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Dolphins-Bills tied at 7-7 going to 3rd Q

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins are the better team today.

Anyone looking at the rosters sees that.

Anyone looking at the list of injured players sees that.

Anyone looking at the teams line up sees that.

Anyone looking at the scoreboard isn't quite so sure.

The Bills and Dolphins are tied 7-7 going to the third quarter. Miami's offense has looked good in flashes but has been inconsistent. A red zone turnover also hurt when Ricky Williams threw an interception from his own 2 yard.

The Dolphins defense yielded a strange 31-yard touchdown run by Ryan Fitzpatrick ... the Buffalo quarterback.

So we're tied at halftime. The second half should be interesting. The live blog should be interesting, too.


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Need new link help

Mine went out too and I have Internet man think it's the surver

stream just got blocked on justintv. Anyone got another link?

qb kills us every time

blog is super slow.

Anybody got a good link to the game!?

sean is completely pathetic in tackling. I watched sean all year and he will do anything to avoid hitting somebody. wayyyyy to soft for a corner. he can cover really well but won't hit. Vontae just the opposite

btw another game where porter hasn't shown up

might as well bench him every other week
so he plays well the following week

Ground Hog day.

You guys must feel like Bill Murray. Big drive for a TD and then your swiss cheese D coughs it up.

Time and time again.

We're missing way too many tackles, not good.

Fins rookie CBs had 1 on 1 on both TO and Lee Evans. And win.

the white QB outrunning these pathetic defense...

Was Jpeezy deactivated to activate Joey Porter ?

Got to take shots on Fitzpatrick.

Channing Crowder = Garbage

Tortured/menace. Groundhog Day when u wake up everyday with a sore a''

they dont need a running back.

Dolphins second team LBs will have Ryan Fitzpatrick nightmares tonight.

Porter should have had fitzpatrick

all of justin is down

Problem with these kind of games -- Bills have nothing to lose, so they may do things possible playoff teams wouldn't...hope not



cant hold a lead. so fing frustrating

this is S A D

anyone with a link?

how about an Interception right now?

Team is dissapointing

There you go...

Link please

here comes the no 2nd half adjustment and its the 4th q soon

4th q = dolphins d gives up most points in the league


WAY TO ANSWER. Quick coach SPARANO give em all a good cheer leading

is taylor playing today?

Why do we always manage to play down to our competition?

Punish the QB when he runs -- PUNISH HIM!!

here comes our nightmare, the 4th quarter!!!

no pass rush in the second half. come on. this defense is only ok. how do you think brady and moss will do. at least brady cant run

Porter not showing up

Here we go again...defense not getting it done.


to running his mouth

if we can't stop this white QB...

how the hell are we gonna stop vince young....

fire morono/henning/paul
cut ginn/porter


link anyone?

Are these announcers Bills fans or what?

4th quarter blog?

morono once again made NO 2nd half adjustments to the defense

he is so bad

calling a timeout on a change of possession

lol only morono

Can't even beat these chumps.....now what do you say about the perfect season?

i dont understand this game very discouraging. we have regressed

We're pityful!!!! Where's the 4th Q blog?

New flash morons. If you consistently "play down" to your competition it means you are at the level of your competition. ==== Fish ==== Bucs === Bills.

You suck.

Pathetic we look just pathetic!!!

Crowder gave up


Loser fish. Loser fish.

Way to answer you pathetic losers.

Crowder Garbage, Channing Crowder Garbage, Channing Crowder Garbage, Channing Crowder Garbage.

Tortured/Menace ur dad sucks too, that's why ur mom left him

Tortured ur a jets fan therefor u are meaningless just like ur team!!!

Can't find 4Q. Anyone?

Defence cant stop anything this is really bad

Nice to see tortured still alive after last weeks victory?

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