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Panthers lead Dolphins 3-0 going to 2nd quarter

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Panthers took the opening kickoff and marched 59 yards to a field goal and that is where we find ourselves to start the second quarter.

The Panthers are leading 3-0.

Miami offense, throwing more often than it runs, has yet to cross midfield.

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Yes Mando, never doubted Brown.

No Lex yet Jeff F.

I like the idea of wild cat with Ginn

Armando, please cut off the idiot

Just wondering. Does Ronnie help Henne throw the ball when he plays, or is Henne just another piece of Michigan trash?

Ricky is much better when brown takes most of the carries.

2 minutes? We're lucky if we hold it for more than 40 secs.

If we go down by two scores i'm going to Tootsies

chad cant hit that pass

Jake Delhomme has lost his long ball accuracy.

When does Pat come in? Hopefully next series.

Lmfao "anyone watching the game naked"

i never thought i would say this, but time for the pat white offense to come out.... you would think that we would see it considering henne is struggling big time...

thank god delhomme is overthrowing

And what is wrong with a coach crying? I personally find it touching.

he had Sean Smith beat again.

Corners have been good so far

Why cant we get anything going?

Please don't speak of the Idiot.

Hey tortured. Find traffic and sit there.

another time smith got behind our defense...he will burn us tonight at some point

Carey has a shin injury. He will return.

Leafs 4 Hurricane 3 - 3rd period

Mandi, get this fool out of here, the crap he talks does not need to be here on a dolphins blog, pats and jets suck

D-line is killing us right now

Both teams are ugly to watch, they both suck. Their running game is the difference and will allow them to win this game.

RIP SHRED. Keep the ball on the ground ... the Fish are soft like tissue paper.

Ignore the troll

Is Candy still working at Tooties. I like to call her Candy Toot

Where are Miami's ILBs? They're supposed to be making those tackles.

Imagine how well the Panthers would be running the ball if Jordan Gross wasn't lost for the season

Ignore the tortured ballbag he is a loser

our ILB's are getting blown off the ball...crowder needs to go-too much talk, never makes a big play

Finally posted!!!!!

Why would the Panthers even try to throw tonight? They can run at will. We suck tonight. Good EFFORT

our defense used to be physical

Does anybody honestly think this team can make the playoffs? Playoffs?!! Playoffs??!!


I hate trolls, always causing problems under bridges

giving up 5-6 yards on average for everyone run is not going to help us win

Geez they get good yardarg on every carry

They need to have their best 7 run defenders in right now.

These announcers are horrible

This game is becoming quite boring. The Panther's moving the ball, and our base offense so pitiful. How about trying Wildcat or White's pistol formation? It's time to spice it up!!!

I'm pretty scared at this point

Me and my boyfriend are watching the game naked Tim. Wanna come over?

Carolina is keeping the phins in the game by passing

There is a troll here, did not notice.

Our D on the field wayyy to long

Stewart has almost all his yards after contact!!! WTF!!!

And just when you say the line is killing us two good plays

if that pass wasnt batted at the line sean smith had a pick 6

Great hit by Torbor!

If our defense makes this stop and we can't convert again, the defense should kick the offense's butt.

Drop and got hit!

panther sandwich

Good D

NICE HIT by Torbor and Bell

The 24th ranked defense against the run and we go out passing?


least our defense has shown up today...

keep up those great play calls you crappy henning

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