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Dolphins-Bills tied at 7-7 going to 3rd Q

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins are the better team today.

Anyone looking at the rosters sees that.

Anyone looking at the list of injured players sees that.

Anyone looking at the teams line up sees that.

Anyone looking at the scoreboard isn't quite so sure.

The Bills and Dolphins are tied 7-7 going to the third quarter. Miami's offense has looked good in flashes but has been inconsistent. A red zone turnover also hurt when Ricky Williams threw an interception from his own 2 yard.

The Dolphins defense yielded a strange 31-yard touchdown run by Ryan Fitzpatrick ... the Buffalo quarterback.

So we're tied at halftime. The second half should be interesting. The live blog should be interesting, too.


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Maybe it's a good thing the cable's out...

"The Dolphins are the better team today."

we are?

if we were the better team we would be up by 2-3 scores....


im hungry

we all know ginn can't catch

why does tony and henning put the idiot in and call a play for him?

you know its gonna be a drop...

i got it...tony and henning are also idiots

Mando guaranteed a victory. We are all set.

Get rid of Henning

ricky has 79 yards already

Get rid of anyone who ok's the ridiculous playcalling

Next 15 minutes we will see how what the rest of the season looks like. We come out and take care of business with attitude then we have a shot at NE and rest of games if we come out flat it will be a harder road.

WOW though -play calling is surprising- expect to see Pat White in 4th quarter if we are ahead by 10.

get ready for the 2nd half:
1. no halftime adjustments (bad head coach)
2. defense gets super conservative (bad DC)
3. play calling gets super conservative (bad OC)

i'm going to an adult website to relieve this stress, i should be back in 3 minutes. :(

This game should be out of hand, but Henning is making sure buff has a chance

No team has ever experienced playcalling this aweful

Armando, you have to admit the play calling has absolutely sucked. When your teamis running the ball well why does that moron Henning call those stupid trick plays that fail and kill our momentum??? I just don't get it. This incompetance has to stop for crying out loud. I'm just a fan and I could call a better offensive game than that moron.

yeah like when he dropped the other 2 passes he caught. Just be pleasantly surprised.

tony morono hears all the dumb play calls

yet he doesn't over rule any of em

fire morono and henning and ginn

Fellas, the playcalling is horrible week in and week out. This is Dolphins football. A fuching joke

Firing coaches is nuts....stop talking if you are going to say that! Sparano is a decent coach

everyone is so quick to get on ginn but if henne puts the ball where it supposed to be ginn has big play. all recievers drop passes and its obvious he's adjusting to speed of henne passes vs. pennington. last year we didnt drop nearly as many passes with old noddle arm but for some reason all have the dropies except for camarillo

did you all see morono calling a timeout when bell got the INT...

on a change of possession, the clock stops...

Hey dishpan, you spew nothing but ignorance. Your opinion is unwanted. Go home. That is all.

Well, maybe Henning will have something to make up for one of the worst halves of playcalling I can remember in a while.


A player's own two yard line (in this case, Ricky's) is his team's 2 yard line. Ricky did not throw his pic on his own 2 yard line.

i still don't get why pat turner sits game after game and tedd ginn drops KEY passes game after game...that slant he dropped cost us at least 3 points. At least give turner a shot to see what he can do--it can't be worse than ginn's drops!

"Sparano is a decent coach"

no he isn't, he hears ALL THE PLAY CALLS...he has the POWER to overrule any of them...yet he allows the:
RB pass
FB screen
ginn play call

to go through...he isn't a good coach

he tried to call a timeout on the bell int


fire morono

Henne is good. Remember we was 0-3 without him playing. And WTF is with our D! At least try to make plays!

Whoever is calling drive-killing plays and whoever is ok-ing said plays should be fired. NFL headcoaching and coordinator jobs should be reserved for men who won't needlessly jeopardize their team's chances to win. Bottom line

I'm still on my first TV with the game tied at 7.
When Ginn missed that catchable ball I fired and missed the TV so I know how Ginn felt.

Soiled :)

we are 5-5, yes one of the toughest schedules in the league, but did you really assume a blow out win in a division road game? lets just hope they get a little more focused at the half

Here we go...

Rdiorio, I am home. And your douchebaggery has been noted

i have to wonder what parcells says and does about the play calling. it has to just drive him nuts doesn't it?

great way to start-another hold


The NFL is trying to keep the Bills in it.

dolphins special teams start fast in the second half.

sloppy sloppy football

gotta love it

a hold to start the 2nd half

wake up call
ring ring ringggggggggg

Getting sick of these momentum killing penalties and mistakes

Haynos should be cut; he hasn't done crap!

run ricky run
run ricky run
run ricky run
run ricky run
run ricky run
run ricky run
run ricky run

morono tries to call a timeout and his own player has to tell him to stop

but the media wont question him about it since they love him

lol ricky sat down on bench for a breather

Nice work Haynos. Another loser fish contributing today.

Didn't Bess drop a pass right after Ginn?

" Maybe it's a good thing the cable is out ' marc LOL !

Hilliard is a tough son of a gun, I like the way he runs.

Tom, are you watching the same game we are. Them momentum was killed by all the stupid play calling. We should be up by at least 2 scores right now.

Mando--can't take this blog anymore...slow and not refreshing easily...your tech guys need to get this fixed asap...

come on hilliard. we will see if he can step it up to the next level. easy to run on bills he should be able to run. interesting

Ricky has 94 yards, he is doing great

That should have been a late hit! BS

Okay Dan. Time for a double reverse,

You guys sure can pick the OCs. Henning is right up there with Mularkey. You remember him don't you?

why does my dog know there is no going out when the game is on. thats what commercials are for. she can cry all she wants

Very boring game, but at least we're in it.

And this is about the time the Dolphins go to a questionable-gimmick play.

NICE pass

these refs are awful today (as has been most of the season)...taylor gets called for phantom roughing calls and polite gets rocked out of bounds, but no call...hmmmm

get ready for the morono/henning drive killer play

yea time for an end around

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