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Mortensen: Porter not playing anytime soon

Well, this one came out of left field, but because Chris Mortensen is so well-respected and highly decorated as a journalist, it demands repeating here: The ESPN information man just reported Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter is not playing against the Carolina Panthers Thursday night.

Or "anytime soon," for that matter.

"The bottom line is I wouldn't expect to see Joey Porter anytime soon, certainly not Thursday night against the Panthers, although that's a coach's decison," Mortensen said on ESPN's Monday Night Countdown show.

And there you have it, except I have a hard time buying it.

I could understand if Porter is not expected to start. I could understand if Porter is not expected to get a majority of the snaps. But not play? And not for the foreseeable future?

I call Bovine Stool on this report.

I know Mortensen is pals with Bill Parcells because the two worked together at ESPN. I assume as everyone else does that Mortensen gets information from Parcells. And I can see how Parcells, a no-nonsense type guy with little regard for trash talkers that bark loudly but don't bite on game day, might be sick of Porter's big mouth act.

But shelve Porter indefinitely?

It would make better sense for the Dolphins to simply cut Porter. And I believe that will happen before the 2010 season begins. But just put the guy on ice?

I believe Porter is expected and will play Thursday against the Panthers. I have not been told anything one way or the other. But instinct forces me to believe the Dolphins won't shelve Porter while, for example, Quentin Moses is active for the game.

Nothing against Moses, but a player like Porter does not fall from grace so fast and with such a mighty thud as to be a starter against New England one week and then you don't hear from him again "anytime soon," thereafter.

Now, if Porter were injured, I would understand the possibility of not playing him. But Mort's report did not mention injury, and in fact, made the case that Porter is out because both Charlie Anderson and Cameron Wake were outstanding against Tampa Bay.

Porter also practiced Monday, was not on the injury report, and said during his talk to reporters that he is healthy. “I’m good man. I’m ready to go," Porter said. "I’m healthy. I’m ready to play."

Porter, by the way, expects to play against Carolina. He said he was getting ready for Carolina at least twice during Monday's interview. So if he's about to get shelved, he wasn't aware of it Monday.

Another reason I have trouble with the report is what Sparano said Monday, which I reported in the previous post. Yes, there is a rotation set now for the outside linebacker corps. That rotation was set prior to the Tampa Bay game and will continue for the Panthers game.

But Porter is expected to be part of that rotation rather than be excluded from it.

“I will be honest with you and I might have mentioned this after the game, but our plan going in was to have a rotation and we will continue to have a rotation and get as many of these guys in the game that we can get into the game," Sparano said. "I think [Cameron Wake and Charlie Anderson] were both productive yesterday so there is no reason for them not to get into the game and play.”

Nowhere in that is a hint that Porter will be left out in the cold. Furthermore, Sparano's almost enthusiastic defense of Porter against what he said was a media "hunt," suggested the coach plans to continue using Porter.

Even the suggestion that Porter has lost some explosion while his sacks have gone from 17.5 last year to 2.5 so far this year, seemed to vex Sparano.

“That’s your opinion," he retorted. "I think that you’re entitled to your opinion, but I think that for what we’ve asked Joey to do right now in the games that Joey’s been out there and been healthy, I’ve seen some of those things happen.

"Sometimes they just don’t go your way. It’s like when you guys sit here, and you say to me, ‘How come the receivers aren’t catching the ball?, How come the tight ends, coach, aren’t getting this, that, and the other thing?’ We want to talk about tight ends today? I think that those things, the opportunities are what the opportunities are. There was a ballgame a couple weeks ago, Joey was playing in, and if you start counting front side runs to backside runs, Joey was on the backside of a lot of those plays, an awful lot.”

So where does this all leave us?

If Porter does not play, it obviously signals the end of the relationship between him and the Dolphins much earlier than anyone expected -- that being by the start of 2010. It would mean the Dolphins have grown tired of his big mouth and diminishing statistics.

Simply, it would be hard for Miami to shelve Porter indefinitely without some backlash from the player. Porter wouldn't take it calmly, trust me. And, frankly, Porter would have something of a right to be angry if the report is true because it would mean the club was laying out its plans for him to a media outlet before telling him. Porter might have heard of Miami's plans on ESPN rather than from a coach that he likes and admires.

That would not sit well with him. He could get ugly about the whole situation. So the Dolphins would almost be forced to cut ties to avoid any drama. In that regard, the bigger story would be Dolphins getting ready to cut Porter.

So we are at a crossroads.

You either have a report that is wrong if Porter plays Thursday. Or you have an accurate report and a head coach who, in his zeal to defend an embattled player, crossed the line from defense to outright deception about that player -- defending him to the media while dumping him otherwise.

That's not how I believe Tony Sparano operates. He might not tell the media everything. But he's not a deceptive type of guy. And he doesn't mince words with his players. If Porter weren't going to play, he would hear that from Sparano, not on ESPN.

So I choose to believe the coach at the moment. I choose to believe Porter will play.

We shall see.


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Armando Sparano is full of it.. this guy is not real with us at all, he's always trying to play with the truth and we the fans see it ,Sparano is not truthful and real with us so why should we belive him!

believe not belive......learn english donkey .

Too bad the Dolphins didn't draft Brady Quinn AND Tedd Ginn. Brady could have thrown 3 yard outs and have Ginn run out of bounds all game long. The games would last 15 hours.

Just trying to speak in a language you understand Niglish Monkey

It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds. The rumor is Porter was out on the town instead of rehabbing the knee. Sporano deemed this as unprofessional behavior coming from a team captain.

If Porter is as healthy as he states, then there is no excuse for his poor performances. If he is truly injured, then you can't blame the coach. Either way Porter should see less playing time. There is no story here.

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Pure speculation. The fact of the matter is that Anderson and Wake are producing, and Porter is not. The situation is how it affects in the locker room. If you happened to see the post game locker celebration, you would've observed a rather grim image with Sparano rounding up his players at the end (normally Porter's duty) for a weak ,a la Pennington's arm, "1,2,3 Dolphins". Something was missing...Pure speculation, though.

Let the better player play. Porter has talked more than preformed this year. He has given the opposition ammunition to play harder on the Phins. He needs to be benched until he learns to shut up and play.

Obviously Joey was caught in an illegal game of dominoes. There's your big mystery.

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Posted by: KillerDolphin | November 16, 2009 at 11:54 PM

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good assessment mando, thanks as always.

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Charlie Anderson earned some playing time it's plain and simple if ur not performing "move on to the next" like Joey porter quotes Jay-z in porters doghouse.

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On a Sidenote...
After watching that painful excuse of a football game in Cleveland, all the talk of Ted Ginn vs Brady Quinn should be put to rest.
Ted Ginn is good at kick returns... Brady Quinn can't do anything!!!

Joey should send 4 of his home boys into the coaches office to kick his arse!

Ginn better than Quinn. Porter is going to play.

Mando, why didn't the phins go after Lj? He could have played well with Ricky. Ronnie can't play this week.

we need a WR more than a RB our backups are good

I'm stoked!

I just got a killer deal on a Bovine Stool at Ikea. It was 95% off like JP's production thid year.

Just in time for the hollidays!

Go Phins!

I agree with Mando.

It's still confusing as to why they didn't trade him before the deadline. OLB is the deepest position on the team and JP's best days are behind him. I can't believe a contending team wasn't willing to give up a 3rd or 4th rounder for Joey. To me, it was weird that he was still with the team after the trade deadline.

I'm sure he'll play the following Sunday if he doesn't play Thursday.

Tell you this if the Phins cut PORTER. He will go to PATS and stick it to us.

Don't make that mistake.His legs will come back if you give him less plays. Like they were planing on doing with JT.

He is to good to let go.

joey is a big mouth con artist with declining abilities. i'm not sure he was injured; probably an excuse for bad performances. he missed several aug.2008 camp practices in 90 degree heat claiming he had headaches. i think parcells sniffed this one out.

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Justin, what do you think of Killer Dolphin??? He uses the word niglish and cals the pres a monkey. Killer is a pice of garbage

I'm just tired of his bullsh*t to be honest. to talk all week prior to the NE game about this and that, and then come up lame with NO tackles, NO sacks and NO win speaks volumes.

These clowns are a dime a dozen. Get the players in there that are going to make the plays and not boast about it.

Good riddance.

Like he late howard cosell asked Muhammad Ali before his fight against Joe Frazier" Muhammad At 32 do you still have the skills to take on some one so much younger??" in which Ali responded " Well howard i just talked to your wife and she says your not Half the man you were 5 years ago" another words benching Joey(Duh)porter for a few games just might bring the beast back... I bet it does...

And also, the upcoming game VS. Carolina is going to be extremely tough for the air breathing mammals...

Don't know him nor do I read many post so everybody who feels the way they feel who cares.
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Who gives a f--- about porter.... The guys a f-----/ millionaire...... Play or not play... I don't give a s---......it don't change the fact that I gotta go to work this morning.......hell, I wish I could be on the payroll just to dress up
And do nothing

Justin, Great to see you back my friend, Whats your take on thurs. game???

I've been complaining most of the year about the weakness of Miami's on-the-field coaching, starting with Tony Sparano. I'm not the only one who feels that way it appears according to what I have been reading here. Joey Porter is not where to begin the discipline, unless he is in on it for the team! Unfortunately, I'm betting that this is just another example of poor management! Is so, time soon will show it!

What the hell is wrong with everybody hating on Joey Porter???!!!...
Okay, he had a "not that good" season so far, I agree...I do agree that Wake and Anderson should see some more reps on gameday...I agree with almost everything in terms of his production!...But people start to forget that it was just 10 gamedays ago where this guy was the proud face of our defense and Miami loved him for being HIM!...Now he is for half a season not producing like he did last season (okay,some of his comments were unnecessary,but that is exactly that Joey that we LOVED last year), and everybody screams for his head!?...That's the thing I hate about all that media hype nowadays (I do not mean you personally, Armando!)!
Quit getting in his face 24/7 and let the guy recover! I'm tired of all these armchair-headcoaches that have an opinion on everything, people should stop getting personal on players! That's just distracting the whole team...

I tend to agree with your assessment Armando, but I think you have ignored a third possibility... that Sparano has been truthful with Porter (about not playing), but has been deceptive to the media. This administration has always been consistent with dealing with their laundry in-house and this could be another example of that.

Sounds great to me! As mentioned all bark and no bite! No class either...maybe Rex will pick him up in NY! I'll take Anderson and Wake over Porter all day long!

Armando, you said Sparano is not a liar. O.K., so when he told us Wilford was looking better in closed practices, he was being honest. After which said player was moved to tight end is OTA'S, then eventually cut. Then when he said Murphy was improving nicely, and subsequently cut, he was being honest. I get it. I will credit Sparano with defending his players. That he does till the end.
I didn't see the Mortensen report. Did he actually quote anyone? Sounds like Joey is getting under Bills skin a bit. When I go back and read Sparanos' talk about rotating the players, he seemed to be covering all his bases there. Porter may start, and get a total of 15 plays to prove himself. He is in an obvious decline though. Whether it's injury related or not is anyones guess. This is the time of year to start playing the young guns though. Especially when they're getting a chance to prove themselves and they out play the starter.

Keep Joey. Let Joey be Joey--that's why you got him. I agree with Armando; it isn't like Mort is never wrong. But the press IS most definately "on a hunt" and I can see this whole thing escalating as a result. In Lombardi's day, or even in Shula's day, they didn't have "tweets" getting in between them and their players. If teams are running to the back side, then of course Joey will appear to be involved less and his stats will appear to diminish, but maybe the reason that they're running to the back side is because they have to respect what Joey can do if they run his way. Maybe we should be wondering about the defensive production on the other side?

What I don't understand here Armando is that this is your job. This is your main priority to let us, the fans know what's going on with the team. Why do you keep reporting what other people are saying about our team instead of hearing it from the horses mouth?

Jay Glazer reports this, Mortensen reports that...what do you report?

Get in there and get some info will you!?!

This week Matt Roth should get more of the snaps because Carolina is primarily a running team not a passing team. So Porter will not play that much anyway even if he was in the good graces of the trifecta.

I don't buy the media is on a hunt. He's the face of the franchise on defense(he's the first player you see on miamidolphins.com webpage, where they are trying to sell tickets).
He was benched for a poor performance. Just say that. It's foolish for the media to accept the "rotation" excuse. Sometimes the media is too easy on Tony because he's liked and respected, (and i like him as well). But any team who benches their healthy star defensive player needs to explain, and rotation is not part of the answer.

The biggest problem with the Dolphins D now and over the last many years since Tim Bowens became incapable of being Tim Bowens is that the Dolphins can't and don't get pressure up the middle. Then can sometimes hold a line on short yardage when they bring everyone up, but in passing situations they get very little pressure from Ferguson, or anyone else on the interior of the line. This allows the QB to step up and avoid the end rushers with ease and seemingly sit there forever to complete those crushing throws to the the tight ends that kill the d and the team in general. Obviously it takes more than just a nosetackle or 2 int d-linemen to be a defense, but if you have good players at the ends they are wasted if the QB can just move up 3 yards and stay there for an additional 3 seconds every play.
If the Dolphins could've drafted someone like Vince Wilfork or a similar player any time in the last 3 drafts they would've had a lot more wins in that time, and would probably have beaten the Colts and the Saints this year. Miami's free safety position is weak this year but it's a lot worse when they have to try and cover for 6 seconds on most passing plays.

What are the Dolphins waiting for? PLAY CAMERON WAKE.

"You either have a report that is wrong if Porter plays Thursday. Or you have an accurate report and a head coach who, in his zeal to defend an embattled player, crossed the line from defense to outright deception about that player -- defending him to the media while dumping him otherwise."

Heaven forbid Mando, let's go after the coach , how dare he ?

I think he'll end up playing and believe Mort's going to be wrong on this one. Porter might already know he's not "supposed" to play and was threatened last week that he better shape up or he's shipping out. Now he's playing the good soldier routine to get back into the good graces of the Trifecta.

Goodbye joey,I for one won't miss you in a Dolphins uni!

I know Peezy's your boy and all armando but Joeys wearing out his welcome in miami. He shoots off his mouth, rarely backing it up with his play on the field but I'm seeing this as a transition to the younger Pass rushing talent this team has. Porter could have the role of elder statesman but his immaturity does not lend itself to that. Could be a planned set-up for a trade...disgruntled player (larry Johnson ring a bell) wants out and the phins p/up some draft picks for a player clearly on the downslope.

Not a big fan of Joey Porter mainly due to his excessive mouthing, but it's not fair to compare Joey's game against NE and the other LBs' game vs TB, two very different teams. But to have zero tackles/sacks is a glaring symptom that's a concern, but what is the cause. Here in Central Cal, my brother noted one reason that Joey's production took a dive was due to Jason Taylor returning resultin in Porter being lined up "out of position" But it's the NFL, and you got to take care of the bod, hit the gym and the books and watch film. That said, look forward to Pat White and Ricky Williams (still a favorite of mine, cough cough) taking the WildCat to victory over the Panthers.

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