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Patriots loss exposes Dolphins problems

FOXBORO, MASS. -- This is the sad truth about the Dolphins on Sunday:

Their best quarterback today was a running back, as Ronnie Brown was the only Miami player with a TD pass. Their best run was delivered by a quarterback as Pat White delivered a game-high 33-yard gain. And Miami's best catch of a pass was delivered by a defensive back -- Vontae Davis had a leaping, falling, grab for an interception off a tip he himself made.

If you want strange stuff, this is it.

If you want winning football, this isn't the formula.

The Dolphins got the terrible combination of little offense, weak-kneed defense, and questionable coaching all in one game. The result was a 27-17 loss to the New England Patriots. Miami is now 3-5 through the first half of the season.

So was coach Tony Sparano happy his team stayed close in this game until the Patriots put the game's final 11 points on the board?

"So close in this game just don’t get it," Sparano said. "That’s why [the Patriots] got a lot of banners out there.  They figure out how to win these close games. From our end, you know, we understand where we are right now, so I told the team in there, we’re a good football team and we’re really close to being a really good football team. Keep fighting these heavyweight battles like this, but we got to get it to turn."

Well, perhaps Sparano thinks the Dolphins are close to being a good team. But I see a team that cannot throw the ball well enough to compete against teams that do exactly that. As a result the contrast between the Dolphins and Colts or Saints or Chargers or, yes, Patriots is stark.

The Dolphins had dropped passes from Brian Hartline, Davone Bess and Ted Ginn.

The Patriots, meanwhile, can throw to Wes Welker, who leads the NFL in catches over three years, and did so nine times for 84 yards. Or they can throw to Randy Moss, who has 140 career TD catches, second only to Jerry Rice. Or they can throw to tight end Ben Watson, who at 250 pounds runs faster than any Miami wide receiver except Ted Ginn Jr.

The Patriots are explosive. And the Dolphins decided to cover Randy Moss man-to-man with Vontae Davis. "I was on him man-to-man a majority of the time," Davis said.

The strategy has failed before and failed again as Moss caught six passes for 147 yards, including a 71-yard touchdown.

"It is asking a lot," Sparano said, "but you can’t double them all. In this situation, you really can’t. You know we didn’t get enough pass rush in some of the situations out there, it has a lot to do with that. You got to get pressure on Tom [Brady], and we weren’t able to do that today and you are asking guys to hold up for a long period of time. Now that being said, we certainly in some situations didn’t play our man-to-man coverage very well. We tried to mix it up really well against them, with man, with zone, with combination coverage, and ‘Tom being Tom,’ did a great job of finding guys."

The Dolphins need to find their elite pass-rushers. Joey Porter was missing in action Sunday. He had neither a sack nor a tackle. Jason Taylor didn't have a sack, either, although he was much more active than Porter.

My big frustration with this defense is it gives up touchdowns after the Miami offense gives the team a chance to win. As I wrote in my column in The Miami Herald the Dolphins scored after a 10-minute drive to put the Dolphins ahead 17-16 and then the defense gave the lead right back. 

The bottom line?

The Dolphins can win when they aren't facing elite passing teams. Then they are able to limit the damage of the opposing offense to only running the ball against a defense that defends the run fairly well.

But defend a great passing team? They have proven time and again this season they cannot do it.

The Dolphins can also survive offensively on their rushing game alone when they're leading or when the opposing defense is worried about them passing. But defenses lately have pretty much dismissed Miami's passing game. Everyone loads up at the line of scrimmage to stop Miami's run. And the offense cannot complete passes downfield to force people to back off.

Tough way to make a living. 



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I was satisfied given the circumstances.

On the road
henne's first start againist the pats
the secondary didn't get lite up

I see positives mando.

Henne did fine. The receivers and TE's can not catch. Ginn should be a cornerback instead, he has the speed and is good at knocking down balls! We need players who can catch the ball!

It is obvious what a very good receiver can do to change a game. We don't have one.

Another awful coaching job by Sparano in the last few minutes of the 2nd quarter. Every time he mismanages the clock in that situation, the 3 freebie points by the opposing teams comes back to bite us HARD later. Also, how does Sparano decide to punt in the 4th quarter when the Phins are in Pats territory with 4th and under 6 to go. Yes, the drops and shoddy D cost us the game, but Sparano's awful decisions have cost us TOO MANY points/losses this year.

I know draft picks are the way to go in most cases. But in our case, we need to trade for a very good receiver and a good tight end.

Ugh. Too frustrated for words.

Coaching is the number one issue right now: timid, don't adjust, go to the well too many times, continue to rely on Ginn in critical moments, fail to see how valuable Camarillo is, don't even try a long ball, crappy use of timeouts, crappy clock management...

Position needs are obvious: #1WR, pass-catching TE, ILBs, depth at safety

Henne has the goods, just needs the receivers.

This is so painful to watch. I love the Wildcat as much as anyone but please go back to the extra blocker, power running game version and leave the QBs off the field. And throw a long ball at least three times a game, even if it is to Ginn, who will likely drop it. Even when he does, it forces the D to respect it and allows the Wildcat to do its magic.

I know we are rebuilding, but this coaching staff makes rookie decisions and you've got to wonder if the team can grow even with another draft under its belt. And what to do about a #1 WR? They won't trade for one and a rook takes forever to develop. Are we bound to have this offense for the next three or four years? God help us if that's the plan.

The horror...the horror.

"Their best quarterback today was a running back"

Why do people who are professional sports analysts like to over simply things to the point of being horribly wrong.

Apparently chad henne didn't throw a touchdown so he had a bad day. HA!

Chad Henne is the real deal, he has played above my expectations in every start so far this year. No quarterback in this league is going to put up big numbers with this recieving corps. Imagine what would happen if we swapped with new england. The phins would have one easily.

Well put. Sparano a little delusional. Same scenario as Colts, Chargers, Saints and even Jets games: Long, painful TD drives that require perfection -- followed by 3-5 play TD drives. DEMORALIZING. FIX IT!

This team is apparently no better than last year. It's getting really tedious seeing the lack of progress -- particularly on defense and WR.

Where is 3rd round pick Patrick Turner? Henne is inaccurate but isn't helped by average WRs and conservative play-calling (when he's actually in the game). Fasano, Bess, Ginn. Arguably, Camarillio. ALL regressed in their primary role from 2008.

Where is Cameron Wake? Joey Porter CLEARLY is no better. Injured, washed up or whatever. Inconsistent pash rush (other than Starks) and a really, really bad secondary.

Pasqualoni/Bowles just can't get it corrected. Somebody has to go. And, Ireland et al need to own up for a mediocre draft.

Ya F all u henne haters put any elite qb on this team and they won't put up any # this team needs wr cause with out any talented wr a qb won't do crap henne has put passes where they needed to be and on time he's young and gonna be a great leader

I said it a thousand times . The LB Corps NEEDS to be updgraded. They need to bring in at 3 lb's in free agency and the draft. Porter is done , taylor is old and is a free agent , roth is a freeagent and the ilb corps stinks . Miami can start with wake and maybe crowder ( ? ) and go from there. : )

and a really, really bad secondary.

Pasqualoni/Bowles just can't get it corrected. Somebody has to go. And, Ireland et al need to own up for a mediocre draft.

Posted by: Chris | November 09, 2009 at 12:12 AM

Chris you sound like a retarded crybaby.
Davis played Moss all day in man to man. Take away the 71 yard TD in which Brady had all day to throw, and Moss had 5 catches for 76 yards. This was the rookies second start.
You judging this draft calss as mediocre shows your ignorance. After just 8 weeks?
Crybaby Please!!!!

If guess the idiot that think Henne did fine would be good with having a QB that doesn't throw TOUCHDOWNS, barely completes 50 percent of his throws and calls time outs he DOESN'T HAVE.

Print journalism is dead needs to drop dead!

Bill Parcells grades QBs by wins and losses.

Dolphins lose. Enough said.

And if you have a problem with that, take it up with The Big Tuna.

Excellent column, Armando.

Yeah, we need some playmakers on the perimeter really badly.


Whats your opinion of Smith and Davis's play today?

Look the Pats had 2 weeks to prepare for this game.
We will meet them again in 4 weeks after there all beat up by the Colts,Texans,And Saints.
Lets see how good they will be then.As for us it's Tampa,caralina,And Bills.
Let give Turner a shot Mando tell Sparano that the fans are call for TURNER to have a shot

The Defense should be ashamed of themselves, how in the world cant hold up the lead, its unbelievable!! its like we're always gonna play catch up!
How about those drops!! did Fasano play?
I'm hoping Turner plays sooner than later.
Chambers had 2 TDs yesterday!!

FLPD Chirino,

Yeah let's cut Henne!

Effing fair weather fans. You probably started out this season as Wets fans.

Henne's started 5 thats FIVE NFL games. He's 3-2.
When he actually gets more than two snaps in a row he does quite well. You ever hear of rhythm? You F%^ks.

I see the great matt stafford had a great day. what did he have 5 INT's ?. This is the same matt stafford who along with sanchez have 5 int games. These are the same 2 qb's shaun/ shawn wanted to take over pennington. LMFAO !

Odinseye , davis and smith have held their own against some of the best qb and offense's in the league. Davis has gotten better and better and has surpassed smith who's been struggling a little of late. That being said , davis should've gotten more help over the top. Then again there was No F'n pass rush .

good old anidote for young, inexperienced defense, a potent offense....old antidote for mediocre to average offense, explosive consistant strong playmaking Defense...unfortunately we don't have the remedy for either...Bottom line: Playoffs slim to none, and even if we do make the playoffs, Armandos right, we don't have enough talent on either side to go where we all want to be this year.

Fldp lmao really ya he has 50% pass completion I wonder y maybe if we had people that cam catch a ball maybe it wouldn't be that low WTF do u think would happen if u pit brady at qb think that would change anything no cause the WR will still drop the ball don't even sit here and talk crap about henne when the guy has give everything to get us a win I belive in the no game he had that pass right in the hands of ginn for the winning drive and ginn droped it and then today sane thing ball might of been alittle high but right in ginns hands droped it so tell me how droped balls are henne fault oh ya that's right there not lmao moron and second he went to call a time out so we didn't have any left he's a rockie I've seen plent of qb do that so whatever grow up henne is better then any qb that we have had since Marino and Pennington

Maybe The team and mangenent will get it when the stadium is empty next week against tampon bay.

Playoffs ! , playoffs ! , PLAYOFFS ?

Wr's stink and no pass rush !
Wow did we really need a another back-up QB in the second rd ?
Put Turner in , how much worse can he really be at this point.
How the hell do we not go for it on fourth down ?????????????????????????????????????



F all the fair weather fans AND the guys giving you a hard time the other day.

I read your posts cause we're usually on the same page.

Or should I say right on the money.

Davis has passed up Smith, but even the talking heads mentioned how good they're both going to be for years to come.
Some idiot on here was crying about this years draft class being mediocre! I guess he wasn't a Dolphin fan during the Wanny to Cammy years. Can you believe all the crybabies? Smith and Davis alone make this years draft class better than mediocre!

Wow dude,I enjoy your perspective, and while I understand the disappointment of this defeat, I don't think the day was entirely negative.

Henne was victimized with some dropped balls. Yeah, Ginn is a bust, but the position will get better and be improved in the offseason. But I see a quarterback capable of developing into a difference maker in the future. Along with that, this team has an above average offensive line with outstanding running backs. Time, patience, and some upgrades for those catching the ball, and this team can be explosive. We all know this, so lets be patient.

On defense, considering they are rookies attempting to cover a hall of fame passing attack, I am encouraged for the future. Davis made some mistakes, but he also played moss ok at times. The front seven, yeah, got to get pressure. That was disappointing, but I think we all have over valued some of the talent up front, and we were missing two starters. The defense has to do better, but I just think we have over valued them.

Let relax, have some patience and enjoy the development of this team. It is going in the right direction. Trust in tuna.

Oregon perfectly said thank you

And Turner is still not a lost cause, it took 3 years for The giants Steve Smith to break out


You singled out Henne as being part of the problem in your last two blog posts. Are you serious? I think the Dolphins have one of the worst WR core in the NFL (bottom 5 in the NFL for sure), and WRs were dropping balls all over the place today. How is that Henne's fault? You are out of your freaking mind to blame Henne for this loss. He made some great throws when he was given the chance. If we had WRs who could actually catch, we might have won this game.

Odinseye , the GUYS ( plural ?) giving me a hard time ? It was just one idiot and the idiotic cuban menace baiting him with his many names. It was quite comical of the back and forth stupidity ! LMAO !


no wanny or ca*moron* names should be spoken on any official dolphin blog...*now go wash your mouth out with soap* for such vile language

will everybody get off ginn the ball dat henne threw was coming in to fast and when ginn came out the break on his route the ball was already about to fly pass by him so he tryed to catch it with he finger tips but it was too hot so dats not ginn fault its henne and i think dat henne be throwing the ball to hard sumtimes cause i never seen bess drop dat many balls b4 and y are u guys not talking about hartline and bess they drop balls too yall jus wanna blame ginn for everything y


Fake GM' right. You outcha freakin mind home skillet!

Henne has shown time after time that when given the chance he leads the team down the field and scores points.

I love the wildcat, but let the boy play some ball.

Odinseye , i'm always right on the money ( lol ) including my prediction of today's game. ! Some guys just can't take it i guess. LOL !

Did you see the last drive? Henne threw ropes to Hartline and Ginn that would have given the Dolphins a first down and both passes were dropped. Is that Henne's fault?... Not to mention that whenever Henne was preforming in the game he was yanked in order to try some trick play. I wonder what kind of numbers he puts up if they just would have let him play instead of trying a trick play every other play.


no wanny or ca*moron* names should be spoken on any official dolphin blog...*now go wash your mouth out with soap* for such vile language

Posted by: superPHIN | November 09, 2009 at 01:30 AM

Sorry. You're right I apologize.
I guess it's just the frustration of losing. Well that, the Bud Ice and the Dark Barcardi. MY BAD!!!!


guys like steve smith, wes welker, randy moss,larry fitsgerald,vincent jackson, among others make those catches 95% of the time, Thats why ppl call them PLAYMAKERS!!!

Odinseye: Please, spare me the all too revealing cowardly Internet insults and bunch-fisted mewling about “crybaby ” etc, etc. I realize you struggle intellectually. I get it. I’ve chased you away with this query once before, so I spray Raid on you again:

Just answer the question honestly, if you are able.

WHY hasn't this team regressed?

Fat, 'Fist Pumping' Tony has a year to answer - you have less.

When I sat down to watch the game today, I just wasnt expecting a Dolphins win. I think the team has a lot of young talent, but there are still some holes on this roster. That's ok, you cant expect this front office to fix everything in 2 years (thats what Saban and Cam Cameron tried to do). You have to build things the right way through the draft, and they are doing that. They are adding young talent every year. But when the roster you take over is a 1 win roster, that takes years to fix. The Dolphins just arent ready to be great yet, and thats ok 2 years into a rebuilding project. That's expected.


I followed the entire "exchange" the other night.

I knew what was going on.

Henne's doing fine. He's putting the ball in the hands of his playmakers, where it ussually bounces right off, but he can't be blamed for all the drops. It's a little uncomfortable watching our unorthodox offense every week, but seriously, when's the last time time we saw this team score almost 30 points a game?! Personally, I'm glad the coaching staff has the balls to utilize two century old offenses. We ran the option! Really! That takes balls man. Huge, titanium plated balls. Or just desperation. Either way, they're doing whatever it takes to score points.

The problem IS with the defense. No consistent pressure and big plays every game. And yes, Porter blows so far this year, but everything he said this week was absolutely true. Brady is a Pansy and gets every flag and QB's DO have their own rules. Defenders have to overcome o-lineman, momentum, and gravity to NOT make contact anymore. We're pretty much one more Brady injury away from a two-hand-touch rule.

Sparano said this team is good and close to being really good and I agree. I mean the Saints and the Pats are two of the best teams in the league, no doubt, and we were soooo close to beating both of em. Mediocre recievers, mediocre pass rush, young secondary, young QB. We know where the weaknesses are and so does the coaching staff. They'll get it fixed.

The secondary did pretty well. The problem is that there was no pressure. Miami did right in going man to man on Moss and double teaming Welker. But the key to that working is that you have to get in Brady's face. Brady is not as accurate with the deep ball when he is pressured. When teams blitz he looks for Welker that why it is more important to double team him. With the exception of Starks the entire front seven stunk it up. The sad thing is that all the experience and leadership of the defense is in the front seven. I am not paid to make decisions but if I was Sparano, I would start benching players who are not stepping up such as Porter. You have a hungry player like Wake riding the pine. So why not give it to the guy who wants it more? There is no room in the NFL to worry about someone's ego. One guy I have to mention is Jason Allen. He did nothing spectacular but the guy held his own. He still dose not play like a 1st rounder but at least he is contributing. He has come a long ways.

I think Henne played very well. He made the right decisions. Sometimes I think his arm might be more than what the Miami's WRs can handle. I also wonder how much confidence he has in his receivers.

You could definitely tell that Crowder/Ferguson weren't out there today. Maroney was running wild in the first half.

I've come to the conclusion that we're still a few pieces short here, although the future is bright.

The way people are talking about Davis/Smith remind me of how they used to talk about Madison/Surtain back in the day.


guys like steve smith, wes welker, randy moss,larry fitsgerald,vincent jackson, among others make those catches 95% of the time, Thats why ppl call them PLAYMAKERS!!!

Posted by: superPHIN | November 09, 2009 at 01:35 AM

You realize I'm not the guy suggesting we cut Henne. I was being sarcastic because of a couple of fair weather fans.

Odinseye , then why did you say guys ? Just 1 and the many me menace . Anyway i'm glad you realized the stupidity and lying that was going on. I 'm done with that BS.

DEZ BRYANT is the #1 answer

odinseye....my bad, actually thought that was really someone suggesting GINN was not part of the problem, around here ppl GET crazy!!!

I don't get on Sparano, he is a stand up guy. As Armando said on here a while back, he will go to the end of the earth to protect his players and that's a good thing about a coach, keep it in house. The only thing about today's game was the time out at 2:49 in the second quarter, but I understand why, he wanted to give Henne and the offense a chance and he can't be blamed for that. Plus a little home cooking from the clock manager.

The best QB was a QB who didn't get a chance to be a QB. Every time Henne got in a groove he was pulled. I like the wildcat/pat, but this team is in desperate need of a big play receiver. That was the biggest deficiency the trio forgot about in the off season.

Otherwise, this game was a stepping stone. We have to face it we are not elite and we are still learning to win. Hard to say, but true.

Vontae played a decent game. If you need to put this on anyone, look at the D-line besides Starks and an occasional Wake sighting, they do not get any pressure on ANYONE, Brady baked several cakes back there!!!

You never chased me anywhere. We're on the internet Dumbsh%t.

You post speaks, or should I say reeks of your intellectual prowess.

Besides you dolt, I was commenting on the apparent retardation that was evidenced by your statements concerning the secondary and the draft.
In case these words are to big for you, allow me to simplify. Your wrong you fairweather crybaby!!!!

"The problem IS with the defense. No consistent pressure and big plays every game."

I largely agree (not happy Turner has his hands in hs pocket every game, tho).

I am tired of seeing the Dolphins defense get out-coached and out-played THE EXACT SAME WAY, and end up losing to a team who simply has their act more together. Good teams know their talent, and the limitations of their talent, and coach to get the best from the eleven players on the field. Hint: Belichick - who changes whole rosters every 2 years on defense.

In the NFL, teams must adapt. Sometimes adaptation must happen during a drive, sometimes in games, and sometimes between weeks.

The Dolphins defense haven't successfully done any.

Welcome to a tie for last place in the division...


By guys I meant the two that were talking.

One of them THOUGHT he was talking to more than one person. I knew.

Yeah , he thought ace was me . LMFAO! it's late . Good night.

I hate it when we lose but at least I partied hard all day.
Hope nobody was thinking we had a week off, cause Tampa Bay was ballin today.


Here's evidence NJ PHIN Fan calls everyone who proves him wrong a Stalker: Courtesy Sun Sentenal

hey dreamweaver u seem to piss off alot of people...

Unlike Joe W , i was a big fan of the Vontae davis pick and actually predicted miami would draft him. Well vontae continues to make me look good ( PAT PAT ). When it's all said and done , vontae will be the better all around CB than sean smith. In fact , look for Vontae at a pro bowl near you. :) Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | November 04, 2009 at 01:01 PM

WHP. Thanks. 13kvfins , i'd stay away from Michael johnson and Perhaps v .davis. They're great athletes but lack football instincts , desire and production. They're not tuna good traits. Boom or bust. That's not a gamble you want at 25.
Posted by: nj phin fan | March 26, 2009 at 11:21 PM

Posted by: john | November 06, 2009 at 08:23 PM

http://blogs.sun-sentinel.com/sports_seasonticket/2009/04/miami-dolphins-guess-the-new-players.html april 22,2009

Your argument that you say you predicted VD was actually a argument if Butler would be a 1st or 2nd rounder.
NJPHIN fan- there is a free computer web program to can check all your past web blog posts in seconds, so be careful in your lies.

Posted by: john | November 06, 2009 at 08:27 PM

John , it's not pissing people off when it's a troll , it's called jealousy . You should know all about that since you come on here stalking me . Lmao ! Be careful of people you stalk , STALKER. Now it's time for the grand kids to take you for your daily walk old man. LMFAO !

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | November 06, 2009 at 09:54 PM

John , by the way make sure you tell sparano about your brilliant game plan of having pat white run the wildcat because he would UNSTOPPABLE! . Never minding he's the backup qb and he would get killed. Make sure you tell the defense how to tackle by having them hold up the player for 66 yds while others come in to help on the tackle. BRILLIANT ! Now i'm sure you'll be back stalking me . LOL !

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | November 06, 2009 at 09:59 PM

JET , his point is he's jealous and he's a stalker. It's not enough that ken and knight vouched for what i said ON DRAFT DAY !

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | November 06, 2009 at 10:04 PM

I see how home super bowl sticking up for me is pissing people off or the conversations i have every day with likes of knight , randy , walker , FFR , lil earl , whp , son of the son , ocalarob and howie , krillian , etc is really pissing people off but i get 1 troll being pissed and it's all the people pissed off. MY GOD . LMFAO ! What a freaking STALKER !

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | November 06, 2009 at 10:17 PM

So be on alert everyone, if you prove NJ wrong as I and this guy John have. He will consider you are a stalker. He had a mental meltdown with me this morning:


Only reason I attacked NJ was in self defense. I found out the hard way he's cool until you prove him wrong on something.

He has that "Im the smartest man alive complex" LOL

Posted by: DyingBreed | November 08, 2009 at 01:48 AM

Wow , once again i come home and find Dying buffoon talking about me again when i'm not even here. Dying buffoon is so jealous/envy he just can't stop talking about me or following me over at the SS and stalking me and to see what i have to say. Then Dying Buffoon post as LOL and megan at the ss minutes apart not realizing the same exact avatar box shows up indicating it's him. Dying buffoons post at the ss where around the same time he posted here saying i was crying about not coming here . He talks about me have mulitiple personalities. LMFAO ! Look who's talking. I know i don't LOL and MEGAN. You think you're going to drive me off of here ? LMAO Keep dreaming.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | November 08, 2009 at 02:26 AM

It's cool on my turf to my man. Posted by dying breed, Or dying buffoon. LMFAO . now dying buffoon thinks this blog is his turf. Are you f'n kidding me ? LMFAO ! MY god.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | November 08, 2009 at 02:29 AM

Dying buffons rants about me are so obvious and the way he follows me around is so obvious , it's F'n embarrassing . You're a stalker ! How sick.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | November 08, 2009 at 02:33 AM

Good night dolphans and good luck for tommorrow.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | November 08, 2009 at 02:34 AM

What an idiot that NJ Phin Fan is. 5 consecutive post with nothing but paranoid rants. LMFAO!

But I dont blame him. I blame whoever the guy was that gave him the key to the asylum. LMFAO still.........................

Posted by: DyingBreed | November 08, 2009 at 02:45 AM

Dying buffoon , I knew you'd come on here when i'm gone, That just your MO . You're the one following me around and posting/talking shyt about me when i'm not by yourself until 3 last night and again tonight, Look who's Talking. They let mental patients out of the asylum, like you . whe are you do back in boys down . PU**Y. dude , you're a stalker. So SAD !

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | November 08, 2009 at 02:52 AM

Dying Buffoon . Look , instead of all this wasteful back and forth , why don't we just not address each anymore. You don' T like me for obvious reasons you know and i don;t like you because your just Buffon STALKER. This bullshy back and forth is a waste of time and childish. Don't talk to me and i will do the same. That's plain and simple.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | November 08, 2009 at 02:56 AM

It so sad to see. NJ having a total mental meltdown for all to see. So sad. So sad to see even if its NJ.

Posted by: DyingBreed | November 08, 2009 at 02:57 AM

Mangey Ass Monkey!

Posted by: KillerDolphin | November 08, 2009 at 03:02 AM

Seeing NJ like this reinforces that smoking crack and typing at the keyboard just dont mix.

Posted by: DyingBreed | November 08, 2009 at 03:03 AM

Posted by: DyingBreed | November 08, 2009 at 01:49 PM

Tampa Bay did look good today but if miami has any hope of salvaging this season, its a game we could and should win.....late nite!!!

Right on queue , i knew dying buffoon "the coward ' would come on here once i leave. You just proved you're indeed a Stalker . LMFAO ! I LOVE IT . ahahahahahahahahahahahah. Nobody gives a shyt what you have to say. I made a deal with but you just can't keep your end can you , You post the same BS, Nobody cares/ LOL

Henne played well given the obvious fact we can not catch. That helmet to helmet hit by Chang was brutal! I probably would have called another timeout after being flaged for the first time calling a TO with none left. Henne showed toughness and awareness against a team that's no pushover. Henne has rifle, and it shows that are wideouts can only catch Penni floaters.

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