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Miami Dolphins lose to Buffalo, 31-14

ORCHARD PARK, N.J. -- This was a first.

The Dolphins had lost games before, no doubt about it. But lose to a team they should have beaten? Lose to a team overmatched and undermanned? Not under Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland.

Until today.

Bills 31. Dolphins 14.

The offense is at fault. There were dropped passes, the blocking was spotty, and both Ricky Williams and Chad Henne threw interceptions. Henne threw three in the final two minutes.

The coaching is at fault. That Williams interceptions came on first-and-goal from the 2 yard line. And they threw, can you believe it? There were also the usual reverse when the running game is doing well and the one-on-one coverage in the secondary ... against Terrell Owens, who delivered a 51-yard game-clinching TD catch.

And the defense is at fault. This unit seemed slow, seemed mostly unable to apply a choke hold on a struggling opponent. They just stunk.

Now the Dolphins are 5-6.

It was an upset.

It was upsetting.


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I miss Pennington.....shame on us for trashing him!

keep dreaming about beating the Patriots. They will score at least 35 points on miami. I;m an exchage student from spain just started watching football. In any sport never seen a team so weak minded and lazy.

What was Bradys record his second season in the league... What was peytons... Stop putting henne down he is a leader n seems to be learning from his mistakes hind sight is 20/20 show sum faith n the fins if the fans would stay loyal maybe the tea
would be better... Just a thought

Also I bieve we need to go back to our 4-3 defense does any one else aggree

To: alexhol78@yahoo.com or should I say alex a hole 78. Shut the f'ck up and stay in Spain with you Futbol. Tu eres un Marycon

Ace , i'm taking shots ? you mean i'm dishing out shots right ?

I agree the 3-4 is not working at this point.

Alexhol does your opiniok even matter since u just started watchn fball? Who starts watchin fball in the middle of the season anyway? Your opinion couldnt be more irrelevant clown.

Let's flood the idiots email.

Menace , you posted the same Exact post under 2 different names a minute apart IDIOT. How do you know if i was at the SS if you didn't go there yourself spewing your GARBAGE. Right BRUCE ? LMFAO !

NJ, You know what I mean. Of course you dish out lots of shots. You seem to have gotten some tonight. You are a true fan bro. Just like me, you just get tired of all the BS that is around.

nj's motto----"it's all about me." who cares where you blog, no life loser?!

How can anyone say this team SHOULD win easily against anybody... They never win any game easily... Armando, that is ridiculous to say this team SHOULD beat anybody the way they have played all year... They might beat somebody but under NO circumstances have they demonstrated that they SHOULD beat anybody... Defense is like pouring gas on the fire after we take a lead... It looks like the old Olivadotti defense we used to suffer with... Never blitz after the 1st quarter, DE's knife off the corner while they get torched on the outside, and Crowder and Ayodele were absolutely brutal... No speed and tackle like pee wee players... Sad display of football, today... And sure glad Teddy is on our team... Looked great out there today on those returns... Head for the sideline or stop and duck... He'll run one or two back every now and again, but a 9 overall pick?!! Can you say joke?!!

Nj he one plumber me kick out of my house, you idiot.

Armando, I agree with Henne's 'F' grade.

These clucks don't get it...yet. They blame the OL, Wrs and Henning isted of the oaf @ QB.

They'll be on board after the facts are clear as usual.

dear mr ross i know youre a multi millionaire and dont need my chump change but i will chip in any money i can to please please finally get this orginization a competent head coach i dont care what it takes. sparano is a bonehead id rather have wanny

Playoffs Playoffs Fasano Wake,
ME godfather of football. EGO bigger than state of New Jersey, initials are NJ ahhahahahhahahaahhahahhahahahhaha

Ace , the difference is I dish it out under my own name unlike some of the chicken shyt idiots who hide under different names.

Hey everybody , i'm the Idiot cuban menace.


You know the menace does this very well. Give him credit. His name does not get tarnished and he attacks under different names. That is why some fools on here worship him, like Nathaniel. Just saying. People get riled up at gopats and aloco and have no clue it is HIM. LOL

No , i'm the idiot cuban menace

No . i'm the idiot cuban menace

No . i'm the idiot cuban menace .

i'm the idiot cuban menace

no . i'm the idiot cuban menace.

Shut up me. I'm the one and only idiot cuban menace

eddy i agree with you if you have heart problems dont be a fin fan.. What blows is i am gonna have heart problems because i have been a hardcore fin fan for 34 years... I walk away when the meltdowns start happening.. Like todays game i left the bar when it was 17-14 because i didnt need anymore pain than i had already taken.. Was a little suprised to see they scored 31 points though.. Was easy to see the loss though..

Cuban, you watched the game just fine, of course you did it under your alter ego Tortured Dolphin...u really need to take meds bro, that's really fkd up with what u do using different names like that, it's not amusing nor funny

Posted by: bobbyd12 | November 29, 2009 at 05:27 PM

Here is a smart poster who is on to you cuban menace.....stop the lies

The typical Miami fans.. bunch of cry babies, now Henne sucks... how about Jason Taylor Joey Porter and friends letting QB's stand there for days in the pocket without a finger on them.... how about the offensive line not being able to block any blitzes... and this has been going on all year...... and how about the great receiving core... which drop key 3rd down passes every single game....not too mention the whimps we have for coaches that any lead they get immediately they go conservative.. .... the dolphins suck but man you fans are a bunch of cry babies, look at the game look why Henne is not completing passes and stop making stupid comments about a guy who is trying to make a play when he is playing against the bills and his own team mates!! GET REAL GO CRY SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

Anyone who thinks we have an easy win against any team needs there head checked.. Hope everyone is ready for more of the same because we are getting ready to lose a bunch of games !!! Patriots = LOSS Titians=LOSS Texans or Andre Johnson = loss for sure.. Steelers = Loss.. Season record = 6-10 !!! Not bad for a team with no passing attack !!!

Hope Parcells grills the coaching staff..

Here's the problem. Coaches bible DO NOT CHANGE A WINNING GAME! and we do it all the time why is your best passer on the bench and try some stupid play with Williams he is a runner!! Go with that and let Henne pass! Stop pulling him when he on a roll.. I feel bad for the guy and he continues to have to put this on his shoulders. Coaches start making play calls for the NFL not POP_WARNER!!

I am the smart & sophisticated Cuban Menace!

To those that say: We were 1-15, we don't have talent, Henne is rookie, we have injuries, our receivers are bad, etc.

I say: Phewy! Excuses. This game was microcosm of the last 10 years. I don;t want to hear another Sparano, Henning, Pasqualoni press conference. Those people are fools. Because of their foolish coaching it is even impossible to evaluate players. Dolphins need new leadership.

Just not seeing Bill Parcells type of D out there. No hard hitting, no pressure with a lead. The team is improving but just don't see the big Tuna type D on the field.


Trying to get over 500 was just too big of a task for you losers. Like last year you may have put yourself out of position for a top pick at 5-11

It's the coaches fault to an extent but the blame has to go this young team. Exciting at the right time will always eliminate the talk that surrounds this team. To go along with that we arent very talented when u really think about it. I said it b 4 11-5 long shots 10-6 possibily 9-7 realisticly 8-8 the flat out truth. We aren't there yet we are missing to many pieces and it seems that the last three seasons we have gotten younger and while we do that we loose experience and it showed. Tank the season let's get better in the draft and in free agency. Henne will be fine so will our young DB's and in the fourth maybe fifth year of this regime the Parcells project will lift off.

yes I agree our coaching especially offensively is ridiculous! Why is pat white coming in just to hand off? y do we throw the ball on the 2 yard line? Why every game we give up at LEAST 2 50 yard pass plays? y in the 4th qt we stop playing defense? y cant sparano see what we see? Y do we play not to lose but always lose? just questions from an angry finfan!

Think back to the wanny era when we had a Great Defense but no offense! Remember how we would compete with any team just like now? But when we got a lead we would blow it just like now! Miami does not have INTELLIGENT people in the front office period... We always compete until the other team gives us THEIR best shot which we SHOULD EXPECT from an nfl team!! Then we lose heart and fold its same thing every year with the phins & as smart as sparano & parcells claim to be how did they miss that one!!

bobbyd cut it out man u are not the #1 dolphin fan in the world because you have season tickets lol nor do u no everything about football! If u wanna put ur blinders to reality on then thats your perogative! but dont come in here with that everyone is fairweather crap because u dont wanna face the truth! look ive been a fan for approx 24 years & counting & im only 30! Im a dolphin fan for life win or lose ok! but that doesnt mean im gonna blind myself to the obvious faults of my team bro! After all this time of losing & being average i will criticise them wen they need it & i will praise them when need be also period!!

wow is this defense SLOW another big 4th qtr by the other team. PLAY CALLING DOWN RIGHT STINKS DEFENSE STINKS ALONG WITH THE ENTIRE LINE BACKING GROUP. if the coach thinks this team is getting better he needs a new job. The tuna needs to put every ones job on the line with a few exceptions including the coaching staff. 6 penalties 50 yards, 4 turnovers, no catches for camarillo -4 yards rushing for ginn. enough said this team stinks GET RID OF CROWDER AND AKIN THEY BOTH SUCK.

Questions: Why wont Davone Bess ever run a go route? Is he fast or quick? I have never seen this cat run anything past five-ten yards to the outside. Nothing across the deep middle or a go route. Camarillo and Hartline run long routes. Are they faster then Bess? Anyway, the phins are a one trick pony and once you stop Ricky, its over. New England will squish the fish Sunday. Go Packers Go!!

we seem to be forgetting that we are on year 2 of a 3 year plan. when this ngt team took over we expected to rebuild this horrific 1-15 club...they are doing so. last year's playoff appearance was both a blessing and a curse. sometimes i wished the fins would have finished 8-8 last year and 11-5 this year. in 09, 2 problems: the most difficult schedule in the nfl and 6 key starters out for the season...not even the top marquee teams in any sport can endure that. it is what it is, or do rather have what it was??...cam cameron and 1-15? the best thing about 07 was that my dad was not alive to witness it. we seem to have short range memories.



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