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No surprise: Ferguson done for year

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano just confirmed what everyone pretty much knew: Nose tackle Jason Ferguson is done for the remainder of the year.

The surprising thing is that the injury that ends Ferguson's season is not a knee issue, but rather a torn quadricep. Published reports had him out with a knee injury.

Sparano said the considerable void left by Ferguson's absence will be filled by Paul Soliai, Tony McDaniel and Randy Starks.

The question that will hover around Ferguson now is whether this season-ending injury writes the final chapter in the 13-year veteran's career. Ferguson is 35 years old on Saturday and in the final year of his contract. 


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Can we get some Dolphins football? This team is 2 games back in Division and 1 game back to wild card. This is time for Dolphins to make a run!!!!!!! Go Dolphins!

The loss of Jason Ferguson will hurt, but Dolphins need someone to step up because Ferguson is 35. I think it will be Starks, he playing very good this year and Solai the Sumo is not consistent.

The game verse Pats is huge, but Dolphins need to keep focus on Bills who just lose 2 more offensive lineman today.

Go Dolphins!

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The dolphins might not be the best team in the NFL, but I witnessed first hand in last weeks game how when faced with a challenge like players getting hurt, these guys play on and well at that. These guys have a lot of heart, and sometimes that's all it takes to win.

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Dolphins can make run at division or wild card. It is all in they hands...

Henne The Hero!
Ricky The Rhino!
Ginn the Gutless!
Crowder the Comedian!
Vontae the Vulture!
Sean Sticky Finger Smith!
Earthquake Wake!
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Long the Lionheart!
Twinkle Toes Taylor!
Starks the Star!
Solai the Sumo!

GOOOOOO DOLPHINS!!!!! (and titans for tonight!)

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Tough loss for the defensive line

Porter the Reporter!!!

gotta give it to this team. we lost our starting qb, rb, cb, and nt for the year and we are still 5-5

Dolphins draft a NT in the draft. Fergy comes back for another year. It's just a quad. He'll be 100% next year.

I feel really good about our chances to make a wildcard. With all those injuries our team is playing with a lot of heart . Were gonna be dangerous these next 6 games. Go Phins , screw the jets , keep on cheating pats , and , well buffalo , sorry guys.

the only two guy on this forum who belived in the dolphins when they were down are ;


we should bring back keith traylor...he was a monster

keith traylor was no good .bring back dan the man marino to mentor henne .

I always believed in the Phins. Just look at my previous post through out my long tenure on this blog. I come here for one reason only and that is to talk Dolphin football.

I was not calling you gay and have nothing against you. Some people just stir the pot and that is just a shame. We all phin fans and F the rest of the league.

Well gotta poop, have a good night!!

Sean Smith is not Romainan or Spanish so please stop this rumor.

may god bless tim stim when he goes to his bathroom and make easy for him .

Soliai is serviceable in this position but will really need to come into his own if he is too somehow get to Fergie's level. Other areas of the defense will have to compensate and that will be a tall order. This is a serious injury to the Dolphins run but I'm optimistic they will find a way.

I knew we should have kept Mark Lewis

he's from a place called hope .

What about Chambers making catches and plays like a new born WR? We should have picked him up even if just this season!

Get well Fergie all the best!

True story, Sean Smith's deceased grandfather was Mexican. Smith does have a thick hispanic bloodline.

We couldnt have gotten Chambers anyway. The lesser teams get first shot at waivers. If he had cleared then we could have signed him.

KC, being one of the lesser teams had first dibbs over us.

After watching this game, we may be in a dog fight when we play either Texans or Titans. Hopefully we prevail in both.

Also for those already looking to the draft, I think I've already found our #1 pick if he's still available. If you dont believe me Google Jerry Hughes, defensive end TCU if you havent heard of him.

He's projected to be a pro bowl type OLB in the NFL. Definitely a Parcells type of linebacker.

Jerry Hughes has constsntly been doubled and tripled teamed this season. But it hasnt stopped him from compiling 10.5 sacks and over 13 tackles for loses thus far this season.

DyingBreed, I've heard Jerry Hughes name being bandied about. Interesting option and improving Miami's pass defence is a priority. However Hughes is not the only option. What about Taylor Mays, Derrick morgan from georgia tech, or Hardy from Ole Miss.

They can also pick a WR or TE to improve tehir pass offense. DeZ Bryant and Jermain Gresham may be options there.

Dez Bryant is the best wr available but he wont be around when we pick. Arrellious Benn is 2nd best but there are still concerns about his hands. He's projected late 1st to mid 2nd. May not be worth our #1 which will probably be somewhere between 15 and 20, depending how we finish.

I think Sean Smith will be an excellent player despite his Mexican lineage. Not so sure about the guy playing QB for NYJ.

Too much Mexican in that one.

Titans win is good for us keeping everyone even.

Not so sure Dez Bryant won't be there. Not many teams picking ahead of Miami have WR as a priority. For example, I don't see a receiver going in the top 10 - 15.

I just don't think this regime will pick a receiver in the first even if they have the pick of the litter. May go TE, but not WR.

Mark Ive seen mock drafts with Hardy in the upper 2nd round. Derrick Morgan too. Taylor Mays is a top 5 on a lotta boards.

There also concerns about if Hardy will have the neccessary drop back skills for the NFL level.

Jerry Hughes hisb a beast. Cut and paste this into your browser and read his commensurables for yourself.


We will probably pick a free agent WR for next season.

Unless you can pick up a WR with the calibur of Percy Harvin in the draft, I believe they will want a WR with some experience in the big show.

I'm more of a believer in Scouts Inc rankings more than DraftDog or New NFL Countdown. In a 3-4 dropping back into coverage is not a huge deal.

I'm already aware of Jerry Hughes skill set, just saying that there are a lot of options.

No way Taylor Mays goes in the top 5. Top 5 picks will be Jake Locker, Suh, G. McCoy, Rusell Okung, and E. Berry. Take that to the bank.

Dez Bryant is projected to go inside of the top 15. I dont think our final record will allow us to pick that far up. Especially with teams we've beaten and even more so should we beat Jax, HOU, Tenn, and we just whipped the Panthers.

Those are all teams who could be on top of for the draft and they'll win out tiebreakers for draft positioning over us in the head to head competition. Winning can be a double edged sword at times.

Mark you don't think Tebow will be a top 5 pick?

Well, Panthers don't have a 1st rd pick, Houston will not go WR, Jax might, but I think defense is a bigger concern for them.

The one team that will finish below Miami that has WR as a priority is the NYJ.

H8dpats, there are many better QBs in the draft than Tebow.

Locker, Bradford, Claussen, and maybe even Jevan Snead will be picked way before Tebow.

Interesting that Tebow fits Parcell's formula for picking a qb. just sayin ....

I think Tebow brings much more to the table than a QB, this kid has it all plus he is a huge team motivator, he brings the leadership skills needed to be a great Captain, he is just too versitile a player.

So you think Sean Smith uses tan in a can?

Mays still probably goes top 10. Whereever he goes I think he's still out of our grasps.

Been doing a lot research on Jerry Hughes since his name began surfacing. The kid seems like he can flat out play. Im now liking him better than either the Florida or Alabama ILB's.

This guy seems like he can be an absolute beast both against the run and pass on the strongside. Since Wake's strong suite is getting after the passer, Wake can be the future weakside rusher.

I can see the both of them on our defensive edges just simply terrorizing opposing qb's. Instant pass D upgrade.

Just to note though, my favourite QBs playing college right now that should translate well to the NFL are Ryan Mallet or Arkansas and Christian Ponder of FSU. Neither may opt into this year's draft though.

I told you guys----

Beware the Titans.

Mark , i swear i remember somebody ( lmfao ! ) having the same ? marks about A. BENN and stating that he's dropping in boards and probably won't be picked by the dolphins.

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