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Panthers lead Dolphins 3-0 going to 2nd quarter

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Panthers took the opening kickoff and marched 59 yards to a field goal and that is where we find ourselves to start the second quarter.

The Panthers are leading 3-0.

Miami offense, throwing more often than it runs, has yet to cross midfield.

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uh oh

oh no vernon

Where is Pat White, we need a change up. Carey down, that's just great.

Every game now somebody important goes down for us. Not a good sign for the season.

Oh sh*t! Not VC!

wasnt carey banged up a little before the game or am I mistaking him for another OL

Uh oh. Another injured fish.

I like when our guys get hurt they do not give updates and hawk new NFLN programming.

They should not be having games.

Hi all, so what is going on tonight

man we need a wr soooooooooooo bad

hey mando. thanks for the live blog and putting up with all of us

What is this guy doing? What is he doing????

god this offense is awful...

Need to put a drive together

Smiley is at LG and Garner moves to RT

What is up wiyh the passes to the ground?

Our offense looks terrible without Ronnie Brown

3rd and long again!

This is terrible

dan "3 n out" henning awesome playcalling

We look very weak on offense and Chad is looking very medicore tonight.

Henne sucks today.

wow our offense SUCKS

It hurts to watch our O

anybody know where we could get a wr? maybe go to to the miami hight school

Haynos is 6"8 and he over threw him

lost without 23

i got the clap yesterday, it stings a little

Good punt!

Nice punt


Wow what a gem you guys have.

nice roll

WTF play calls


Does Henne need glasses ?

No Brown, No Receivers, No TE, and Rookie QB = bad offense

For those that wondered if the Dolphins should re-sign Ronnie Brown, I think we see now what this offense is without Brown.

henne's accuracy is horrific.... every throw he has made has been well out of bounds...brandon fields is reincarnation of Reggie Roby--just needs the wristwatch on

Wow! Our offense is sucking bad! We're making Carolina's defense look like the 86 Bears. Will we cross midfield before the game ends????

not a good game so far for Henne. throwing off his back foot a couple of times and passes are sailing, hope he gets his feet under him soon.

Hennepin is pressing. Not his best game so far for sure.

Dolphins O looooooks Anemic

I was scrambling to find the game and missed most of the 1st Q.

Has Lex had any touches yet?

Cats gave us like 20 yards of field position there. Defense needs to spark us into action.

Another crap Fish QB. What else is new?

You guys had to go to the JETS to get a decent QB. Now its back to the same old fish crap.

Nice Pathetic life you have! LOL

Henne is definitly high with all his throws so far

I think it's the play calling that defense is not good, 25 against the run, and teams have score alot on them, play calling sucks right now

henne is told to throw it away if no one is open. no one is open.

No Jeff!

Ricky is good just need to stick with run then open up pass

Mando, what is it that the coaching staff sees in this offense? Or what is it that we don't see in this coaching staff? I'm at a loss for words.

not a great punt, just got lucky return man let it go and we got a good bounce...they will still get 20-40 yards and pin us inside the 15 again...

We need a turnover or something to change momentum and field position

Our defense is going to wear down if our offense can't hang on to the ball for more than 2:00 at a time

We need to go Wildcat next drive.

Jake grove is not having a terrible game. (trying to find something positive with our offense)

anyone watching the game naked?

great play calls

And I thought the Browns offense was bad Monday night.

Henne plays QB like someone put an ant pile in his pants every time the ball is snapped to him. Geez!

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