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Miami Dolphins lose to Buffalo, 31-14

ORCHARD PARK, N.J. -- This was a first.

The Dolphins had lost games before, no doubt about it. But lose to a team they should have beaten? Lose to a team overmatched and undermanned? Not under Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland.

Until today.

Bills 31. Dolphins 14.

The offense is at fault. There were dropped passes, the blocking was spotty, and both Ricky Williams and Chad Henne threw interceptions. Henne threw three in the final two minutes.

The coaching is at fault. That Williams interceptions came on first-and-goal from the 2 yard line. And they threw, can you believe it? There were also the usual reverse when the running game is doing well and the one-on-one coverage in the secondary ... against Terrell Owens, who delivered a 51-yard game-clinching TD catch.

And the defense is at fault. This unit seemed slow, seemed mostly unable to apply a choke hold on a struggling opponent. They just stunk.

Now the Dolphins are 5-6.

It was an upset.

It was upsetting.


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Killer dolphins . you are the biggest monkey boy around who like banana's up his azzzz !

Babe Ruth played his first career professional baseball game in .... Toronto

@ss monkey what did Basement boy do to upset you did he talk sh*t about your papa Brady?

Wasnt John Dillinger and Henry(The sundance kid)Longbough also from Jersey???

Mark in Toronto: Thanks for the donation in Atlantic City.

You Are a sad excuse for a Cuban

KillerDolphin is a smart dunkey and his mama loves his papa .

Mark, that's funny stuff...come to think of it every time i look across the river i see a orange hue, thought it was just the pollution but now i wonder if its the people....

The list goes on and on. More history in jersey's pinky than the entire pathetic country of Canada . The only thing they gave the US is cold fronts and Socialized Health care ! What a freaking joke !

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NJ what does that mean???have you been drinking??

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cubano , there goes the cuban mange's 10th post name in the last 5 minutes.

I am a rabid dol-fan and have been since the 70's. This bulls... was supposed to end under Jimmy Johnson and DW and..and..and...and...r u kidding me? This loss is on the coaches from 1rst and goal at the 3 in the 1rst. I'm sitting in my living room and c we r blowing them off the line...y go to the trick play? Ricky Williams throws an int? Of course he throws an int...that is y the culture is wat it is! Hey, Parcells, y do I have do read in the NY Daily News u r giving coaching tips to Rex Ryan,,"...u need to be more of a head coach..." Hey Bill...we need u in Miami...not talking horses with Rex.. Additionally I find it funny how the FLEX schedule people bounced the MIA V NE game long b4 todays game was played....thanx for the heads up on how u feel our season will end up long b4 we...rabid fans...will call it quits...FINS UP!

NATHANIEL is a donkey of integrity and a pony full of good ideas .


A darkness descends on Dolphin Land. A great light has gone out. December has lost all meaning; even Christmas seems a cruel joke. Draft day looms, and we are on the clock. The more things change.....


Nothing is over!!!!!!! Nothing!!!!!!


tell us a story about you first course in collage and did you finish law school or medical shool ?

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Balls Deep Monkey Balls Deep

Our d needs to be revamped ESP our linebackers porter and Taylor are good but old n crowder
Can't cover to save his life.... Pascoloini needs to be fired

Killer, Didn't know your into necrophilia, but then again who am i to judge??

Also our coaches need to stop with the cutiesie play calls n show some faith in our conventional offense

Charlie Weis anyone?

Definitely not you @ss monkey not you!!!

Have fun you lil Freak, you can find her interned at woodland cemetery, lot 1063, enjoy..

N and I'm sorry but for all of u people who get into blog wars are
Very pathetic... Would u stop to scream at your local homeless man on the street when he talks a bunch of bs... If u would once again u are pathetic let's keep the comments about football n not
About Girly drama

No wonder she been kind of stiff lately..

why i feel the plumber is on a roll .

Ever since Pete Stoyanovich botched that field goal in San Diego, this franchise has been the laughingstock of the organized sports world. Today just cemented that. Tony Sparano is a brain-dead moron. Dan Henning is a senile brain-dead moron. Paul Pasqualoni, well, what can you say? Vontae Davis, another first-round bust. Worst receiving corps in the NFL, worst linebacking crew, worst secondary, and now, without Ferguson, worst defensive line. Offensive line is overrated as hell. Ronnie Brown will probably never suit up for this team again, and Ricky is retiring after next year. There is no hope, no future, no nothing. Just disband. Please. Do us all a favor and just disband. Miami Dolphins - the picture definition of the words "heartless" and "gutless".

WTF!? This is still a rebuilding season you greedy bastards. Compare last season's schedule with this year's tougher lineup

Does Charlie Weis reunite with Bill Parcells? I hope so.

Trust me theirs nothing lil about me ask her she goes speechless

An upset? I predicted a blowout by the bills last week. Awfulins are overated and have no talent. Without Brown their wildcat is toothless.
Fitzpatric outplayed Henne and he was a much better QB. The awfulins have living off borrowed time barely winning against doormats. Have no wins against a winning team or a PLAYOFF TEAM in too years. Too much faithful optimism and Koolaid drinking.
Bills report card http://www.buffalonews.com/452/story/877342.html

Fire everyone I think ur letting emotion take a little to much control of your
Thoughts Coach s brought us from 1 n 15 to 11 n 5 u can't expect a 360 degree turn arround be realistic it's not a fantasy league it's the NFL

why killer keeps talking to carlito and call him monkeyy even he's not here ...sad and lol

Didn't we drop kick the jets???

We have a lagit shot to become a afc champ contender if we pick up a great wide out n stack the middle of our d fense

Here's my other prediction. the Awfulins with be 5-11 losing thier remaining games.
Las vegas predicted 6-10
Oh yeah, the Jets will end up in second place.

A L dosent mean we are a terrible team Miami fans need to be fans n not anything else if we come out
N spend money supporting the team regardless of their record
They will get better... Everyone wants something for nothin

Jet fan..... U also must have a sad pathetic existance comment about ur terrible jets not about the dolphins who beat u twice this year we have the bragging rights...

OK Guys,NJ,Killer and mark gotta go, till tommarrow, have a "PHINTASTIC" nite and talk to you guys later..Been fun..

Mange invest in ear plugs bud!!

Peace love n Afro grease dolphin nation pray for the fins tonite they r gonna need it

1. Terrible play calling by the coaches! Keep Pat White off the field when you are winning or moving the ball successfully. Why pass when you are running over a defence?? Why a reverse and screen when running up the gut gets 4 or 5 yards every time?
2. Ted Ginn cannot catch, period! He does not go after the ball and fight for it! He cannot separate consistently from DB's and he bails out on kick-offs! Can't even get to the 20 yard line? Bench him for the rest of the year and then either trade or cut him?!
3. Jason Taylor and Joey Porter make 2 or 3 good plays a game but get run over the other 40! Time to put in Wake and Anderson and same with Torbor when Crowder isn't getting it done!
4. Ricky Williams is no Ronnie Brown. He cannot run the wildcat, especially throwing! Just let him do what he does best! Run, Ricky Run!!
5. The saga of our inconsistent defences continues from year to year, decade to decade!
The heartbreak continues to us lifers! Another year to wait , another offseason to go through, another wasted opportunity!
6. Chad Henne is good enough, just get him some weapons, and a healthy Ronnie and Ricky.

Hey Killer Dolphins I did not post to you earlier, it was a faker. You KNOW I dont have any problems with you. Maybe ti was aloco or gopats.

LMAO@NJ's comment on Vote "DODDSWORTH/MENACE IN 2016"

NJ you are taking alot of shots here tonight bro. Like a QB with no protection.

Crowder almost got in a fight after the game? WTF he doesn't hit anyone all game..f-ing joke!

cuban is a clas by himself ,see how the plumber talking to him but the cuban w/his class is just a nice educated man of honorable back ground .

Posted by: Graig | November 29, 2009 at 08:41 PM

I guess I am going to dive into this mess. Well here goes. What Graig or whoever he is said is almost correct. You almost will never see cuban menace go off on someone, but he will get you back either by posting as gopats, aloco or any other names. This way the cuban menace can appear to act civilized(like a scholar). Ok let the attacks begin,,,wait me first..uh let see Ace is the Devil.LOL

Fire Everybody is so very very right.

Finfanfoster is pretty much right, except I am starting to be very unsure about Henne.

And even if we draft a receiver, rookie receivers need time, right?

But did you see that catch Britt made to win Tenny game.....can anyone imagine Ginn making that catch?!

We are cursed, and will remain fallow for decades to come. Sparano is a buffoon.

Finfoster agree with you man. I am just too bummed out over this stinking game.

5-6 is what it is.Next year looks good.With a new schedule. A new coach who knows what the f&ck he is doing would help too.

NJ has gone over to omar's place, to spread his brand of player-hating and egomania to his acolytes there. Give him some love, y'all.

The more I hear of Sparano's post-game press conf., the iller I get.

Now all that's left is a "pipe dream" (running the table to end 10-6 and backing into the playoffs). Not much wiggle room left.

Once Fins are officially out of the playoff race (probably after PATS game) I'd like to see a lot more of Pat White. Why? Because Henne seems to be getting a "pass" on the problem with pass incompletions. The same receivers that did well last year with Pennington are now getting almost all of the blame.

I'd like to see if Pat White has a better completion percentage and receivers all of a sudden play like last year. He was drafted to be a QB, right? Then finding out what he can do in a season that's officially lost is the right moment. NOT at the beginning of a new season. Worse case scenario, he doesn't work out and we either trade him or switch him to another position.

NJ has gone over to omar's place, to spread his brand of player-hating and egomania to his acolytes there. Give him some love, y'all.

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