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Miami Dolphins lose to Buffalo, 31-14

ORCHARD PARK, N.J. -- This was a first.

The Dolphins had lost games before, no doubt about it. But lose to a team they should have beaten? Lose to a team overmatched and undermanned? Not under Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland.

Until today.

Bills 31. Dolphins 14.

The offense is at fault. There were dropped passes, the blocking was spotty, and both Ricky Williams and Chad Henne threw interceptions. Henne threw three in the final two minutes.

The coaching is at fault. That Williams interceptions came on first-and-goal from the 2 yard line. And they threw, can you believe it? There were also the usual reverse when the running game is doing well and the one-on-one coverage in the secondary ... against Terrell Owens, who delivered a 51-yard game-clinching TD catch.

And the defense is at fault. This unit seemed slow, seemed mostly unable to apply a choke hold on a struggling opponent. They just stunk.

Now the Dolphins are 5-6.

It was an upset.

It was upsetting.


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Wow we suck in the 4 th quarter

$50,000 to anyone who takes out Dan Henning.

This turkey is cooked. Thanks for the snappy playcalling on the goal line there Henning. And oh I almost forgot..the defense still stinks.

vintage fins.... i tell myself every freaking year not to believe in them and every year the second i do they break my heart.... here's to another 27 years of tortured misery

Time for wholesale changes on defense, except the two rookie corners. Also time to chane coaching coordinators

dolphins becoming very skilled in choking in the 4th quarter

This is a horrible and disappointing freakin loss... How did they lose against Buffalo of all teams????!!?!?!?

F.u.c.k. This team. My d.I.c.k. Can play better defense. And sparano Is an idiot if he thinks our recieving core is good. Such a bs. Game. Only the dolphins can make the bills look good.

it sucks, but we gotta move on. wildcards still right there. niners and ravens gotta win. pats loss not a necessity anyore, but still would be nice for a long shot...but wildcard guys its possible. go niners, go ravens!!!

gonna need alotta help to even come close to playoffs. i dont see us beatin pit houston or ne.

When you lose to the JILLS/FUBBALO.... you know you are in trouble...

Well said Mando.....

We got waaaayyyyyyy to cute.

Playaction will win for us.


Wildcard? Are you kidding me? Why? So we can have our hearts ripped out by a team who can't put it together? Please! Spare me!

Henne is an absolute joke! time for a change.

Fix your headline, 2 TDs and 2 PATs add up to 14.

look as if there was no heart in this game. They folded so easy to not only a below average team but a team with injury issues. What a disappointment!

Henning is a moron. No feel for the flow of game. 1st and goal from 2 and u have Ricky throw it? Need new oc. Ginn is so soft. Only straight line runner with weak hands. Blame goes in this order: coaching(mainly oc), ginn, lbs then rest of team.

this season is not only a learning experience to our players but also our coaches and organization...get rid of henning and pasqualoni!! Sparano is a good leader, he kept our team fighting after 0-3 but our play calling is f-ing retarded and that is on the coordinators

I said it earlier, this was not going to be easy. I don't know what you were thinking Armando.

There is your problem Armando. You keep saying we were SUPPOSED to win. There is no game that these Dolphins have demonstrated they are supposed to win. No one. We are so not at a place where any win is guaranteed. Way to go on that prediction. Lol. Just saying

Yea we need a new play caller and we need play makers our wr need to beat man on man you can't expect Henne to make ever pass 2 of int were tipped balls I still love this guy and think he can keep getting better

Henne is a junk QB with no future. He can not throw a pass to his team if they are more than 5 yards away. No arm no future he stinks.

At what point does our brilliant coaching staff realize the Pat White experiment isn't working and it's killing the rythm of our offense??

We lost the game when henning called the pass for Ricky, why would you pass it when Ricky is running is ass off and henning decides to throw, that's where we lost

Henne is not the problem.

He is young and put into a bad position.

We need as much help on defense as we need a receiver.

I cannot understand the play calling.I was so pissed,almost broke my tv set.Common guys,why would Ricky Williams throw from the 2 yard line if the running game was working perfect? Aggghhhhhh

Thanks for declaring victory Armando before Kickoff.

Ints were not on henne. He can be our qb of the future. Play calling. Play action on 2nd or 3rd and long? Not gonna fool anybody and u put your qbs back to defense. Not formula for success.

This looks like a 7 and 9 team... BP and Ireland still have a lot of work to do here...

anyone who isnt gonna root for us to catch a wildcard that after today we may still be just one game out of it, with us playing 2 of the 3 teams that will be one game ahead, simply out of fear of getting killed in the playoffs is pathetic. better to go and see what happens then to not at all, haters.

Um no henne does not stink sanchez stinks henne needs WR 2 balls were tipped he will be back again next year funny how all u guys live henne when he has a great game but as soon as he has 1 bad game u all jump on him grow up

Andrew is not Armando fault, we should have won this easily

sooo..go niners go ravens!!!

So I guess my standing as the best qb in the afc east was not in danger after all by yet another franchise qb. Sanchez, Henne, just a couple of pretenders.

Pathetic coaching. Henning is an absolute disaster this year. This isn't the only game he cost us this year. Fist and goal at the three and you have Ricky throw it? That was so stupid to the point of idiocy. Pasqi whatever isn't much better. And this goes hand in hand with our two minute offense and our incredibly poor clock management. This hasn't changed at all, last year or this one.

Who handed out the stupid pills to the coaches?

U can take the best qb paynt or Brady put them on this team it won't make a diffrence so f all u henne haters

Real fans know henne isn't the problem. No one to throw to. We don't have one receiver worth keeping.

Finsblow anjother and that is great news for NE fans...nothing worse than loser Fins fans...playoffs..is that poster nuts???enjoy WATCHGIUNG other teams in thye playoffs azzzholes

Time to bring in a vet QB to settle Henne down when he gets stupid. Maybe even time to play Thigpen for a game. He can't do much worse, honestly.

Given where Buffalo is right now in their program, this was an EPIC FAIL!

Coaches lose this one...

Ricky throws???

Pat white in after a 15 yrd rec by fasino???

This one is the coaches.. this one was big

It was inevitable for all these hoodlums to come out of the woodwork and trash anything and everything Dolphins after a bad loss. Some of you punks are probably contradicting yourselves from previous blogs after wins. Henne sucks, Henning sucks, Sparano sucks, blah, blah, blah. Just shut up already and go support a team like the Pats.

2 timeouts
2 minute warning

only down 3...


morono and henning should be fired

They had a chance to beat NO, Colts, Buffalo, and as always they don't play a full game. Today was hideous and it doesn't matter what next week or the next and so on will bring. I never thought this was a Playoff Team but at least show improvement. Too many holes to fill, and there has not been one Head Coach since Shula who has stressed the importance of not making penalties. Today is just a microcosm of what this season is all about. Henne looked as lousy as Sanchez of the Jets. Super Bowl? who knows when this Team will be good enough to be mentioned with the Elite. For me this season just ended today!


We are injured and young, we are not as bad as this loss would make you think.

Chill out.

yah playoffs, im talking about playoffs, if theres no talk about playoffs wtf is the point. we still got 5 huge games left and so does the whole league!!! any given sunday guys u should know that after last year.

Dan henning:

There is a line where it stops being "creative" and starts being "retarded"...

thanks for leaping over that line like Carl Lewis.

woo-hoo...Miami loses to a last place team..gotta ove it...you fins fans are morons

Bobd must be a jets fan. Cmon, no arm? He has without a doubt the worst receiving core In the league to throw to. At least sanchez had Edwards cotchery Keller I could go on.

Our QB henne, needs the coaches to let him be a quarterback and let him play, they call the most stupidest plays, henne can never get on a roll, at the end we have 3 minutes left down by 3 and they bring in Pat White and slow henne down and then he throws an INT, it makes no sense

Both coordinator are average at best. Don't put their players in position for success. No doubt we still need more playmakers on both sides of ball. Can't miss on our first round pick next year. Needs to be impact player. Still can see 9-7 this year if they play perfectly.


Well said.

Henne wil be fine.

You know, all week I've read about who to root for Pats/Saints with the unsaid assumption that this was going to be a Dolphins win. I thought so too but I was a bit leery; this team doesn't always play up to its potential and today it came to fruition-bad plays, bad offense, bad defense, bad coaching-looks familiar after the 6th loss doesn't it? I live on the west coast so I don't see many fins game and I'm glad I didn't see this one.
I don't see playoffs this year but I think as this youngsters mature, get quality players, get rid of dead weight....we'll be okay in the future. :o)

Have i said anything about these crappy servers?

The problem is
Coaching. We gave up 24 points in the fourth. We led the league even before we did that. We are 26th in the league in offense. So fire the oc. We are 19th in defense. So fire the dc. We are 5-6 because of wr problems and coaching. So fire the damn head coach, get new coaches and new receivers and watch this team go!!

Let me make another prediction...someone will say we SHOULD beat the 4-6 Tenessee Titans

Herald can't even add the score correctly...even the press is a big loser like the Dolphins

The Dolphins lost because they were looking to next week Pats game, I hope we can save the season again, wow talk about having heart problems, New doctor orders if you have Heart problems please do not be a dolphins fan, lol

Coaches lose this one...

Ricky throws???

Pat white in after a 15 yrd rec by fasino???

This one is the coaches.. good bye season

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