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Miami Dolphins lose to Buffalo, 31-14

ORCHARD PARK, N.J. -- This was a first.

The Dolphins had lost games before, no doubt about it. But lose to a team they should have beaten? Lose to a team overmatched and undermanned? Not under Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland.

Until today.

Bills 31. Dolphins 14.

The offense is at fault. There were dropped passes, the blocking was spotty, and both Ricky Williams and Chad Henne threw interceptions. Henne threw three in the final two minutes.

The coaching is at fault. That Williams interceptions came on first-and-goal from the 2 yard line. And they threw, can you believe it? There were also the usual reverse when the running game is doing well and the one-on-one coverage in the secondary ... against Terrell Owens, who delivered a 51-yard game-clinching TD catch.

And the defense is at fault. This unit seemed slow, seemed mostly unable to apply a choke hold on a struggling opponent. They just stunk.

Now the Dolphins are 5-6.

It was an upset.

It was upsetting.


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Once again:

- Bad play calling on offense (Ricky's interception was a momentum killer)
- our LB's have been fooled by QB scrambles.
- Approximative route running led to interceptions
- 4th quarter meltdown

Actions to be taken:

- fire Henning
- draft/sign 2 LBs (Torbor should be cut today after being outrun so easily by the QB)
- draft/sign at least 1 really good WR
- find a new conditionning trainer

The same maroons that defended Beck and Feeley to the bitter end. Some defended Harrington and Frerotte. Remember them. The writing is on the wall. Henne will NEVER be more than mediocre. Trifecta already know that but he'll get the rest of the year to prove it to the terminally slow.

thigpen would have rushed for at least 80 yds, but you'll all say he cant pass. as if any one could with this mess. no pass = run, run, run!!!!

Henning blows....horrible calls
Henne blows.......he's a career fathead
Ginn blows........but you already knew that
Defense blows

Ross must step up to the plate if Tuna won't, and sack the entire coaching staff.


But most of all.......NJ blows!

We might win 1 more game this season!

For the most part Henne has done a good job and I like his arm strength. He needs improvement but most 1st year guys do and a better receiving corps wouldn't hurt.

My question is, if Pennington comes back next year who starts???


Henne gets some WRs and we will see.

I'm sorry but there is no city better than NYC. For Shopping or for anything else.

2 years ago we were 1-15...Yes, we went 11-5 last year but for people to sit here and cry like baby's because we are not going to the Superbowl this year is ridiculous!! Parcells has already improved this team by leaps and bounds considering the mess he inherited!!! If ur not a fan and all u can do is p'ss and moan do us all a favor and go elsewhere

Bad personnel choices and below average coaching has got this team where it is today and that's nowhere. So, all you cheerleaders and koolaid drinkers go ahead with your excuses.

The simple fact is, Mgmt. has failed to produce.

What's a maroon?

no heart? no confidence ?
The Phins Invent ways to lose !!

LMAO @ vox verdad. What did i tell you fool . Go back to something you know , like your ceramics class. I know my team !

And yep!

Damn sure blame coaching on this one.

Makes more sense than blaming a rook QB for it.

Maybe Farve Brady or Manning will come hear out of love for us.

Will just sign one of them.

A maroon is a total illiterate idiot named Chris who knows nothing about football

Hey chris, why dont u go start ur own blog thats labeled *EVERYTHING IN YOUNG QBS I HATE*, u should be able to mention just about everyone. U would probably be the one to take JAY FIEDLER back too if u could. U sound like a moron, ur calling henne mediocre with what he has to work with on the field with him. U just dont know patients and ur'all about the NOW and not the future. To me he has a better upside than stafford,sanchez,freeman, and they were all drafted to be the future of those franchises and yet he still has a better record as a starter in his first season as one!!

well at least i will not have to sit trhough any more white knuckle 4th quarter meltdowns being this (another season) is a wash. poor ricky, man he deserves better.

What do you expect from the worst 4th quarter team in the NFL.

How did my boy Ted ( oops i fell down)Ginn run out of balanance on K.O returns, did not see the game..

We are just a bad team. Our offense and our defense alternate in missing the big plays. You can't throw 4 interceptions and expect to win the game, unless you are Peyton Manning. The Dolphins are just not a good team and Henne may be the QB of the future, but he is not our answer for today. At least there is next year.

Coaching lost us this game. The team wasn't ready and the play calling is terrible. Why isn't henne ever in shot gun anympore.

I think there needs to be some major changes made to both offensive and defensive coaching staff.

Sparano should also be put on notice

How many times did the plumber post, "play-offs lmfao"??????

It is not surprising. 10 days off, after a win a big holiday in the middle. It is like starting the season over. The played like turkeys out there.

And now tied with the wets again.

Perfect Jaksin, all fair weather fans such as urself should do the samething, tape the game and only watch when we win, that way u will be able to jump back on the bandwagon when this team is winning..at least ur honest

SPARANO has to be near the most incompetent head coach in the NFL. HENNING is retarded, judging by his offensive schemes, game plans and play calling, e.g. R. Williams' pass today from the 2 for an int. Special teams are inept and unspirited--Pasqualoni put the for sale sign up on the house. And, oh yeah, Ginn is terrible and loses games, and has PTSD about hearing footsteps. Trade him now, Tuna, since he had those 2 fluke ko returns.

NYC is a cesspool even after Giuliani "cleaned it up". The people from New Jersey love it though. Maybe it's the Humble oil refineries.

Starting QB - out
Starting RB - out
Starting NT - out
Star ST player - out
O-line - Broken but good
D-Line - Avg & gaining
LB's - need more sacks
Secondary - promising youngsters
WR - Joke
2009 record 8-8
Already thinking about 2010....

As I think about it, we have stepped back from last year. Last year we beat the teams we were supposed to and held leads in the 4th quarter. This year....

Where do we start with the draft - with a WR or with the defense (LB/Safety/NT)? Only 2 1/2 months to free agency and 5 months to the draft!!

hey cuban, get this, just for sheer irony, ginn sr's high school team (cleve, glenville) made it to the d1 high school championship game last knight. there is this reciever named wynn maybe we get in few years! lol!!!!

Charlie Weiss will be in need of a job at years end let's get him in Miami as Offensive Coordinator..Change is good...


Plain and simple..defense sucks always have always will. They never ever make the big stop when they need to. Third and 30, they give it up... Bad play calling,, you have a great running game,, why stop it? You let Ricky throw, come on??? Punch it in. You have an offensive line that was just grinding it out,, Sparano, better smarten up,,, and the off & def coaches as well. Ugly loss today
But u saw it comingeverybody picked the dolphins to win. Bookies made great money today

Cuban, you watched the game just fine, of course you did it under your alter ego Tortured Dolphin...u really need to take meds bro, that's really fkd up with what u do using different names like that, it's not amusing nor funny

Jax, That's frightning, but odds are good he'll end up with baltimore along with the rest of the Ginn house hold...

Yeah , cacajoe . Florida with it's no jobs , red necks , senior citizens and transplanted new yorkers/ new jerseyeans is just a wonderful cesspool in itself. LMFAO !

Bobby, only post as myself bro, no need to take meds, wasnt unable to watch game, just asking how teddy played..

cube, lets hope, please.

Every play with Pygmy White and Teddy Ginn is a wasted play.If this staff can't cut them, than get the hell out like Cam.

I really point the finger at the coaches...Ricky should of had another 3 TDs.The coaching staff let the Bills stick around with bad play calling...never let bad teams gain confidence by sticking around because things like today happen.Why would we throw the ball with Ricky when the Bills couldn't stop the run.

I have said for weeks that Henne needs to step it up..he only checks his first option and then his check down.Henne doesn't move well in the pocket and rushes things when he has more time...he has to be able to make some plays outside pocket when things break down but he doesn't at all.I don't wanna hear "he's just a rookie"...he played four years of college and got to sit and watch Chad Penn for a year.Rookies can come in and make a difference like Big Ben,Matt Ryan and even Matt Stafford is doing good on a horrible team.Miami needs a star and someone to build around and Henne might not be the Guy.

I'm worried about the future of our Dolphins for the first time because we don't have to many stars to build around at key positions .Ronnie may not ever get healthy...Ricky will retire soon...Henne is a big question...we have no real number 1 WR.

The bright spots are the young CBs in V.Davis and Smith...also our offensive Line can be great at times.

Tough loss Phin Fans...much love

The linebacker core is horrible my Pop Warner team can cover better Crowder, Torbor, and whoever else they want to put in there just horrible plain horrible.....

we're better off than most teams two good corners two good young dls an excellent offensive line a soon to be great young Qb and Ricky with Lex and Ronnie coming back the future is bright throw in Hartline not so much to worry about

Wasn't able i mean....


listening to replay of sparano's presser on qam.......sheesh, what a lying sack of crap.....blind to reality

Somebody remind me...what evidence is there on this team of the "genius" of the Tuna? Henne will never grow in this offense, and it won't be his fault. He needs to take EVERY snap from here on out. The wildcat is worthless without a second back, and a direct snap to Ricky with Henne split out is 10 on 11, and is stupid football. Ricky is great running from a pro set. Just pound it. Then play-action. Bad coaching, worse personnel decisions (please just cut Ginn, he's wasting oxygen the rest of South Florida could be breathing).

Stafford looking good A?

Steelers have ALLWAYS had D And great WRs.

Matt Ryan has Good WRs a hall of fame TE not to mention a good RB.

On top of that none of those teams are Elite this year.

bobbyd12, c'mon man. fairwhether? not me. i've been hard core since '91' dont go there man . just sick is all. sick of being sick. plus extra sick right now. hope you can understand that.

Rex is still a FAT TURD, and the WETS still are even worse than the Bucs, Rams, Browns, etc. The Dolphins need a couple of more drafts to be more competitive and will make the playoffs before FAT REX'S bunch of rejects.

waiting for that tool NJ & his alter-egos to defend coaching staff.

Playoffs ? Playoffs ? Your talking about Playoffs ?

Just for the record, this is Henne's SECOND year in the NFL. He is NOT a rookie. Last season was his rookie year. This is his first year as a starter, but his second in the system. So, let's not hear anymore excuses based on his "rookie" status.

That being said, I'm not trashing Henne - but I'm not sold on him, either.

Biggie, he does have neck fat.....

BP needs to get rid of the following cancers:



R. Wilson


Henne did not start this year or last so he is not a 2nd year QB.

He is a rookie in my book

He is a first year QB with no weapons to use.

Who's R Wilson ?

coaching needs to be better but I don;t fear the future remember 1-15 yeah I bought sunday ticket that year that was my last one. Qb settled cornerbacks settled get off Sean Smith he is still a rookie rany starks great up coming line man I just don't trusy the coaching this is not Bill Parcells football trick plays only work against us not viseversa lets play real football win or lose then our young talent can develope

Kinda like having a gun and no bullets huh...

why i fel fasano and nalbone shoulr retire and join nj phin plumbing the pipes of our city .

Riding the pine does not count as quality experience.

That is all he did last year and the beginning of this year.

I'll hear what you are saying next year.

A serious question that begs an answer--Have the coaches not thought about teaching Henne and then closely supervising him in practice? Footwork--he doesn't have any, he just dances around until he gets sacked or throws a pick. And why not have him practice not throwing into linemen's hands, e.g. use the seam, jump pass, or arc. And isn't it bordering on incompetence that some coach, even Parcells if need be, doesn't instruct Henne on how not to throw interceptions and then enforces those instructions?

And, Team Owner Ross might be realizing now that Sparano can chew gum--but he can't chew gum and coach at the same time.

As in earlier posts, "Awful" and "Sad."

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