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Panthers lead Dolphins 3-0 going to 2nd quarter

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Panthers took the opening kickoff and marched 59 yards to a field goal and that is where we find ourselves to start the second quarter.

The Panthers are leading 3-0.

Miami offense, throwing more often than it runs, has yet to cross midfield.

Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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very nice

Great throw

Hartline runs good routes.

Finally, a PERFECT throw by Henne

Ricky should NEVER run wildcat!

Finally, come on men

NICE...success comes when you attack intermediate middle--please go to it more often

Here we go!!!!

Dolphins in Carolina territory!

Run Ricky run

Why did he fall down by himself though? Go Rickkyyyy!

Nice arm.

Henne has to start hitting recievers like that if we are going to have success.

Nice run

What the fuc** did I just say!!!!

run ricky run~~~ go chad!

What a pass! And what a run!

Run Ricky run

Now they are picking it up!!


Run Ricky Run!!!

Hartline for MVP!!....what too soon?

Polite with his first carry of the night.

please don't break momentum with pat white now or any wildcat

That is what we call a CHURRO!! What zip on that ball!! I'm excited for Henne's future!!

that's what we need to run the ball

We need 7 here!

get ready for the super super conservative play calls for tony's fist pumping FG

Alright we're in FG range!!

Illegal man downfield.

jesus---what is henne doing

come on BOYS!!

wthhhhhh a simple? screen!!!!

nice screen play call

henning you are awful

Play action!!!

This is bull crap1!!!!!

How bad are Hilliard and Sheets that Polite is getting reps?

Hello??? Cmon Jake

What was that pass!! Five yard overthrow on a screen??

Jake Long was the offending illegal man downfield.

Nice throw Henne.

Can't even hit a screen pass.


YoMan that's funny!

I might have declined that penalty there. hmm

Get our head out of your a*s* Grove!

nice overthrow

Henne over-throws most of this game

Great run , but flag


That was not holding!!


Ahhhhh? Play action? F the hold, Play action!

Come on man.

Damn that sucked we really can't have penaltys like this

Sparano's OL is screwing up and the coach isn't happy.

guy used to play for the raiders-why do we get these guys from miserable franchises

These f refs don't call s on other team bs

Imploding after some good plays

That was stupid!!!!!

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