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Panthers lead Dolphins 3-0 going to 2nd quarter

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Panthers took the opening kickoff and marched 59 yards to a field goal and that is where we find ourselves to start the second quarter.

The Panthers are leading 3-0.

Miami offense, throwing more often than it runs, has yet to cross midfield.

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What a freakin' idiot, he didn't need to do that!!!

Bull holding call

good ole fins going backwards



NO field goal for you losers. CHEATERS!!!!!!

we get good plays and now they call penalties on us....Carolina is getting no flags WTF

hey, it was a nice run besides the hold

ok so we WERE in FG range


he'll play for the FG try

Nice run baby

Wow wow wow

OH my gooooodness~ are you kidding me???>?>

why is Tortured on this site if he can't stand the Dolphins, go get a life dude


LEX HILLIARD IS A BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay Hilliard for MVP that's it.

Nice f'n run, man

Third and 16 and they run and still get it?


Damn, what a run!!!

Sparano's OL is blocking well and coach is liking it


What now tortured nutsack u r a serious loser

Sweeeeet hillard and Ronnie wild cat

they OPEN up BIG holes for him

Booom! Haaahaaaa



Hell yeah

Tellin yall, no need for the Wild cat. We got what it takes!

A new star is born!

ket's go red zone offense!!

tortured is here cuz the jets wont have him. imagine jets fans rejecting someone

And then the Dolphins make the mistake of throwing the ball.

omg - hot potato!

Sperry anyone??

Carolina cheerleaders are hot

What the he'll was that

Don't indulge "it" plz!

GOD this guy Haynos is awful...what?

Haynos looked like he dropped it on purpose!!!

That ball have nails on it to Haynos?

Well you can't throw much better then that damn

Was that Haynos saying "I didn't do it?"

Grove better buy Hilliard Dinner, saved his ass on this drive

Lex looks like a beast!

another drop by a tight end...not surprising!

Haynos is afraid of holding on to the ball. I would be too. Football is scary

there is the new stud

lex breaks two for 15 +...so let's put ricky back in

they'll play for the FG again. That's what the draw play to Lex was. O well. Probably good to get the tie at this point.

Patrick Turner should be in there now...

I want hilliard to run the ball at least 20 times this game

Gotta make a throw for the play action to work mando.

Com' on man? Why abandon the run, and why is Hilliard out?

looked like receiver said ooops i forgot the spread...droooopsies

Our playcalling Is as atrocious as it is lucky

Has Henne ever heard of an audible???? GEEZ...and what was that catch try by Haynos????

td babt

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