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No surprise: Ferguson done for year

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano just confirmed what everyone pretty much knew: Nose tackle Jason Ferguson is done for the remainder of the year.

The surprising thing is that the injury that ends Ferguson's season is not a knee issue, but rather a torn quadricep. Published reports had him out with a knee injury.

Sparano said the considerable void left by Ferguson's absence will be filled by Paul Soliai, Tony McDaniel and Randy Starks.

The question that will hover around Ferguson now is whether this season-ending injury writes the final chapter in the 13-year veteran's career. Ferguson is 35 years old on Saturday and in the final year of his contract. 


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Im out too.

AHH,back to normal all the planets have realigned,I'm still alive,mando has come back to us and all my fav posters are back AHHH life has a meaning again!You all make me laugh and some make me think.Thanks

For those who were asking about the difference between a 3-4 and a 4-3 defensive system. The 3-4 has bigger DEs and LBs because they need to take on Offensive line men head on on running plays and it is also designed to free up the LBs on passing plays to put pressure on the QB. In a 4-3 system the DL is designed to occupy the OL so the LBs could shoot the gaps to stop the run. The reason why LBs in a 4-3 system is smaller is because they must me quicker to move from sideline to sideline. On passing downs the 4-3 is designed to get the DEs pressure on the QB. Notice how JT was a DE in the 4-3 and became a LB in the 3-4?

Miami dose not have the LBs to run a 4-3, so Miami making a switch is not really a option.

It might be questionable as to if we sign back Ronnie Brown. He's going to want a big contract and with his injury history the Phins might be reluctant to do so. In the draft I look for WR, TE,NT,LB as top priorities. In free agency I wouldn't be surprised to see RB and free safety, depending on what they do with Brown. I would also like to see more of Pat White in the spread offense, I don't think we've even seen the tip of the iceberg as far as what he can do. You need more than a play or two to prove yourself.

one play could be a defining moment

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