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Panthers lead Dolphins 3-0 going to 2nd quarter

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Panthers took the opening kickoff and marched 59 yards to a field goal and that is where we find ourselves to start the second quarter.

The Panthers are leading 3-0.

Miami offense, throwing more often than it runs, has yet to cross midfield.

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Was that BEss returning? He looked like he had Ginn's speed.

lets get sperry in there!

darn besss awesome run


Bout time Bessie

great return bess

Who's #15?? Did somebody kidnap Porter and Bess?

This is so Fuc*EN sweet!

Porter is out of funk using head instead of mouth

They held lex on that punt

Peezy like 2008 Peezy. Good sack, but its against a Carolina lame.

Guess having ginn back there motivated bess.

jake long playing great

He almost broke it!

i just looked outside and it appears that all of the stars have aligned.


Headsy play there

Henne playing smart

Smart play by a rookie QB

Smart play Henne

great pass by henne the ball boy was open

What happened there???

I honestly don't like Henne but I can see a little of Pennington in him. Playing careful thats good

omg Ginn caught the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Ginny in the house? Without a doubt!

Ginn takes it inside wow

Ted didn't head for the sidelines...that's nice to see

Bess can catch lol


holy cow

That catch by Bess was amazing. Reached back as he dove for the pass

BBBBBBBBBB BEsssssss!!!!

Wow!!!! Guess Bess found his mojo!!!

Sweet catch!

Devon Beast!


Nice catch bess!

I think the WR are listening now, great catch

Bess bailed out Tony's bad time management there.

Wow Bess!!!

Wow great hands bess..

Play action opened that up! Wild cat might be dead!

Helluva catch

seriously somebody check to see if reggie wayne slipped into Bess's uniform

WoooooooooooooWWW that was a hype catch by Davone against my old roommate. No joke, I used to room with Gamble at OSU.

Bess is back?

You know where the flags on them holding him the whole time

wow. thats the bess we remember from last year!!!! looks like some of our guys are motivated and starting to play

Now we're looking like a team on offense! What happened? Ginn is catching balls again. Hallelujah!!!

Bess looked like Gadsen on that catch!

Matt Millen sucks as a commentator

Wow our receivers are catching today..... Yeah baby

OK Why is Lex not in there after those beast runs????? They cant tackle him. Why is he not getting any carries?

man i love the formation we are showing damn it took 10 weeks to spread the field and let players make plays. great catch BESS

No pass interference ass announcers are saying the DB was ALL OVER Bess?? WOW

bess and porter having amazing games


Gamble I hear nailed a ton of chicks at OSU

7 would really good right here

Are we gonna run? Are we gonna Pass? Only we know!!!

DMAN, give him time, we are doing great now, Lex will get more chances, ricky will need break in the 2nd half go dolphins

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