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Dolphins-Bills tied at 7-7 going to 3rd Q

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins are the better team today.

Anyone looking at the rosters sees that.

Anyone looking at the list of injured players sees that.

Anyone looking at the teams line up sees that.

Anyone looking at the scoreboard isn't quite so sure.

The Bills and Dolphins are tied 7-7 going to the third quarter. Miami's offense has looked good in flashes but has been inconsistent. A red zone turnover also hurt when Ricky Williams threw an interception from his own 2 yard.

The Dolphins defense yielded a strange 31-yard touchdown run by Ryan Fitzpatrick ... the Buffalo quarterback.

So we're tied at halftime. The second half should be interesting. The live blog should be interesting, too.


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Fasano, Fasano Fasano again for all you Fasano haters!!!

Fasano doing decent today. Good to see.


Henne is ready to have the offense on his shoulders.

These refs were bought by Ralph Wilson.

Marc , bess did drop a pass. But you'd never know it with this bunch.

Is Channing Crowder Playing??

end around or wildcat

the ball BESS dropped was very difficult-not really catchable...stop making excuses for Ginn-he needs to go

Fasona showing up finally this year

Channing Crowder sucks

Go for it!

go for it
go for it
go for it

gotta go for it here on 4th


Go for it

Go for it.

Can you say Lousaka Polite?

Hartline is a champ! He's our best receiver. We should keep going to him

Go go go

I got big time confidence in hilliard did very well in the preseason should open eyes around the league. Solid back up


Please fire Henning

no more wild cat

Henne what the hell

The refs will probably call pass interference on a run play against the Dolphins


You said it brother!!!!

I would kick the FG. Wind's at the back. Get some points.

this play call is soooooo easy

give it to polite....

Give the ball to polite or hilliard they are short yartage beasts




Gotta get this first down...crucial

Lol good one yoman

radio made interesting point. on widcat, the snap is not getting back to the ball carrier fast enough. kinda floating back and giving less time to make a read

Yes I am watching, they were awful calls but equally awfully executed, and they are sleep walking against a bad team.

why can't we do a 4th down play call without wasting a time out

based on this game...probably need that 3rd timeout...

Thae ball to bess was very catchable. Stop the BS and the excuses.




First Down!

He got it

Failed Test and Dishwater: Two losers, drunk on one beer, babbling something about how stupid these brilliant coaches are. LOL.

Polite Barely got it, whew!


No, U had it right the first time Mando. Polite got it! B

See how easy that was, now playaction wit fasano over the middle

oh crap morre wildcat

Pat White time? Yuk.

polite not getting paid enough for sure

Polite has to be like 90+% from 3rd or 4th and short...

why the hell is pat white out there...



Eventually we will have to start giving our RB the ball occasionally on 3rd or 4tha and short. Opponents know that Polite has gotten it every time.

these announcers really suck.. pat white in game and they dont even notice

Lousaki Politi!

alright fins
let us review

Pound that rock...I think Henning got the message

what kinda crap play is that>


Ok score 7 to 7 time of possesions Miami 23 minutes bills 13 minutes, something not right there



How good has hartline been today????

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