a huge sense of pride. The media is out to make him snap just to be the first to report it. Put yourself in his cleats how would you feel being under the microscope 24-7? Please just give the guy some space his wounds will heal with time.

We have all seen him inspire other defensive players with his sense of pride and anger directed toward the opponent, hopefully we will see that great side of him again.

I didn't see the show but is it possible that Morris meant Ronnie wouldn't play rather than porter?

Agree with the rapid physical decline theory (henceforth referred to as RPDT). Porter is like a confused alzheimer's patient running around on the field. He should continue to sit before he really gets hurt out there.

Personally, I think Sparano is feeding the press baloney. What reason is there to play a "player" who doesn't make any plays? Should Sparano do so because Porter is one of his "favorites?" He doesn't want to hurt poor Joey's feelings? Ridiculous.

Armando, Mort may have just scooped you. We'll see come Thursday night.

Porter will play again,a badass like him don't act up when sum1 else plays good.

I think the guy is just trying to get Porter rialed up in hopes he will snap.

People r quick to dump on a man cuz he's Ina slump.u type of people suck!u r up there wit banwagon fans.

I'm surrounded by lousy fans,we should all defend a player till he proves completely worthless,at the end of season,he gets cut or whatever.

mando u should delete marcs posts like u do mine

why phinfan1975? he seems very good guy and he never attack any one unlike you .

Just heard this on ESPN's halftime. Chris Berman - "Kudos to the Patriots because now they know they can play with the Colts."

What a retard!

BigD, that is retarded? Everyone knew the Pats could play with the Patriots. Everyone should be ridiculing the Patriots for folding like a cheap suit.

Just my opinion, but I think this team would be better if Joey was cut tommorow. When you are on the wrong side of 30, and you dont take care of yourself and watch a lot of film, you arent going to be that good. And thats what Joey is, an old, unathletic guy who isnt that good. Anderon is better than he is, and wake is a better pass rusher.

Dear Mr. Salguero

""The bottom line is I wouldn't expect to see Joey Porter anytime soon, certainly not Thursday night against the Panthers, although that's a coach's decison," Mortensen said on ESPN's Monday Countdown show."

Mortensen - Hello
Dolphin deepthroat - Is this Chris Mortensen from ESPN's Monday countdown show ?
Mortensen - Yes, who is this ? how did you get my number ? :(
Dolphin Deepthroat - Porters done for the Dolphins.
Mortensen - Who is this and how did you get this number ? :(
Dolphins Deepthroat - All Porters got left is his mouth.
Mortensen - I'm hanging up now and calling the police.(phone goes dead)

Somewhere Tom Brady turns his phone off and smiles.

Soiled :)

Mark, are you asking me or agreeing with me?

I've seen your posts on here phinfan1975. And If I wuz Mando, I'd not only delet them, I'd shove them up your a ss.


Example A of why it's good to have a GM seperate from the head coach.

theres a reason teams like the steelers win championships and are respected more than our fins and it has alot to do with their fanbase the people in pittsburgh are loyal to their players and still love porter for what he did for them. this guy came here and brought a little spunk and some backbone to this team for the first time in 10 years and now hes a bum and you just want to dump him cause he aint got 100 sacks you wishy washy fans are pathetic

BigD, I'm agreeing with you. Even when the pats crap the bed, ESPN still admires them.

Sounds much like the quote Mortensen said about Westbrook... You sure on this one, Armando?

Porter should be mad, he's being used wrong on almost every snap. He can not beat a LT straight up, he needs to stand up and be coming off the edge.

For the record, I don't think they should dump Porter now. But there should be a full rotation of our OLBs - JT included. It will help our 4th qtr defence.

Mark, thought you might be, but wasn't sure because of the question mark.

Sure, it's crazy. Do they give the Dolphins extra credit because they hung in against the Colts AND the Saints AND the Pats? No. What a bunch of garbage. The favoritism is obvious. It's no wonder so many fans love it when the Pats get beat!

How is Porter being used wrong ? He's doing the same thing as last year, except he can't produce this year unless you watch the fantasy film Sparano watches.

Dear Mr. Salguero

It has just dawned on me why Joey Porter is no longer playing.
Joey Porter spoke out against Tom Brady. There I said it.
Fact - Porter said there is a Buchum rule
Gisele gets wind of what Joey said and goes to Roger Goodell tells him she thinks Joey's mean and a stinky head.
Fact - Joey Porter deactivated before Tampa Bay game and possibly beyond.

Soiled :)

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