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No surprise: Ferguson done for year

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano just confirmed what everyone pretty much knew: Nose tackle Jason Ferguson is done for the remainder of the year.

The surprising thing is that the injury that ends Ferguson's season is not a knee issue, but rather a torn quadricep. Published reports had him out with a knee injury.

Sparano said the considerable void left by Ferguson's absence will be filled by Paul Soliai, Tony McDaniel and Randy Starks.

The question that will hover around Ferguson now is whether this season-ending injury writes the final chapter in the 13-year veteran's career. Ferguson is 35 years old on Saturday and in the final year of his contract. 


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H8dPats, Jaguars owner has already commited to taking Teabow #1 if he's available when they draft. Teabow's already a Jag unless someone ahead of Jags takes a gamble.

Mark , taylor mays is one of the most overrated players in college football and probably won't sniff the Top 10-15.

You are right DyingBreed, Jerry Hughes would be a nice pick for Miami. It appears so anyway, but the Trifecta knows a lot more than I do.

Just saying there is more than one way to skin a cat. Last year for example, I liked Everette Brown and Rey Maulauga more than Vontae Davis but I also see why the Trifecta like Vontae. His skill set is extremely rare and when he gets settled in the NFL, he will be a difference maker.

Mark , you're spot on about derrick morgan. 2nd round ? LMFAO!. This guy is climbing the charts like gang busters, All the way to the top 10-15 . He should be on miami radar.

Yes, I know NJ you called it, Benn may be still picked by the Phins but it most certainly will not be in round 1. After Bryant, there are a lot of options in round 2 for Miami if they choose to go that way.

Brandon LaFell
Damian Williams
Arrelious Benn
Decker from Minny
and Gilyard from Cincy (whom I really like - big time playmaker)

Probably many others that I haven't seen mentioned yet either.

jerry hughes was a consideration for the late 1st round- early 2nd round last year but opted to stay his senior year.

So true Mark. NJ, youre right, I did like Benn. You called it right earlier about his hands.

Dont know what your sources were but its now becoming more public on a lot of boards.

What do you guys think of Dennis Pitta, the all world BYU tightend. Im just beginning to see his name surface and his 2yr numbers look pretty impressive?

I like Morgan too. Hardy before he got injured too.

Mays certainly will not be top 10, but don't be surprised if he gets picked by Miami to complete their secondary. He fits what the Trifecta look for from a physical perspective as far as being a physical freak. A lot of size and speed. After all, Miami has a nice rotation at OLB - better players than their FS is anyway.

Somehow, I still come back to Jermaine Gresham though.

Don't know too much about Pitta. The Arizona TE is highly thought of too.

Mark, I think someones going to gamble and takt Gresham late first. He would be a terrific value for an upper echalon playoff team. That why I dont think he makes it out of the 1st round.

I don't think he does either. This guy was a world beater before he got injured and should be healed by the combine. He puts up good stats at the combine and he won't make it out of the round. Before the injury, he was a lot better player than Pettigrew who went 20th to the Lions last year and was strongly considered by the Bills with an earlier pick (11th I think).

he would have been top 10 for sure.

Pitta had over 1100yds recieving and over 80 receptions last season as a TE. Also picking up where he left off this season.

The knock on him is playing in a weak conference thats pretty much it.

This whole stupid F'N fight started over an argument about A. BENN. And it ended up i was right after all. :)

Fight? SOmeone is fighting? NO FIGHTING!

If you like Te's , take a look at USC TE ANTHONY McCOY. He's a good one.

Yep, seen Anthony McCoy's name. The measureables are excellent, just not a lot of production though - not as much of a track record as I'd like to see anyway.

Your right NJ, and Im man enough to say I appologize. We're just like any other family with occasional infighting. But at the end of the day I dont take it to seriously because I know above all else we're all Dolpin fans.

But I must admit it can be quite amusing though to see each other get riled. To me it just shows how committed we are to being fans.

Wouldnt expect to see any less spunk from our team either. LOL

Back to Tebow mentioned earlier. Intangibles are off the chart, but man the dude can't throw.

Havent seen any West coast teams this season. This seems to have been a down year for the west coast college football.

I see Teabow more like a wildcat qb. I think his delivery his far to slow for the NFL. Once he sets up his delivery motion alone seems to take 3sec before the ball finally leaves his hand.

Its strange, really strange. Ive never seen it take so long for the ball to leave the qb's hand once the throwing motion begans.

Mark , the Trifecta loves production over just athletes and mays has lacked production throughout his career. Jason allen was a great athletic S who lacked production. look how that worked out. Chris clemons plays free safety as well , miami needs a young strong safety.

Seen it printed somewhere that Parcells thinks he is a top 10 pick, but man, I wouldn't even pick him at all unless he was interested in playing other positions like H back or TE or RB along with QB.

Someone will drink the Kool Aid, just hope it won't be Miami.

The difference is Jason Allen was just hurt so much in college. Mays has been a good player, just made to look a little worse by how phenomenal Eric Berry has been.

Earl Thomas from Texas is a nice FS.

Still not sold on Clemons, just haven't seen enough of him. There is nobody in the 1st that looks like a SS, but if anyone is built for it, it's Mays.

The great thing about this draft is most GM's agree its one of the deepest in recent memory. What that means is there could be quite a few late round gems eventually emerging from this draft. Even if its 2-3yrs down the road.

Its really deep with recievers too. They may not be a lot of dominant #1wr's but there's plenty of great quality wideouts.

Thats why we may not have to draft wr #1. After Dez Bryant the gap closes considerably.

Earl thomas is a keeper. He should be on miami's radar. I'd stay far away from Mays.

If Tebow is available in the second round I would take him that dude is perfect for the wildcat he does have a good strong arm it's like a fullback with an Arm

DB, the good thing for Miami is that it is deep in positions that the team needs help in. There are a lot of options at TE, WR, OLB, and S. Like last couple of years, the team should come away with at least 2 players ready to be high level contributors from day 1.

Another OLB that hasn't been mentioned is Navarro Bowman. Just saw tape of the Penn State/Mich St game and the guy is a beast. Will be gone by Miami's pick though.

More on Bowman, he weighs in at 260 (similar to Matt Roth) but his speed and pusuit is off the charts.

I still say a studd olb will go a lot further than a studd safety. Jake Scott and Dick Anderson would look like crap with our pass rush playing like it does in the 2nd half.

Our pass rush just like clockwork, begins to suddenly disappear after the 2nd half of games. So until thats fix, a lot of good drafting a studd safety does us.

Recap our games in your minds and think about it.

I agree about our sponk being similar to the dolpins sponk has a team. I'm like jake grove wanting to get back on the football field. That was hilarious. They had to hide his helmet, that's sponk i'm made of. LOL ! I hope this stupid fued is over.

Miami isn't going to waste another pick on a qb and one for the wildcat at that , especially after picking pat white in the 2nd round , You can bet on that . Miami fans will go nuts ! You

DB, I just think the OLB pass rush has been better with the 5 player rotation rather than having JT and JP on the field all game. Last game you noticed the difference. I also don't know if anyone coming out will be a better pass rusher than Cam Wake is starting from day 1.

That being said, I would not discount an OLB as a 1st pick. I wouldn't complain.

KillerDolphin you maybe onto something. I never really thought about it but thats exactly what Teabow looks like when he throws the football.

A fullback not a quarterback, because even though most times he gets the ball there, he just doesnt look like a natural qb when he's throwing it.

From the body build he sort of looks like a white Ronnie Brown playing qb. LOL

Mark , forget about Navarro boweman. He's to small at 6-1 233 for the trifecta . He's more of a 4-3 olb anyway. Keep an eye on George selvie in the 2nd round.

Someone said that Bowman was 260 during the game I saw. If he's 260, then he looks like a good 3-4 OLB for 1st and 2nd down. A more athletic matt roth or like Dansby from Arizona.

Not a big fan of Selvie. I've watched the USF Bulls a few times and I think Pierre-Paul is a way better player. Selvie is like the OLB from Virginia last year - Sintim. Lots of stats but not sure it will translate to the NFL.

Mark, I have a feeling it will be either ILB or OLB becuase Bill Parcells the LB lover, in two seasons has yet to go after LB's at the top of the chain. Im mostly trying to predict BP right now.

I thought it would be last season with Maualuga, Cushing, and Larinaitis in the draft. It really shocked me we didny go after any of those guys.

Yes NJ, Im done with the stupid feud. LOL

Mark , boweman is NOT 260. He about 230 -233. LOl ! G selvie will be steal in the 2nd round and sintim will be a good player.

Im not a big fan of Selvie's either. Dont know what the deal is with him this year but maybe college OC have caught on to him.

He may only be an NFL depth guy. But you never know, it so difficult to translate how some guys will do at this level.

You could be right DB, I wasn't shocked they didn't go after Lauranitis or Matthews last year - wasn't a big fan of theirs. Was a little shocked about maulauga and Brown though. Matthews is playing very well for GB though.

But I think Vontae will be better than all of them. He has the highest ceiling anyway.

That might be what he looks like but the man WINS GAMES, National championships and Heisman trophy at QB, running and passing..

This will disappoint the cuban menace aka aloco and his many other names. LOL

Ya, guess the colour guy was just exagerrating about Bowman.

I'd rather get a WR than Selvie in the 2nd rd. When I read a bio stating a guy "makes up for his physical limitations with a high motor" that's not the player I want in rd 1 or 2.

Your right KD, thats why Teabow's so tempting in the 1st rd.

Just heard on late news Notre Dame qb Jimmy Clausen was punched by a fan at a local night club and's now sporting a nice dark shiner to one of his eyes. LOL

I think flutie won heisman and gino toretta won a national championship. So what . They were just great COLLEGE qb's.

Man, Vince Young was on fire today.

1. Jeff Fisher will be fired or most likely resign over how he handled the situation.

2. The Dolphin defense better bring their A game.

Maybe the raiders should draft tebow. then they can have 2 qbs who can't play in the nfl.

Teabow also scares the heck out of all the GM's because he so doesnt look like the tradtional standard NFL qb. LOL

Mark , Parcell's looooves high motor guys. The color guy was off his rocker or drunk ! boweman 260 ? LOL !

I told alot of posters that none of miami's remaining games except buffalo are going to be easy and that includes TENN with houston and jacks. They think it's a joke. believe me , it's not.

Well he didn't love Sintim last year more than Pat White. Me thinks he will pass on Selvie until the 3rd rd with the needs this team has.

LOL, Mark. My biggest rap on Teabow is that it seems to me the ball comes out of his hands much to slow even after he begins his throwing motion.

It looks like a perfect formula for "strip-sacks" against speedy NFL rushers. Unless someone does tons of work with him in this area.

Thats why I see him as the perfect fit for a team looking to employ the wildcat more exclusively to its offense. He would be a legitimate throwing threat.

But the real question is: Is it worth a #1 pick?

Mark , i thought that was a mistake . I wanted sintim instead of white.

Mia will have to play at least as well as they did against Carolina to beat Hous and Jax. Tenn is unpredictable. Buffalo sucks. Miami will be in trouble against NE and PItt. Way too many match up problems.

Guys , this was such a fun and civil football conversation , that i didn't realize the time. it's late , good night ! We can always pick it up tommorrow.

I liked Sintim too but after watching him with NYG, he doesn't seem to do a whole lot. Time will tell if it was a mistake.

Tebow is not worth a #1 but won't be surprised if someone does it.

Agreed NJ, DB, nite all!

It would be a great time for Ben Rostlisberger to be done for the regular season. Ben makes that offense tick. They lost Sunday with Charlie Batch.

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