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Dolphins-Bills tied at 7-7 going to 3rd Q

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins are the better team today.

Anyone looking at the rosters sees that.

Anyone looking at the list of injured players sees that.

Anyone looking at the teams line up sees that.

Anyone looking at the scoreboard isn't quite so sure.

The Bills and Dolphins are tied 7-7 going to the third quarter. Miami's offense has looked good in flashes but has been inconsistent. A red zone turnover also hurt when Ricky Williams threw an interception from his own 2 yard.

The Dolphins defense yielded a strange 31-yard touchdown run by Ryan Fitzpatrick ... the Buffalo quarterback.

So we're tied at halftime. The second half should be interesting. The live blog should be interesting, too.


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man i love henne
hartline playing today like a crazy man
he doesn't give up on any play

HARTLINE is the real deal!

I think Hartline had the TD there.

henne bails out henning with that bad play call with pat white

henning is so bad

come on ricky
he getting tired
run run run

ok learn the lesson pound the ball

Run it 4 times if u have too

spread the field and run the ball--they can't stop it

Ricky 104 Yards make it 105 please

I take that back we got one reciever that is the other Ohio state guy Hartline

By the way, Smiley is in at LG now with Garner moving over to RG during that drive.

yay!!! picked it up

It seems like Ricky is slowing down

thats how you run the wildcat from inside the 5...

you still suck henning

WILDCAT Touchdown!!!


Way to go Ricky.

9:07 on that drive
hartline keeping it alive
ricky and henne
that's all we need

slow, slow, slow bloooooog

that pat white handoff....almost a drive killer but henne/hartline playing great today.


Ricky's the man!!!! Nice by Hartline too!

He is slowing down, need to bring lex more in the mix

16 plays 83 yards that's how u do it!!

Hartline is smart rec that runs good routes, he will like gonzo is in Indy

Great drive to start the 2nd half.

Henne is getting better every game!

No doubt!

I really like hartline. Want to see more of Lex too, he's a tough, hard nosed runner with talent.

Here we go keep on playing hard and running the football!

"thats what they should have done the first time" duh. lol

as soon as we get into scoring zone, we do some gimmick play like end around, pat white, etc etc. It's like Henning has no confidence in his base offense to make the plays. I like the wildcat at the goal line, but since we march down the field to the red zone lets assume that stuff is working still. Henning assumes it will stop working

dirty shanchez is hurt!!!! YES!!!

Po White...there's not a better rookie QB then Henne...

Sanchise holding leg !

9min drive!!

henning is lucky that the pat white BS pistol crap didn't backfire

Ricky rocks!!!

Tortured 0-3...lol

Sanchez hurt lol

Yup Sanchize hurt

Hope he's ok

Jets need hope too

My feet are cold.

Henne and Hartline the Heroes!!!!

Dirty Sanchez should be holding his pride...Ryan probaly told him to fall down so he wouldn't have to embarass him by taking him out

Temps starting to dip.

We needed that; defense needs to play steady without giving up long passing plays

oh boy
great news

mark the sanchize sanchez INJURED

got hit on his right knee

not putting weight on it



They should give Hilliard more touches to save Ricky for the 4th quarter

Mando where are you sitting? In the press box?

Just watched the Bell int again.

Love your HC calling for a TO after the int. WHAT A MORON.

... many called the NO vs MIA game earlier this year the worst coached game of this decade, and now I am starting to see why. I give the Miami players credit for getting the job done with this douche at the helm.

Defence needs to step up now

here goes miami's prevent defense

did he really got hurt"? sanchize??? lol

Crap, feed went out...Still hard to believe I could watch with 3G with no hiccups

Link cut!!

Joey Porter biting on all those fakes inside is going to show up on tape and NE will use that against him next week. Book it.

brady needs to get hurt instead. sanchez seems like a nice guy. he can't help it the Pets took him in the draft. Brady is a sorry excuse for a human

HELL YEAH bobbyd12!

just lost the medifin feed, damned!!!

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