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Dolphins-Bills tied at 7-7 going to 3rd Q

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins are the better team today.

Anyone looking at the rosters sees that.

Anyone looking at the list of injured players sees that.

Anyone looking at the teams line up sees that.

Anyone looking at the scoreboard isn't quite so sure.

The Bills and Dolphins are tied 7-7 going to the third quarter. Miami's offense has looked good in flashes but has been inconsistent. A red zone turnover also hurt when Ricky Williams threw an interception from his own 2 yard.

The Dolphins defense yielded a strange 31-yard touchdown run by Ryan Fitzpatrick ... the Buffalo quarterback.

So we're tied at halftime. The second half should be interesting. The live blog should be interesting, too.


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What is going on w this team!?

what the f$%%!!!! i wish they would let fans address the team. why do we insist on making bad teams look good???? Dont they realise that if we lose this game the hope of the playoffs is pretty much gone and the rest of the season is just for practice for next year? someone tell the players that please.

No 4th Q blog mando

Fins should not be struggling. But I know bills r fighting harder than normal. They're playing spoiler role.

How Biut a reverse on that play just saying

Ted "Out of Bounds" Ginn playing up to his bust status today...

Sanchise with another INT !

Wow! People say it's the offence sucking, not really, it's the damn D! Make some damn plays!

4th Quarter blog???

Mando, did you do any digging into my idea where i said that it could be that Miami's conditioning level could be down on why the defense could be getting flat from the later parts of the 3 qtr thru the 4th qtr???


Ha! nothing changes - stupid coaching on both sides of the ball.

D sucked all year in the 4th Q. Pretty much the same thing here!

no big wr is killing this team

TD Carolina!

Nice hit! Mando- 4Q blog not showing up!

Anyone see the 4th Q blog?

any live feeds

4q is up

Is it me or are LBs looking slow

This team is a f-ing embarrassment...losing to the Bills? Letting the Bills end your season? Really???


Huge sack...come on D. Have some f-ing pride please?

Finally a stop

Thank you Joey.

Pinned inside the 5...come on Chad, show your meddle brother.

Ricky needs to rip off a long one

I cannot believe our season is going to end in sh-thole Buffalo...and as someone who unfortunately was born and raised in that god-forsaken city, I know how much of a sh-thole Buffalo truly is.

This team is an embarrassment. Injuries or not, no excuse for losing to this pathetic team ever.

Why does Ginn get chance after chance and time after time he lets the team down in crucial situations? End of first half, he drops a pass for a first down. False start on last drive. Get rid of Ginn!

Get rid of Ginn. How many chances will he get? He drops a pass on last drive in first half. He doesn't go up for long pass in 4Q. He false starts on last drive. I am surprised Parcells keeps him around with the amount of mistakes he makes. Get rid of Ginn, get a real WR, and the team will start to make plays.

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