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Panthers lead Dolphins 3-0 going to 2nd quarter

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Panthers took the opening kickoff and marched 59 yards to a field goal and that is where we find ourselves to start the second quarter.

The Panthers are leading 3-0.

Miami offense, throwing more often than it runs, has yet to cross midfield.

Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Panthers picked up the blitz from Bell on the first down pass and that gave Delhomme the time he needed.

porter being held on every play

Wow, the Fins are stuck in the mud...

DMAN - who cares if you are first...worthless post

Ya with a little
Push off

Notice NJ never posts during live game blogs

Mando, if it were us, they would have sacked Henne. It's a given!

My boyfriend is so pissed. He's a Dolphan and knows his season is going down the tubes!




Bad challenge


What are u trying to say?

henning still sucks

great play calls you fool

No catch on that one but with are luck they will give it to him and add 20 yards lol

well we are on pace for 164 ywards of total offense and Carolina will lose a timeout with this lost challenge

We can't pick up any blitzes, when we do, our receivers drop the ball. Very frustrating team to watch, boy oh boy!

We really miss Ronnie. Haven't done crap on offense!

Hey Tortured,

Stop with all the creepy "my boyfriend" comments.


And Merling takes advantage.


Here now, sack!!!!

Finally! Merling baby!

There we go

nice job Merling.. welcome back

Oh yeah a sack.

BIG play by Merling there!

12 like my 12 inches in my pants!!!

Just saying, the trolls come out to play


ignore the douche bag!

We get killed on punt returns.

Devon "fair catch" Bess

Fair catch come on

ok seriously???? there was NO ONE within 10 yards of Bess and calls for a fair catch? Put Ginn back there!

Bessssssss. Runnnnn. The ball back!!'nnn

Whats wrong with having a boyfriend?!? Are all of you stupid Dolphin's fans homophobes too?

why call for fair catch, he could of least got a few yards there...we are losing field position battle big time

porter playing as a man with a mission. already has several tackles and making big plays

Having Bess catching punts does nothing, and I mean nothing but back us up, every time he catches it. It's incredible.

Everybody here now?

they just discovered computers here about 4 years ago and internet is still a work in progress. Very frustrating.

Bess has not brought much to our special teams lately.

What ever happens fealin good about our YOUNG team!


Mando, is Stewart dinged?

What are you talking about man? Can we focus on the game please?

Bess looks so scared to do anything on punt returns, Mando you got to ask about that.

No comment.

im here Mando and disappointed in our performance


great link!

Thanks Mando!

ok time to get back to the run

Damn right Po White

Julius Peppers is only playing on passing downs.

Sperry is in

Are we ever going to get a punt returner? They can pay me to fair catch or wave off ever punt!

beautiful night here in charlotte. feels like 75. perfect weather

i like your optimism PO, but they need to start moving the ball or this is going to be a long night.

Henning couldn't call pays for high school football

Vernon Carey is down.

Play action...

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